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    Hey girls, just wanted to make sure all the single folks were aware that we have a new group on SB, Single Survivalists The 'love connection' group hasn't been active in a long time, the mod for that group is MIA. This new group...
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    I posted a thread in the ladies section about starting a new forum area for singles, friendships, groups, and meetups. There has been interest in my post and in P.M.'s. Although there was a singles area on here, people have said that it's a bust. It was hard to find and was invite only, some...
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    While I will gladly acknowledge that OpSec should be paramount for anyone with any real survival goals, things are not always so cut and dry. In a perfect world, fine, nobody should be aware of your preps except you and your immediate family, but inevitably the subject of prepping will come up...
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    Does anyone know if there is a survivalists "hookup" sight or forum? Not casual encounters but for like minded people to develop relationships. Me and my girlfriend had a good run but she won't open her eyes. There is a lot more to it than that ( meaning she is violently opposed to being...
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    I just came across this free dating site specifically for survivalist. Pretty cool!