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  1. Vehicles & Transportation
    I spent some time in the States on my gap year ten years ago. I had a brilliant time. I'll focus on the driving stories for this thread. I had just turned 18 in Fiji. I was too young to rent a car, instead I bought this... Apart from a rather lairy rear blow out on junction of two freeways...
  2. Urban Survival
    Although many may think such a simple thing as getting in your vehicle is rarely dangerous, car jackings are more frequent than you think Credits to jdhalbert from Approaching/departing your vehicle (mostly applicable at night time)...
  3. Vehicles & Transportation
    I was hoping to get a bit of advice really, some ******* at my school decided it would be a laugh to write things in the dirt all over the back of my car, this occasionally happens so its not a big deal so i just brushed it of. Returned home yesterday and gave my car a rinse with some water to...
  4. Wilderness Survival, Hiking and Camping Forum
    I took a few videos while car camping in December in the mountains of Montana. The temps were down to -25f and the daylight was short lived. My speech is slurred from the cold, a few drinks, and amateur video producing skills. Nonetheless, remember I'm still in shock from being cast out of a...
  5. General Discussion
    I bought my first car a while back and am beginning to experiance a problem with it, its a 1.2 2002 Fiat punto, manual and a petrol. There are two problems but they are pretty much the same i guess, when i start the engine in the morning, after a long wait or even occasionally after a small...
  6. General Discussion
    ... stunt car FLYING! This is hilarious. I wonder how many meters/feet the car flew. From the looks of this video, it appears to have been QUITE a trajectory!
21-26 of 26 Results