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    Hazardous work at Fukushima being done by robots. :thumb:
  2. General Discussion Darpa wants each satellite, of which it hopes to deploy 60-90 at a time, to cost less than $500,000. Photo: U.S. Army
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    Self-Guided Bullet Spots, Steers and Nails Its Target Light emitting diode traces bullets path. Effective range is 2,000 meters. Projectile is 4" long and has tiny fins that steers it and the bullet re-calibrates it's path 30 times a second. So polish up those AK and AR museum pieces. :D...
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    Looks like they are going to make good use of all the additions to the NSA centers. More Here: Dang was George Orwell really a time traveler?:xeye:
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    This is cool, but creepy. :eek: Can't wait until they make fifty foot tall walkers with this thing... That'll make my dreams come true. :D SOLIDUS