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  1. Investigational Kung-Flu treatments including accessable over the counter items.

    From the supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Labs. This info contains information about over the counter supplements that according to COMPUTER MODELS may lower viral load and MAY reduce the severity of infection if you were to become exposed. I'm sharing this as INFORMATION ONLY. I am NOT...
  2. Kung Flu Panic

    Welcome to the 531st thread on the Kung Flu. But seriously, the main thread gets about 10 pages of additional postings a day which makes it difficult to find and respond to specific postings. I wanted to create a separate thread where people can discuss any signs of panic in their area such as...
  3. Comparison of Major 20th & 21st Century Outbreaks

    Manmade and Natural Disasters
    This is something I did for my own edification but I thought I'd share it. The information in the matrix comes from the CDC, WHO, academic websites and, if the article was adequately footnoted, the fount of all knowledge Wikipedia. The data is incomplete but it may be out there if anyone wants...
  4. Facial Hair in the Age of Superviruses

    Health, Fitness and First Aid
    I just retired and have been growing a beard for the past few months. It's getting to the point where it looks reasonably good now. To my chagrin, I've read several places that all the N95 masks I have won't form a proper shield over facial hair. I'd prefer to keep my masks sealed so I have...