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  1. General Discussion
    We are preparing to donate a car soon. Just like all charities, I know there are the good and the bad out there. I would like to hear from Vets who have received help from charity groups or from those who have worked with Vet based charities. Who would you suggest? Who would you stay away from...
  2. General Discussion
    Have any of you ever done this? I've read up on the process online, but I would like to hear first-hand accounts. Do you get a better tax deduction from certain charities? Is it easier to deal with one over the others? Are there any questions I should specifically ask? Anything to be...
  3. General Discussion
    Ran across this on my Facebook feed. Basically, a local news station in Grand Rapids, MI did a story on panhandlers. One of the panhandlers used a sign saying he was a homeless vet, and he admitted on camera he wasn't. A nationaly syndicated morning radio show based in Grand Rapids saw the story...
  4. Urban Survival Tulsa, thousands lined up due to misinformation spread on facebook and twitter and emailing notices. people turned away angry and disappointed. agencys send people from one agency to another...
  5. General Discussion
    Haiti 7.0 Earthquake was only 6.2 miles below the earth's surface. Haiti does have a network of support workers for disaster relief, but getting support to them will be difficult.
  6. General Discussion
    Do you stock up and rotate your food in storage so that the oldest stuff is in the front? Do you wish there was an easy way to help out your community? I have a challenge to some of you who stock up your pantry specifically for when TSHTF. As you continue to build your food supply, move the...
1-6 of 8 Results