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  1. Riots after a Trump win

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    I am concerned about riots after a Trump win. The delusional left brainwashed by leftist main stream media will see themselves as fighting fascism, which we know is a lie. Fascist, socialist and communist use violence to bring about political change. The brainwashed youth are too dumb to...
  2. Democrats becoming more fascist, communist, socialist

    Political News and Discussion
    Watching Democrats look for ways to get Trump out of office resonates fascism, communism, and socialism. They will not tolerate another political party being in power. Hitler had the Night of the Long Knives. Stalin had a revolution, which saw the royal family murdered. Even to this day Putin...
  3. What would a socialist USA look like under the dems?

    Political News and Discussion
    How far would the dems push socialism in a complete D.C. takeover? Same USA, just more taxes and less / no guns? Worse? Or is their socialist dream for America mostly talk on their part? (with the exception of guns.)
  4. Biden wins, what is the worst that can happen?

    Political News and Discussion
    Serious question Biden wins, what is the worst that can happen? We all know democrats running for office have no morals or values. They will sacrifice everything we hold holy to win a few votes. How far is Biden and main stream democrats willing to go to appease the left? There will be a...
  5. Why is President Trump blamed for Coronavirus spreading?

    Over the past few months there seems to be a common trend in leftist main stream media blaming President Trump for Coronavirus spreading. Phrases are usually along the lines of "President Trump failed to stop the spread of Coronavirus." What is missing is what people think he should have done...
  6. News so bad I almost can not watch it

    Political News and Discussion
    As if partizan politics were not bad enough, if covid-19 were not bad enough, then we add riots after a black man was murdered by police, we have stuff like a 70 something year old man being pushed down by police and his skull cracking when it hits the cement. Governors refusing to call out...
  7. Coronavirus will help determine 2020 elections

    Political News and Discussion
    Coronavirus will help determine the 2020 elections through the actions of elected officials. Not the actions of closing the economy, or fighting the virus, but through payments and unemployment checks. Whoever fights for the people, and addresses the issues of medical costs, food, direct aid...
  8. The Democrat's Newest attack against our President

    It seems these traitors will use any means necessary to destroy this country. :mad:
  9. Joe Biden Dementia Thread

    Political News and Discussion
    We really need one place to collect all his gaffes! Have at it!
  10. Dem Dems are at it again

    Financial Forum
    The Dems are pushing another taxpayer bailout of multi-employer union pension funds. Now they want to create a new Treasury Dept. agency to "lend" interest free money to these unions. All pensions are backed up by the Pension Benefit Guarantee Fund which is solely funded by employer...
  11. Which State Will the Democrats Trash Next?

    Political News and Discussion
    I'm betting Idaho. Boise is experiencing rapid growth due to an influx of refugees from the Left Coast. Previous victims: Colorado - Used to be solidly Republican, now you can't even own a tactical rifle but you can ease your pain by smoking a dubbie. New Hampshire - I love this state, it's...
  12. Voter Fraud to be Protected

    Political News and Discussion
    Dems are getting ready to protect voter fraud across the country. Everyone needs to take a close look at H.R.1 For the People Act. I cannot imagine the Dummocrats doing anything to protect the integrity of votes. That doesn't work in their best interest. Notice that they are very evasive...
  13. Democrats promise to put gun control on the front burner

    Political News and Discussion
    Now that Democrats are in control of the house some of them are saying gun control will be passed. However, GOP still controls the senate. President Trump is unlikely to sign any serious gun control bills. Democrats from gun friendly conservative states know they voter base does not want...
  14. Democrats Reaction To State Of The Union Address

    Political News and Discussion
    An article was written and posted on my blog detailing why Democrats are so worried. It is a very politically charged post that lays bare my distaste for democrats. Rather than copying and pasting the article here, I am going to post the first few paragraphs, then provide a link. Rest of the...
  15. Root problem of DACA

    Political News and Discussion
    Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) has everyone up in arms when President Trump rescinded the program. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals problem has been decades in the making, going all the way back to the 1980s and Ronald Regan. Yet, DACA is supposed to be President...
  16. Dear Trump Doubters, You're Welcome

    Political News and Discussion
    For everyone who was worried about how Donald Trump was going to do as president, and for everyone who voted for Hillary, you’re welcome. You are welcome for the booming economy, and the epic wins under President Trump. We (the people who voted for Trump) voted for someone who would fulfill...
  17. A look back at 2017

    Political News and Discussion
    One thing is for sure, 2017 was one for the history books. Not only was Donald Trump sworn in, but we also got to see the true side of the liberal left agenda. 2017 laid bare how divided the United States really is. There is no longer a peaceful transfer of power. People in powerful places...
  18. Democrat Anita Earls to Nullify Rural Voters Choices in Elections

    Political News and Discussion
    Democrat Anita Earls to Nullify Rural Voters Choices in Elections You just can't make this kinda of stupidity up, it has to be first introduced by a brain dead democrap.
  19. Would you elect a muslim for high office?

    Political News and Discussion
    Would you elect a Muslim for high office? Apparently the democratic party thinks so I'm not sure things can get much stranger than this. What do you think? :confused:
  20. Major Media Ignoring Democrat Loses

    Political News and Discussion
    From 2008 - 2016 democrats lost 1,042 state seats. Yet major media is silent about major loses in state legislatures. Why isn't major media addressing democrats getting their asses handed to them for the past eight years? Worse then losing 1,042 seats and not saying a thing, liberal media ask...