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  1. Military Weapons Forum
    I'm looking for an SKS that is LESS than $200. The cheaper the better (as long as it's safe, of course... An SKS bolt to the face doesn't exactly sound too terribly enjoyable...) Can anybody be of assistance?
  2. Military Weapons Forum
    Went to Cabellas the other day and when I walked through the door I heard quite a commotion, many voices calling my name from over in the firearm section. When I walked over , there was one voice that stood out from the rest, a sirens song it seems... I walked out with a CAI Polish AKMS...
  3. Firearms General Discussion
    Hey guys this is my first thread posted on this forum. Well when thinking about what long gun to take if the SHTF I came to a slight delema. I have narrowed it down to four and i would really appreciate your choices and opinions. Here they are in no particular order: A. Springfield Armory...
  4. Rifle Forum
    Hi all. I know this has been covered a bit but I'm wondering if someone could point me to an AFFORDABLE bugout rifle. I just need to get to the rendezvous point that is stocked with tons o' supplies and a freakin' arsenal!. I've read up on the "best SHTF rifle" thread and it's quite varied. I...
1-4 of 4 Results