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  1. General Discussion
    google 'food insecurity' and college or university or school and you'll get a ton of hits. apparently it's a thing now, mostly locals who don't eat in the cafeteria. any experience / thoughts on this? IIRC some of my classmates got food stamps living off campus
  2. General Discussion
    Burlington College Feels the Bern! Will Close Thanks to Crushing Debt Acquired by Mrs. Bernie Sanders No surprise here! So you secure a loan based on fund raising and commitments. :xeye: Who would loan money on that? :xeye:
  3. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Hey I hope you found this title provocative. I'm currently enrolled in college english II and trying to convince my professor to let me write an argumentative paper on this subject. She's not convinced yet so I am hoping some of you can help give me some ideas on how to narrow this topic down...
  4. New Member Introduction
    "Woke up" a few years ago. Joined a brand new site that went to hell in a hand basket pretty quick. Decided to steer clear of all survival sites after that. In retrospect that was probably a mistake, or maybe not, Idunno, gave me some time to cool off and consider what I think is actually a...
  5. General Discussion
    Hello all! My daughter is off to college this coming fall to study Nursing. She eventually wants to be a Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner. She has been accepted to a great college already but now we are attempting to figure out how to pay for it. Does anyone know of any scholarships...
1-5 of 5 Results