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  1. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    I am a novice prepper who is becoming more serious. I have read a lot of people who have silver/gold in case the US dollar/economy fails. I am confused on how people would use it after an event. Lets say I had a lot of silver...lets say one "piece" is worth $500... and I want to buy food off...
  2. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Hello All, I have recently been buying silver, the poor mans gold. Now Im looking to start buying Silver and Gold from people directly as a business. I will pay much higher than many other outfits, but be super strict like taking peps pics, to legally protect myself. Im wondering what are some...
  3. Financial Forum
    Has anyone bought silver recently? If you have from where? I am a new user trying to prepare. Thank you.
  4. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    I am looking at an email invoice right now for the 12 oz of silver (12 one-ounce bars) that I bought last year in June and it cost me $208.24 (including shipping/handling). I went back to the same website and the same 12 bars would now cost $256.96. I don't know anything about precious...
  5. Financial Forum
    Has anyone dealt with this company?
  6. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    I have heard something about quarters made before 65? They are supposed to contain silver. Is this true? If so what about other coins. When I was arond 7-8, (1978)I got into collecting coins. I kept everything I thought was old, at the time I thought a ten year coin was old. The collecting...
  7. Financial Forum
    We just spent over $1,000 for some silver coins (90% silver dimes). Got 1,000 of them. Now, I'm reading and see people call that junk silver. Did I just throw my money down the drain? Will these be able to be used if the SHTF?
  8. Financial Forum
    The price of silver is almost down to $15.00 an oz and dropping as we speak. Down $1.01 as of 1 min ago.
  9. Financial Forum
    Going to buy some silver. I think we should buy 1 oz. bars that are .999, however, hubby thinks we should buy a bag of random coins. Says those are used easier and can be broken down and exchanged. What do you think?
  10. Financial Forum
    I hear everyone talking about silve dimes and quarters but are pre. 65 nickels silver or not. Thanks.
  11. Financial Forum
    Looking at buying silver. Here's my problem. Ok, I can buy it for $20 or so an ounce, then I have to pay another $20 for S&H. How can I get around the S&H?
  12. Financial Forum
    When it comes to PM (Gold and Silver) are the ones you want. Many people though have some Sterling Silver around the house silverware, tea sets,ect. Does anyone know of a way to place a value on Sterling silver in relation to Silver? Granted that I'm thinking in terms of a worse case scenario...
  13. Financial Forum
    Hi, Lurked for a while and am clearly new I would think by this question but what should I get. I a bit of money to spend and want to know if pre 64 or rounds would be best. If rounds is generic good or would eagles be best? Sorry if this sounds like a silly question but I'm not sure. I...
  14. Financial Forum
    If you are interested in buying some Junk Silver, it is only fair if you know beforehand the exact melt-value of the coin you seek. This is how you go about finding said value: Divide the current spot price per ounce( ) by the exact amount of Troy...
1-14 of 14 Results