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best ak47 for the money

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    Has anyone heard anything about this rifle? I'm thinking about picking one up. I've been wanting an underfolder AK for a while and this one doesnt seem all that bad.
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    I'm trying to decicde between the 7.62 and 5.45 and I want to spend between $500 and $600
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    Sorry if there's a trading post section, I couldn't find it! I blame 6am :3 I am currently looking to purchase a used no-frills AK47 or AR-15(Needs to be able to have a scope mounted, none of those crazy uppers that look like handles plz!, must be usable apoun recieving.. I'm not very good at...
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    I've got a lot of experience with the AR platform, but NONE with AK's and the other day I handled an AK for the first time, and now I've GOT to have one,lol. I realize your'e probably thinking " You waited too long to get one", but I've got some $ burnin' a hole in my pocket,lol. Okay, so...
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    I purchased a .308 Saiga, but I really want a Kalashnikov in 5.45x39. Are the Romanian WASR-2 rifles a good purchase? I don't have the $900+ to drop on an Arsenal/Bulgarian or a Tantal. I've heard the Romanian 5.45 has issues with magazines fitting the mag well. Any experience with these?