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  1. New Member Introduction
    another new guy here, from BC, Canada. I found this forum while searching the web for information and hung around a bit, checking out some of the threads. very interesting site, with very interesting people. I look forward to sticking around and contributing to the community. Cheers
  2. New Member Introduction
    Greetings from the great white north (which actually isn't all that white at the moment -- spring has sprung very early this year, although this being Canada, that can change quickly)! Looking forward to hanging out with y'all.
  3. New Member Introduction
    Hey there. Just joined the site, looks very informative and interesting. I don't want to say too much about myself. I'm 35 and live in Toronto. I work in the law enforcement field. I will say that I do believe in the 9/11 cover up..and that alot of our history has been marked with strange...
  4. New Member Introduction
    Hello folks new to the forum I live in Nova Scotia Canada work in loss prevention and have a huge interest in being prepared and training for the worst case scenario thanks.
  5. New Member Introduction
    Been prepping as a way of live, into curing and smoking Meat, Sausage making, Canning and making the add brew. Great site here! r 81
  6. New Member Introduction
    Hi there. I'm from central saskatchewan canada. I'm pretty big into learning new things about survival. I'm not huge into SHTF fantasies and TEOTWAWKI. I do alot of hunting fishing and atving so most of my survival interests coincide with the time I spend in the bush pursuing these activities...
  7. New Member Introduction
    Hi to all: I stumbled across this form from "Expedition Portal Forum" . Love the outdoors ...camping ,fishing ,exploring etc 05liberty
  8. New Member Introduction
    Hi everyone! Thought I'd introduce myself a little. First of all I live in New Brunswick, Canada. I've always been the wilderness type since I was a kid. My grandfather owned an outfitters camp so I was always exposed to the outdoors and hunting. After searching for information on disaster...
  9. New Member Introduction
    Hey, names Chris. Seems like some sweet info and discussions on here hope I will be able to contribute.
  10. General Discussion
    What are you doing to prepare for the hurricane coming your way?
  11. Manmade and Natural Disasters
    New flu virus found at Canadian pig farm 08 July 2009 | 11:40:09 AM | Source: AAP A "novel" influenza type A virus has been confirmed in two pig farm workers in the central Canadian province of Saskatchewan, health authorities say, stressing the virus is "non-pandemic"...
  12. Francais
    Bonjour! Je veux commencer un petit discussion... A l'instant que c'est le SHTF, c'est mieux d'etre en Europe ou en Amerique du Nord? Pourquoi? Ou, si vous voulez: c'est mieux d'etre en Canada ou en France? Pourquoi? (Isles de les Madeleines ne compte pas pour le moment). Merci! Maddy...
  13. Urban Survival
    Hi everyone. I just finished reading Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life by Niel Strauss, a book I am sure many of you are familiar with by now, as this website in particular is mentioned several times. Needless to say, i am now a terrified spectator of a degrading society. However, after...
  14. General Discussion
    The infamous Greyhound bus killer has been found not criminally responsible for beheading a fellow passenger. A Canadian court has ruled that an immigrant who beheaded a fellow passenger on a Greyhound bus and then ate his eyeballs is not criminally responsible for his actions because he has a...
  15. Firearms General Discussion
    High capacity rimfire magazines will become difficult to find in Canada in the next few months due to new export restrictions by the US. I was told the US export restriction covers all magazines over 10 rounds but since we already live with Canadian imposed restrictions on center fire magazines...
  16. Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Survival
    Anyone here have a chart or something that would show the possible area or spread of nuclear fallout on major CANADIAN cities? I was not blessed enough to be born in the US of A.
  17. New Member Introduction
    Hey everybody. I'm from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Found this place while checking out videos on Youtube - and I'm glad I did. I've recently become a "survivalist", but only after finding out about peak oil. I'm not a stupid guy, and even though I know it's not a renewable resource - I'd...
  18. Health, Fitness and First Aid!-Nutritional-Supplements-Banned-In-Canada!-Bill-C-51&id=1174122 Vitamin C Is About To Be Made Illegal In Canada! Nutritional Supplements Banned In Canada! Bill C-51 So you want to take Vitamin C, how about if it was...
  19. New Member Introduction
    Hi, I live in western Canada on a mixed farm. I have been active in the past with other forums . Looking for an active group with no B.S. I am married with children . I enjoy all types of outdoor activites such as camping,hunting,ATVing,etc. Willing to help others if needed. Living out in...
  20. New Member Introduction
    Hey my name is Chris I live in North Vancouver and saw the link to this forum from a video on YouTube.. just thought I would sign up and check it out!