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    I know there have been several forums over this product but I further endorse it! Yo-yo automatic fishing reels take little space and very functional in a survival situation. Not only for fishing, but for snares as well. I bought a pack of these things and they are just the neatest gadgets...
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    Hello, As I check the forum very often, I usually have to log in after a bunch of minutes when I stay inactive...Although the option "Remember me" is set on the Log stuff... Does anyone know how to always stay Logged In ??? Or is it a basic parameter? Thank you so much for your answers and your...
  3. The Tech Zone
    Hey guys, I've started a project for my advanced physics class, and i want to know what you think. I recently wrote out the design of a 15% efficient coil gun, and now I want to mount it on an RC base mount. With the proper software I could have the coil gun firing automatically without any...
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    I Love America
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    If so where could I get one? If not that sucks!
  6. DIY - Do It Yourself
    Looks like I am going to need take a job to make up for slow times in my business, and the manufactures are so busy here that they want me to work 58 hours a week (it's gonna suck). Anyways, Since I may not be around to open a chicken coup in the morning, and close it at night, I want to make an...
  7. Farming, Gardening & Homesteading
    First post-hope you can help. I own 125 ac of rugged Canadian Shield near Gravenhurst, Ontario. It is mostly mixed deciduous (maple, beech, poplar) with some white pine and hemlock. What isn't bush is pockets of standing water or large plateaus of granite. I get there as often as ever second...