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  1. General Discussion
    Or am I? I have not been a member for many years. So I could be. I am argumentative, is that what bots do? Or do these Russian bots stay in the shadows, feeding the thoughtless, duped, stupid, hateful, views sometimes expressed on this site. Growing the scum that would eat the soul of America...
  2. Polls and Surveys
    How much would you pay for a solid enclosed BOT/ Off-Road Trailer with cabinets?
  3. The Tech Zone
    a few months ago, there was an article on using bots in forums and social media. it's an interesting way to bring in ideas and change the how the masses make decision. there are many political and marketing advantages to using bots. if you want the real truth, you going to need to filter...
  4. Vehicles & Transportation
    This is an 8 x 6 enclosed trailer, this measurement is taken from around the box of the trailer this is not including the towing frame... I won this on eBay for $1000 OZ dollars which is a steal for the size of the trailer. I will post ongoing pictures as I modify and refine this into my...
1-4 of 4 Results