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  1. General Discussion
    Story from Bombshell: FEC Records Indicate Hillary Campaign Illegally Laundered $84 Million The mainstream media took no notice of a federal court filing that exposes a $84 million money-laundering conspiracy Democrats executed during the 2016 presidential election. The...
  2. General Discussion
    “This investigation was aimed at rooting out anyone even remotely critical of the lab,” charged Peter Lown, an attorney for one of the employees questioned in the probe. “The lab’s management doesn’t want any more critical stories.”...
  3. General Discussion
    OK folks, I love a good conspiracy theory or or doom-and-gloom prediction like many of you. But too much can be, well, just TOO much at times. So, in the spirit of this being Sunday (at least in the western hemisphere) let's reserve this place for our GOOD news. A birth in our family, finding a...
1-3 of 29 Results