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barack obama

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    Would you elect a Muslim for high office? Apparently the democratic party thinks so I'm not sure things can get much stranger than this. What do you think? :confused:
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    I saw this somewhere and I had to post it here. It pretty much validates my feelings for those that were ignorant enough to vote for this man. Enjoy...
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    A Story of Reds and Deception An interesting film to say the least. Full film viewable here: Trailer below: Support the filmmakers: Discuss...
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    Which are you, and why?
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    Fighter jet 'shot down' over Benghazi - Libya Fighter jet 'shot down' over Benghazi - Libya
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    Come, have a chuckle with me! We might be on the brink of doom but, that doesn't mean we have to lose our sense of humor. What Happened To Our Green Eyed Savior Known As Growth?
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    Barack Obama has been widely attacked in the media, on blogs an different forums. He’s attempt to bring health insurance for very American has been seen by many as socialism, borderline to communism. I’m going to step away from the subject of Barack Obama for one moment. Hurricane Katrina 2006...
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    Hey fellow survivalists, While browsing these forums, specifically the political sections, I have been seeing the "fascist," "socialist," and "communist" terms being applied to President Obama. My simple question is: How is President Obama a fascist, a socialist, a communist, and etc? Now I...
  9. Political News and Discussion Especially if you are considering voting for Obama, take a couple of minutes to go through the questions on this test. The answers may surprise you. :eek: