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  1. Pistol and Revolver Forum
    Guys and gals, I am looking at buying a 45acp after the first of the year, give me your suggestions. I am currently looking at the Rock Island 1911 Tactical model. Second option is the Springfield XD. To be perfectly honest, I have wanted a 1911 style pistol for a long time. Please, no colt...
  2. Firearms General Discussion
    Hello, I am looking to add a 1911 to my collection and would like your opinions. I am looking for something affordable and most important dependable. My range is up to $900 but less would be better. Your ideas would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Pistol and Revolver Forum
    I'm ready to take a break from the heathen polymer and get some American steel. :o: The first thing I noticed when looking at different 1911s is the price difference between brands. Anywhere from $500 for a Springfield or Rock Island to $2000 for a Colt or Wilson Combat. Now that I've got the...
  4. Pistol and Revolver Forum
    I figure for its 100 year anniversary, I owe it to myself to add a 1911 to my firearm collection. Uses will be CCW in colder months, and probably tucking in the waste band whilst fishing/camping up in the high country of New Mexico. I dont want some safe queen kimber or wilson combat, this will...
  5. Pistol and Revolver Forum I usually carry a full size 1911. I figured that a Glock 21 would be better for bug out since I will also be carrying a rifle. I can shoot a 1911 ALOT better than a Glock BUt its nice to know that a 21 will survive alot of...
  6. Pistol and Revolver Forum
    The ubiquitous Colt 1911, Faithful servamt of United States armed forces since before WW1 and in continued service today with special operations groups has no peer among todays handguns.... There is no handgun made today that would stand up to the 100,000 round count or more that is pretty much...
  7. Pistol and Revolver Forum
    I'm looking for a pistol in 9mm, 45 ACP, or 40mm which caliber should I get in which name brand gun, Glock, Springfield XD, or a 1911?
  8. Firearms General Discussion
    I have been looking at a 1911 style pistol for years, and I mean years. The springfields are nice, but a little pricey. Taurus is putting out a 1911 style pistol this year, so that might be an option. So what brands should I look for, what brands are over priced, what brands are junk?
1-9 of 9 Results