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british columbia
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  1. New Member Introduction
    Hi everyone I am very glad that I stumbled upon this site. It seems like a great community of people that are full of knowledge about being a survivalist. Like most people I joined this site to better prepare myself for anything. Not too long ago I started a bug out bag for myself and one for...
  2. New Member Introduction
    Been prepping as a way of live, into curing and smoking Meat, Sausage making, Canning and making the add brew. Great site here! r 81
  3. New Member Introduction
    Hey all Just a few bits about me. I live in B.C. in a place where you can drive an hour in any direction and be totally isolated, and in a huge variety of climate/topography, and that's the way I likes er. I grew up camping and fishing, and sadly have not been able to offer my kids quite the...
  4. New Member Introduction
    Hey my name is Chris I live in North Vancouver and saw the link to this forum from a video on YouTube.. just thought I would sign up and check it out!
1-4 of 4 Results