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  1. Coronavirus
    One of my hobbies is monitoring the radical left. This year the lefties have a special May Day celebration planned, a general strike. You may ask how you can hold a strike when so many people have been forced out of work by the government and you would be right to doubt. It's unlikely that...
  2. Book Reviews
    My online book "Diary of a Former Communist" is free. The printed version, available at, is very inexpensive. The same goes for the Kindle version. Why is this book not as widely read as I expected? Comments made by readers, at...
  3. General Discussion
    Before i say anything, i wasnt sure where to put this thread, so please, admins feel free to move it wherever you feel necessary. I just got done watching National Geographic: Inside North Korea. Its a few years old, before Kim Jong Un took power, but I highly recommend it if your interested in...
  4. Books, Movies & Stories
    A Story of Reds and Deception An interesting film to say the least. Full film viewable here: Trailer below: Support the filmmakers: Discuss...
  5. General Discussion
    Hanoi Jane' Set to Play Nancy Reagan in New Film Unbelievable seems useful idiots are still in vogue. This tramp of a commie ho :mad:shouldn't play any presidents wife let alone Nancy Reagan .:xeye:
  6. General Discussion
    Welcome Comrade to Stasi land. Report your neighbors Yes folks you can now report suspicious activity, verbal or written attacks on OTARD whether it be an Internet, neighbor or any other...
  7. General Discussion
    Interesting website with lots of links about how the communists are taking over the US government. ~JohnP
  8. General Discussion
    Some of you may be aware of the growing tension between the USA and Communist China. Human rights issues. Increasing evidence the Chinese military is launching cyber attacks via the Internet. Tensions about Taiwan. China claims it is part of red China. The Chinese are exerting increasing...
  9. Controversial News and Alternative Politics
    FMLN candidate (El Salvadoran Communist party) says, "I'm just like Obama.",2933,508864,00.html You know, I believe him :thumb: