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cheap bug out bag

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    Ok, I want to put together a cheap BOB for 2-3 days as a gift. Wish I had the cash but I dont to do something really expensive or intensive. But with what happen in Japan, and what can (possibley) happen on the west coast of the USA, I wanted to make a kit for a family member there. So I wanted...
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    Putting together a fully equipped Bug Out Bag (BOB) with high quality items can be a project that may cost you thousands of dollars if you want top of the line high quality items. Just buying high quality clothing with base layers, mid layers, shell jacket, pants, cap, gloves, scarf, socks and...
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    The $20 challenge posted elsewhere got me thinking about BOB prep items for cheap or free from Thrift Store, Dollar Store or from existing household supplies. Maybe this has been posted elsewhere but its an interesting exercise to think through. Ideas on How to put together a BOB on next to...
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    i didnt know if this was posted but i found it verry interesting : this guy is great and he DOES test his gear (and makes vids)