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  1. Military Weapons Forum
    What BCM upper is comparable to the LE6920? There are so many options on their site and I can't get them on the phone. Is there going to be a large weight difference between them? I'm looking for something basic that's really close to the Colt. Would I be able to mount a hand guard or light on...
  2. Military Weapons Forum
    Buds seems to have a pretty good price. My concern is that I don't see the thing till it arrives. If I go to a local walmart, I will be paying around 75 more. What is your experience with Buds? Do they just ship it directly from the manufacturer?
  3. Military Weapons Forum
    My wife and I made a trip to the Woodlands last weekend, which is in north Houston. We watched Thor Dark world, got a nice lunch at Chili's, spent the night at a hotel, then went home to Jasper Texas. While we were in the woodlands we stopped by academy sports and outdoors to pick up a battery...
  4. Military Weapons Forum
    Who has a 6920 with Magpul furniture? I'm pretty sure this will be my next rifle, with the FDE setup. My local walmart has one in stock for $1167. Comes with Magpul FDE stock, grip, handguard, flip up rear sight, trigger guard, and vertical grip too methinks.
  5. Military Weapons Forum
    In a previous thread we talked about the Daniel Defense M4, PSA, BCM and the Colt 6920. That thread has a poll in it. If you have not voted please do so. The DDM4 is pretty much out of my grasp, at least right now. I have too many other projects going on to buy a DDM4. So here are the...
  6. Military Weapons Forum
    Between the Daniel Defense M4, Colt 6920, Bravo Company and Palmetto State Armory, which on would you pick? The timeline for my next AR purchase is January 2014. At first I was going between a Palmetto State Armory, Bravo Company or a Colt 6920. Then a buddy of mine bought a Daniel Defense...
  7. Military Weapons Forum
    My next build will be a 16" M4 style AR, and it will be my first "black rifle". I'm wondering what rifle would be best to start out with. My goal is to add MagPul FDE furniture to it, sling, and probably an Eotech with back up sights. I'm not really wanting to add all kinds of super gizmos to...
  8. Military Weapons Forum
    I just found a new Colt 6920 for $1599.00. This is not my only AR but I would like to have it. Tell me if it is a buy or don't buy price for you.
  9. Military Weapons Forum
    Ive got a Colt LE6920 and not even sure if it takes steel well or not. I've got plenty of high quality ammo and I kinda don't want to try it out and save the embarrassment at the range if any of the casings get stuck. 1. Do Colts like Steel? 2. Should I sell em?
  10. Military Weapons Forum
    Sheesh! I had a brand new Nissan 350z and took it out drifting. A new, (then) Toyota Tacoma and broke spring by taking off big jumps, and off-roading with it. I beat the hell out of everything I own. I like using stuff that I own. Not just cars, but everything. I buy it to use it like it...
  11. Military Weapons Forum
    I'm looking to buy one of these or something similar. Seen an older one today for 1200. It was at a local shop. The guy didn't know how old it was. Looked somewhat older normal scratches and all. Any recommendations on a brand, durability, and price range. Is colt the way to go? What could I...
  12. Military Weapons Forum
    Right now the Colt 6920 is available for as little as $933 (Cheaper Than Dirt). When asked what AR15 rifle I recommend for less than $1k, I point folks towards the Colt 6920.
  13. Military Weapons Forum
    So I'm ready to buy my first AR and I think im gonna go ahead and get an LE6920 in the next few days. I'm wondering what the best ammo is for the Colt. Seems like different rifles like different types of ammo. I want rounds for defense of course and rounds I can just burn thru on my berms when...
  14. Military Weapons Forum
    The elitist will have to make some more room in the club house. Stag is offering a new "plus" version for an extra $100. All same spec's as the Colt, LMT and other "milspec" players. Spike's offers a version aswell. The more players, the better.
  15. Military Weapons Forum
    This article is presented as my "opinion" and should not be considered as scientific fact. I know this topic has been covered a bunch of times, I figure 1 more thread aint gonna hunt. Is the AR-15 a good survival rifle? The simple answer is, “it depends.” The M16 223/5.56mm was original...
  16. Military Weapons Forum
    Perhaps someone has mentioned this, and if so I apologize for being redundant. The May 2010 issue of Guns and Ammo Magazine has an interesting article on the use of the M4 Carbine in Iraq and in Afganistan. It was an interesting evaluation written by a retired LAPD detective who is a current...
  17. Military Weapons Forum
    I broke down and just ordered my first AR, a Colt LE6920 from Buds yesterday and sent in my payment today. I also just finished ordering some Hornady TAP ammo and 2 PMAGs. I feel great knowing I'm a little more prepared in terms of having my defense covered. So far, I've got most of my bases...
  18. Military Weapons Forum
    So, in light of all the bad things that seem to be unfolding, yesterday I finally broke down and bought my first AR15. I am an ex-Army infantryman and am very familiar with the M16A4 and already I'm in love with my new AR. It's a StagArms model 2. Haven't had a chance to get out and play with...
1-20 of 26 Results