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    My pastor sent me this link. In Revelation 13, people make the image of the beast, and the antichrist gives it life, and people must worship it. The antichrist seeks to be “like god”, omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent. But he can only attain a facsimile. When it says that he gives the image...
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    Came across this article a few days ago, only now have time to post it. If already noted somewhere please feel free to move...thanks!
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    Is Your Cable Box Spying On You? Seem Google has shown a prototype of just that. Think this is a conspiracy theory? Well a bill has been introduced for consumers to opt in instead of making it...
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    Study: Majority Of File-Sharers Are Heavily Monitored Basically they are logging those that participate in illegal file sharing. So your being monitored and you know who you are. :D:
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    I've been noticing that though the US has been engaged in the "Global War on Terror" since 2001, the Government does not have a standard definition of terrorism that is agreed upon by all agencies. The State, FBI and a number of other government agencies all use widely differing definitions of...
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    This one makes me lol.
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    This piece at the link I've provided below, is some interesting **** to me. Perhaps to others as well. I've read many disturbing things lately that have moved my alert color levels from orange to rust. Bear in mind, the particular mention of the CDC as the parent org for the operation so this...
  8. Off Topic Lounge
    I sometimes find myself thinking - it's a scary thought I know haha! I try to remember what things were like before certain occurrences. Before everyone had cable in their homes and before the internet could be accessed by every toilet flush and doorknob turn in America. So this leads me to...
  9. Off Topic Lounge
    “This investigation was aimed at rooting out anyone even remotely critical of the lab,” charged Peter Lown, an attorney for one of the employees questioned in the probe. “The lab’s management doesn’t want any more critical stories.”...
  10. The Tech Zone
    A lot of you may wet your pants at the big brother implications of this one. The State Department is issuing a series of challenge that span the globe. The mission? To find and track the movements of a target person. The take? Five large per target. The idea appears to be testing social media...
  11. Off Topic Lounge Darpa wants each satellite, of which it hopes to deploy 60-90 at a time, to cost less than $500,000. Photo: U.S. Army
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    How to Build a Speech-Jamming Gun Japanese researchers build a gun capable of stopping speakers in mid-sentence. The potential for abuse could be staggering. Use it at a Tea Party Rally and train it on the speaker(s) well there goes the rally into confusion. Use it on your political...
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    We all know England is in trouble, but this is pretty's like you can't express a cross word with someone(contemptible racism aside)...seems like this is halfway to thought crimes
1-13 of 60 Results