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    I am concerned about riots after a Trump win. The delusional left brainwashed by leftist main stream media will see themselves as fighting fascism, which we know is a lie. Fascist, socialist and communist use violence to bring about political change. The brainwashed youth are too dumb to...
  2. Coronavirus
    Over the past few months there seems to be a common trend in leftist main stream media blaming President Trump for Coronavirus spreading. Phrases are usually along the lines of "President Trump failed to stop the spread of Coronavirus." What is missing is what people think he should have done...
  3. Coronavirus
    It seems these traitors will use any means necessary to destroy this country. :mad:
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    The Dems are pushing another taxpayer bailout of multi-employer union pension funds. Now they want to create a new Treasury Dept. agency to "lend" interest free money to these unions. All pensions are backed up by the Pension Benefit Guarantee Fund which is solely funded by employer...
  5. General Discussion This continues the trend from a similar poll in 2009. Two things trouble me the most: 1) on approaching a national office, a candidate will omit "socialism," "socialist," etc., becoming...
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    Seems the sentiments aren't really new. 1949 :D:
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    Yuri Bezmenov
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    Come, have a chuckle with me! We might be on the brink of doom but, that doesn't mean we have to lose our sense of humor. What Happened To Our Green Eyed Savior Known As Growth?
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    If you have wondered who is watching this board and what they think of us then wonder no more. Here is one group: ashling (1000+ posts) Mon Mar-22-10 07:29 PM Original message Hillarity from the...