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  1. Herman Cain Dead from Coronavirus

    Political News and Discussion
    One of the black conservatives I admired has passed away from coronavirus. I really liked the way Herman handled stupid questions from reporters during the 2012 election. Herman Cain dies after contracting coronavirus
  2. Your SHTF last resort rifle and ammo?

    Military Weapons Forum
    What is your SHTF last resort rifle and ammo? At the back of my ammunition storage closet, on the bottom shelf, are two ammo cans filled with 7.62x39. More commonly used calibers are towards the front of the closet - 223 Remington, 9mm, 45acp, 22 long rifle, 30-30 Winchester, 308 Winchester...
  3. The Endless Mask Wars thread

    To mask or not to mask is hot topic in the world right now. Understandably, there are a lot of endless mask debates clogging up the Chinese virus thread and other non-mask threads. The arguments are many and seem to go 'round and 'round without any converts. Non-participants in the debates are...
  4. Texas on edge of another lockdown

    According to Wikipedia Texas has the 10th largest economy in the world, and the second largest in the United States. Yet here we are again looking at another lockdown. It tears at my heart all of the out of work people, all...
  5. 2020 has changed my mind about a lot of stuff

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    2020 has been a unique year with Coronavirus, black lives matter protest, tearing down monuments... etc, we have a unique opportunity to witness a wide range of events. Up until this point I felt humanity was inherently good. I thought that when the time came we as a society would band...
  6. Where do you stand as to coronavirus?

    Where do you stand as to coronavirus?
  7. Why is President Trump blamed for Coronavirus spreading?

    Over the past few months there seems to be a common trend in leftist main stream media blaming President Trump for Coronavirus spreading. Phrases are usually along the lines of "President Trump failed to stop the spread of Coronavirus." What is missing is what people think he should have done...
  8. Here we go again - things disappearing like in the first Coronavirus round

    Here we go again - things are disappearing like in the first Coronavirus round. Went to the local dollar general, toilet paper and spray cleaners were getting picked over. Canned goods still plenty in stock. Paper towels still plenty in stock. Last week the side wall was half full of toilet...
  9. Coronavirus and Antifa Panic Buying Reality Check

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    I had a coronavirus panic buying reality check. My wife and I made a trip to Beaumont, Texas to take care of a few things. While we were in Beaumont we went by Academy Sports and Outdoors. I grabbed a buggy then headed over to the ammo section, and it was cleaned out. Guys and gals I have...
  10. SARS-CoV-2 D614G mutation highly infectious

    A tiny genetic mutation in the SARS coronavirus 2 variant circulating throughout Europe and the United States significantly increases the virus’ ability to infect cells, lab experiments performed at Scripps Research show. updated link...
  11. Just About Everything We Prepped For Is Happening

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    The news has gotten so bad I had to start limiting myself. As if the Covid-19 pandemic was not bad enough, now we have widespread riots and civil unrest. Plus, I look for tensions between the United States and China to get worse. Good news though, the local Dollar Store has plenty of canned...
  12. Riots plus global pandemic

    Manmade and Natural Disasters
    As if Coronavirus were not enough, now we are looking at nation wide riots due to the George Floyd incident. Riots have erupted in Minneapolis, and also in LA. I figure it is a matter of time before we see nation wide protest. 2020 seems to be going from bad to worse with every passing day.
  13. What global pandemic?

    Southeast Texas lakes area is packed with boats, camper trailers, RVs, jet skies.. everything under the sun. Just about every truck has something being pulled behind it. Public boat launch at Lake Sam Rayburn was packed all the way out to the road - this was probably close to 100 trucks. I am...
  14. How has Coronavirus helped / hurt your prepping plan?

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    The current Coronavirus pandemic has allowed a lot of us to test our prepping plans. Surely some of us have found holes, gaps... in our plans that we are working to fill. Let's talk about how the Coronavirus pandemic has helped and/or hurt our prepping plans. Canned Goods - Several years ago...
  15. Operation Warp long before you would try a vaccine?

    Trump was pushing 'Operation Warp Speed' as the tool to make a coronavirus vaccine by the end of the year. I don't put much stock in this as America can't even supply virus masks to the country and has to buy them from China. But if Trump is correct and they make a vaccine within 8 months or...
  16. Coronavirus will help determine 2020 elections

    Political News and Discussion
    Coronavirus will help determine the 2020 elections through the actions of elected officials. Not the actions of closing the economy, or fighting the virus, but through payments and unemployment checks. Whoever fights for the people, and addresses the issues of medical costs, food, direct aid...
  17. Bean prices online are insane

    Food and water
    I couldn't believe it. My favorite was the 25 pounds, assorted types including rice for $150. I have just taken it for granted because my Walmart has been OK but WTF?
  18. Nancy Pelosi two people away from the nuclear football

    Political News and Discussion
    So over the weekend there was some pretty weird happenings in the White House.....just a brief blurb on President Trump having some type of an emergency meeting with the Joint Chief's and then silence. Oddly enough Covid 19 has made it into the White House which had me wondering if Trump, Pence...
  19. What hap to the Jews??

    Controversial News and Alternative Politics
    In early March the radio said Israel was maybe a month away from a vaccine / cure for the virus. They said Israel had luckily by coincidence been working on a vaccine all this time for coronavirus. Now you hear nothing about the Israel's cure.
  20. Masks...first time in 9 - 10 weeks at Sams

    $24 + change per box of 50 unsterilized, surgical masks from China. On a different note... Walmart sold out of 90% of fabric in sewing dept. They said women are making masks with the fabric.