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  1. Home Canned Chicken Drumsticks

    Food and water
    Taste-tested some pressure canned chicken drumsticks from June of 2017. Lid was tight, hissed inward when I opened it, smelled perfectly fine ... basically like canned chicken. We'll see in a few hours if I turn into a zombie :D: Tasted fine but it was very greasy, and literally fell away from...
  2. Chicken Thief in New Zealand

    Farming, Gardening & Homesteading ***The pen had doors on either side of the nesting area that could be lifted up, she said. "It's somebody who knows and has seen what's going on, which is a bummer." Chamberlain found one of...
  3. Raccoons Killed My Chickens

    Farming, Gardening & Homesteading
    Went out today to get the eggs and a raccoon had gotten into the pen and killed four. Know it was a raccoon because the heads were all gone and part of their breasts. I had a covered shed style roof over their run and the run is built with galvanized hardware cloth. What I never did was close...
  4. Geese for Chicken Protection

    Farming, Gardening & Homesteading
    I was watching a video with Joel Salatin, last night, and he mentioned something about using geese for "areal predator protection". Has anyone tried this? Does it really stop hawks from killing chickens?
  5. Catching Wild Chicken with simple foot traps

    Hunting and Trapping General Discussion
    Hi, I have a new video about how people catching a wild chicken with simple foot traps, if you like that I will have a video show you how to make this traps. Like and comment in this video if you like, thank you so much! Watch this video here
  6. ok another chicken question...

    Farming, Gardening & Homesteading
    The days are getting shorter and egg production is slowing down. I have heard to put a light in the coop, and have done so. Its a little pathway solar light. So far not difference.... so I added a solar rope light from HF. I thought it would be brighter but its not that bright. So the...
  7. Animal ate through wall of my chicken coop

    Farming, Gardening & Homesteading
    Hey guys, I had some kind of animal eat through 1/2" OSB that was screwed to 2x4 framing on my chicken coop. It got inside and killed all 12 of my chickens. Entry point was about 24" off the ground and the size of a basketball. No claw marks. No claw prints as it was raining. Didn't really...
  8. Southeast Michigan, Pond's Edge Homestead & Garden 2014 - 2020

    Farming, Gardening & Homesteading
    And so it begins again, +95% of the seeds are sorted into their correct shoe boxes, a planting plan is in Excel, dreams of Spring grow stronger, even though the main garden looks like this: The homemade rack has been upgraded to include heat mats It's made of PVC pipe and fittings. Once we...
  9. Bouillon cubes for survival?

    Wilderness Survival, Hiking and Camping Forum
    Amongst my reading in survival kits and other things. I've seen Chicken, or Beef Bouillon cubes in some kits. I know their for cooking never used them personally. Was wondering why some people put them in kits especially the military.
  10. New camp receipe for freeze dried chicken

    Wilderness Survival, Hiking and Camping Forum
    I have a good bit of freeze dried food and am always trying to find a NEW way of cooking it on the trail. This turned out pretty good. First I started with about 10 spork-full scoops of freeze dried "Chopped Chicken" by thrive. (
  11. Mr.Rooster Is A Tough Ole Bird

    Farming, Gardening & Homesteading
    I am new to processing home raised chickens. We butchered a year old rooster (Mr. Rooster), last summer then froze him. He had rigor mortise. His legs stuck straight out. I left him in the fridge for several days hoping that would go away but it didn't. I didn't want to leave him longer to...
  12. Mel's Southern Fried Chicken - easy way

    This is for new fryers of chicken. Experienced fried chicken cooks will be bored here. :D: This is the easy way to fry chicken. It is easiest to cook in an electric skillet so if you have one and you are new to frying, that's the way to go. Otherwise, you'll need a good sized skillet, cast...
  13. New Ducks and Chicks

    Farming, Gardening & Homesteading
    We got a few more future egg producers yesterday. Self Sufficiency egg at a time. :D: No idea why the pics are not showing. You can see them at my blog site above while I go find a new picture hosting site....or maybe I'm just doing it wrong.
  14. how i built my henhouse (hendominium)

    DIY - Do It Yourself
    This video is a bit long but i put 4 videos together detailing my start to finish henhouse build. I used lumber that was salvaged from a carport that had to taken down due to rotting issues. i saved what lumber was good and bought 6 sheets of plywood 7 landscape timbers and 3 pieces of roofing...
  15. Chicken Juice

    Thanks to all that got me started and taught me how to roast a chicken. I used to buy cut up chicken for the grill, now I am all about roasting them in the oven. (BTW, is there a difference between the $.98/lb or $1.29/lb or $2.19/lb whole chickens?) Back to the topic of this thread, what do I...
  16. shortage and hoarding cause price spike

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    11 million egg layer chickens slaughtered since onslaught of bird flu. $3 for 13 eggs in a country who's minimum wage is $4 a day. The article was interesting that it commented on HOARDING as part of the problem. It looked like the bird flu was the only problem, not individual hoarding. Mass...
  17. Canned Meat Reviews

    Food and water
    I've seen a lot of threads talking about spam, or various other canned meats, and they can be found all over the forum. I thought with this thread we could make a central place to post reviews of the various canned meats and be able to find them easier (since I'll make this a sticky)...
  18. Winter Egg Production

    Farming, Gardening & Homesteading
    It is Nov 26, and all my hens are still laying daily. Some of the flocks owned by friends aren't doing so well, and some won't lay at all. So here is my breakdown of what we have done for success... The coop is oversized for the number of chickens They have a big free yard, range area for bugs...
  19. New Canned Meat; Greater Value + 5% OFF

    Vendor Deals
    We're offering our newly packaged, fully cooked canned meats (beef, hamburger and chicken) at $74.95 through August 31, which is at least $10 cheaper than any other case of (12) 28-oz. canned meats out there. It's called Providence Pantry, and you can find it at It's...
  20. Alaska to New Hampshire

    New Member Introduction
    Hey all! Glad there are so many like minded people out there. I'm looking for folks in NH who are interested in sharing and exchanging knowledge and advice on kayaking, camping, survival, gardening and chickens! in the granite state.