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    Thought i would share this, it was a live chat done by Military Arms Channel about an hour or so ago. Former ATF Employee Speaks Out About Rate Increasing Devices
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    Franklin Armory Introduces Short Barrel ‘Firearm’ With Standard AR Stock and ATF Appr Franklin Armory Introduces Short Barrel ‘Firearm’ With Standard AR Stock and ATF Approval..... Has anyone seen this yet? Not sure how Franklin Armory is getting the ATF to approve this isn't an SBR...
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    So there I was, two days after Christmas, a new SKS before me. A couple of our Simonovs are already modernized with synthetic stocks, detachable mags, etc. I know there are many of you out there who would give me a lecture about keeping the sks platform stock because it's "good as it is". I set...
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    One can only hope that Holder and all others involved finally come to justice. Not that I think everyone will really be held accountable.
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    Let's get this bill passed or at the very least some frictional traction. H.R. 1329 The ATF Elimination Act To abolish the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, transfer its functions relating to the Federal firearms, explosives, and arson laws, violent crime...
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    Has anyone had some recent experience with setting up a NFA trust since the ATF's announcement of rule changes? The proposed new rules of "41P" NFAFA synopsis: Though I'm most interested in a trust for non NFA firearms as I currently don't own any NFA items...
  7. General Discussion at it again
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    ATF claims that because he made money off the videos via sponsors, he should have obtained a business permit for the tannerite? Or maybe they just wanted to make an example out of him...
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  10. Firearms General Discussion
    Finally. Don't always agree with foxnews, but props for helping bring this to the spotlight with CBS. The ATF and DOJ has done everything to sweep this under the rug and deny all allegations. As you all know ATF let guns walk and then used the same guns ending up in Mexico as an excuse to back...
  11. Political News and Discussion
    Larry Pratt takes on Obama's ATF nomination. "With all Respect... We'll (FOX NEWS) decide what topics are discussed."...:mad: I, myself have given up on the NRA they are to big and not to be trusted. I think the GOA is the gun owners voice in Washington.
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    I didn't see that any one had posted this yet, so I'll pass it along. In short, the ATF is trying to apply a "Sporting or hunting appropriate" filter on any shotguns imported into the US. The most prominent product that would be affected would be the Saiga 12 ga...
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    Okay i just thought this was extremely hillarious... I then found it disturbing that the ATF agent doesnt even know how to put the magazine in the gun. lmao, ATf fail.
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    This has Obama, Holder, and Ralm written all over it. The ATF allows the importation of tons of firearms every year including knock off M1s and M1911s. More...
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    What is are the limits as far as buying ammo (12ga., 9mm, 357) for stockpiling in the event of SHTF without sending up any red flags?
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    Alert I received today from the TN Firearms Association: Tennessee Firearms Association, Inc. Legislative Action Committee The ATF - as expected - has issued a letter in which it disregards the 10th Amendment restrictions on federal power ( as seems to be the trend since the late 1930) and has...
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    Here's the dastardly bits: