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  1. Firearms General Discussion
    I want a beater 12 ga. Before anyone says to stay away from the Turkish made clones, I agree. I already own a genuine M4. I love it, and trust it with my life. Because of this however, I want a "stunt double" to take some abuse. I load a number of non typical shotgun loads, like Dixie Tri-ball...
  2. Firearms General Discussion
    I’m looking for recommendations for a magazine extension for a Benelli SuperNova Tactical Pump-Action Shotgun. Thanks in advance!
  3. Shotgun Forum
    I currently have an Remington 870 that's about 10 yrs old. I would like a second shotgun, so that I have 1 for my normal residence and 1 for the BOL. Remington is currently off the list for me, due to the recent Bankruptcy and a bunch of rumbling I hear about quality control problems. Mossberg...
  4. Military Weapons Forum
    The Benelli M4 uses a special operating system (for Benelli), the ARGO (Auto Regulating Gas Operated), specifically because the Benelli M1 did not function well with an optic and light and NV/laser mounted to it, due to the ID (Inertia Drive(en)) system requiring a certain amount and speed of...
  5. Rifle Forum
    Hello everyone! I am moving to Colorado (honestly can't wait to leave Maryland) in a few months and am looking for a new rifle. I currently have a Marlin 30-30 but am looking for a rifle with increased range for hunting and blowing holes through paper. Sadly this is not a "what is the...
  6. Shotgun Forum
    My buddy just gave me a box of old shotshells. I was hesitant at first as they were 15-20 years old! Everything was ok as the Benelli shot 'em out like a pro'! :) My thinking now is, if 15-20 year ammo is ok to shoot, what about 30-50 year old ammo or even 100 YEAR ammo? Has anyone done...
  7. Shotgun Forum
    I am highly disappointed!:mad:
  8. Firearms General Discussion
    1. I am deciding between 3 guns for SHTF. IF you could only take one right now of my 3 choices what would it be? Keep in mind I plan on buying at least 12 mags for the AR or Glock or 250 rounds of OO Buck and slugs for the Benelli. 1. Daniel Defense M4V7 2. Glock 20 w/ .40 cal barrel & 10mm 6...
  9. New Member Introduction
    Or should I say "Preparing In Oklahoma"? I'm workin' on it. I've racked up a dozen or so posts and I figured I'd do my official intro. Prep wise I've got a long way to go but as with anything I believe in getting back to basics. Politics. Family. Religion. Law. Science. Whatever you got. If...
  10. Shotgun Forum
    Anyone else have one? I am fortunate enough to have two. One swat black with collapsing stock and one in desert cammo. I love'em. Finest semi autos ever made imho. I installed an extended mag tube on the desert cammo and the swat already came with the long tube. If you own one, what do you...
  11. Shotgun Forum
    I'm curious as to everyone's thoughts on it. Seems to be some mixed opinions. I don't plan to trick it out and put a bunch of garbage on it. Just wanted something that was reliable and effective in an urban setting. Be gentle, I'm new here :)
  12. Shotgun Forum
    How the f*&k do I get the shell restrictor outta the tube? The f*&kin manual is useless, states it will come out but doesn't describe how to get it OUT ... ugh
  13. Shotgun Forum
    I am shopping for a 12 pump and was really close to settling on a mossberg 500, and now the Benelli super nova has captured my attention but I do not know anything about benelli other than the fact that they seem to be proud of their product "$$$$$" so I would like to hear everyone's thought's...
  14. Shotgun Forum
    One of the range officers suggested Benellis in particular do not give a shot pattern(regardless of choke) ideal for trap. I have managed a 24 but usually 18-19s.Should I switch to an over/under?
  15. Shotgun Forum
    I am looking for a 20 Gauge shotgun for my girlfriend. Does anyone have recommendations for a tactical 20 gauge shotgun 18.5 - 20"? I am a big Mossberg 930 SPX fan, but unfortunately it does not appear like they make such a creature.
1-15 of 16 Results