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  1. The city people are fleeing to Appalachia to escape the virus

    It is happening a predicted over and over and over ... the city folks are running to the country in this SHTF virus situation. Clueless city people are bugging out to the country stripping the stores of anything they can get. In Logan OH. have posted pictures over and over of empty shelves of...
  2. Golden Horde has started

    I live in rural Maine, today we had our first case of CV-19, a man and his son from Massachusetts came up here to get away from the virus.... Guess what? He was infectious and just tested positive...
  3. Anyone considering bugging out to a rural area?

    Was passing through town and spotted three trucks in a parking lot. Attached to each truck was a large RV. One RV had a boat behind it. With so many people working from home, and kids out of school, how many people are going to stay in a rural area? Maybe grannys house, deer camp, national...
  4. Holidays as a bug out test run

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    For those of you going back and forth to the lake on Labor day, please do everyone a favor and secure stuff in the back of the truck and on the boat. Went to Jasper, Texas today (September 3rd, 2018) and there was an ice chest in the middle of the road. Would have taken just a few seconds to...
  5. BUGGING IN: What To Do When TSHTF and YOU Live In Suburbia

    Book Reviews
    Your electrical power fails due to a storm, terrorist attack, EMP or other catastrophe. Hyperinflation leads to an economic collapse and food and medical supplies stop flowing to the cities. A pandemic spreads death around the globe. This book offers specific, practical advice and instruction...
  6. Escape from South Florida

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Hi all, i'm new to the site and wanted to get some feedback on how to evac South Florida in case a SHTF event unfolds. In my opinion, S. Florida may be one of the most challenging evac areas in N.America due to its geography and demographic concentration. Unless you have access to a watercraft...
  7. Using power lines to bug out by foot

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    In a worse case situation, people will be fleeing the cities in search of food, or trying to get to a friend or family members house. We have historical examples of this with outbreaks of the plague in middle ages Europe. Vehicles will run out of gas and people will start walking. Highways...
  8. Lines of Drift article

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Found this interesting, have tried to figure out best routes to BOL. Question is does anyone know of maps available showing chokepoints, example clearly marked passes in mountains, bridges, rail crossings etc. Thanks
  9. Abandoned Sawmill As Bug Out Location

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Article I posted on that I thought yall might find interesting,
  10. Ideal base/bug out location

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Let's say you have unlimited funds for building a bug out base, for a vehicle and supplies what would you do with it?
  11. Bug Out Bag Test Ideas??

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    These holidays I've decided to test my bug out bag. My bug out plan involves me driving to a family members place out in the country side however I am aware that for some I may be forced to go on foot, so I want to test my skills for bugging out on foot. I plan on heading to a national park or...
  12. Alternate routes of bugging out

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Besides major highways, lets talk about other ways of bugging out. In the video I talk about: Railroads Highlines Pipelines Old highway system
  13. Opinions on my BOB/ INCH bag contents

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    I'm looking for constructive criticism and opinions on what I have for a set up. Basically I live in a small town in pretty much the middle of nowhere and if something happened where I had to leave it would be pretty easy to disappear in the woods. The woods around me have essentially an endless...
  14. Bugging in vs bugging out

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Okay so I've been thinking. I've got everything I need here at my house. I live near a river so there's nonstop water. I have water filter. I've got plenty of emergency food buckets, MREs, canned food. A good rifle and hand gun and thousands of rounds of ammo for each, armored plate carrier and...
  15. Article - bug out stoves

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    In the prepping community, there is a lot of focus on stoves for a bug out bag, while stoves for events such as natural disasters are overlooked. A stove for an individual bug out bag is different than a family sized stove. Do you need a two burner store, one burner stove, propane fuel, liquid...
  16. Another weekend 'Bug-Out'...

    South African Preppers
    Well after my last trip I decided to make a few changes and the most important one was that my 'Bivi's' just weren't up to the challenge, I've had them since 1990 and they were seriously tired... Not to mention that my First Aid Kit needed to be upgraded, after what happened the last time... I...
  17. Dedicated travel GHB ?

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    I have a question for those of you who travel frequently for business: do you have a dedicated GHB that you take with you? I have a GHB that I keep in my truck at home, however it contains things which could definitely get me in trouble in certain states (such as NY and CA), so I don't take...
  18. How many try to go ultralight with their bags, to make them easier to carry?

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Title says it all.
  19. Micro bug out bag concept

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    While working on my fighting load carrier (FLC) and thinking about an overnight kit that would fit in a fanny pack, I started thinking about a micro bug out bag. Couple of questions I have for the community: How much would you do think a bug out bag should weigh, without water? What would you...
  20. INCH BAG Review , need some pointers

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Hello All, I could really use some help with my BOB/INCH bag. First let me preface with my plan, right now, is to Bug In as long as possible and if I absolutely have to leave, I’m probably never coming back…at least not for a long time. The Bag: click here for a pic of setup Emberlestock F4...