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    Your electrical power fails due to a storm, terrorist attack, EMP or other catastrophe. Hyperinflation leads to an economic collapse and food and medical supplies stop flowing to the cities. A pandemic spreads death around the globe. This book offers specific, practical advice and instruction...
  2. Religious Discussion
    1) ..... A prophet has no honor in his own country. John 4:44 In other words, the locals will never believe the real deal when they see it, no matter how hard they try. Thanks to mass media, now everyone is local. So when the plagues arrive, how will you recognize them? Won't your mind say to...
  3. Political News and Discussion
    How many think the government is actually capable of planning and causing some catastrophe? It would be so much easier to just stumble into one unintentionally:thumb:
  4. General Discussion
    The fall/winter of 2012 is the top of an unusually high solar cycle with the earth at its most venerable tilt and the earths magnetic field is very weak, possibly at the point of collapse and reversal. If we (or some place on earth) get hit with a big solar flare, head on, not only will we get...