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ar-15 magazines

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    Now that the pipelines are opening up a little bit, and stores are keeping magazines in stock, what is your strategy for stockpiling magazines and spare parts? When the sandy hook incident happened, democrats opened their mouths on gun control and the panic buying kicked in, I took inventory...
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    Lets be honest, even though bill clinton and obama got elected, I only met a handful of people who would admit they voted for either president. Magazines are pretty much back to pre-sandy hook prices. D&H mags are all over the place, and pmags are flooding the market. Over the past few weeks...
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    If you guys are having trouble finding AR-15 PMAGS, I can get them locally. Not sure how my supplier has so many but do we really care? Let me know and I can get you some, they have windowed mags atm, only about 1/8 stock as Gen2 non-windowed though. PM fast while they are still there.
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    Just to let you guys know, Magpul released 5 packs of their special boulder Airlift 30 round Pmags in 5 packs today for 65 bucks. That one heck of a deal. It popped up in my facebook news feed, and thought you guys might want to know.
  5. Military Weapons Forum Cheap mags in stock, good deal for any of you guys with ar15s
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    Anybody else mark/number/letter their mags? That way you can tell which mags are yours at a class or at the range when there are multiple shooters. You can also start to see a problem mag if there are malfunctions. ['Wait a minute, I had a malfunction a few minutes ago with this same mag...
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    Palmetto state armory is having an Easter sale with magazines the cheapest I have seen in a long, long, long time. 10 pack, $119.99 - PSA D&H 5.56mm 30rd Aluminum Magazine - Black Teflon, Foliage Green Follower 10 Pack 10 pack, $119.99 - PSA D&H 5.56mm 30rd Aluminum Magazine - Black Teflon...
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    Look at what magically appeared at my front door today. I wonder whats in it? I'll give you a hint, the package came from Palmetto State Armory. My keys are on the box for scale. Lets open it up and look inside. Anyone care to guess what is in the box?
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    In case anyone cares. I placed an order for a 10-pack of black windowless magpuls on 12/20 and they just sent me tracking info. Now I'm really glad I didn't cave in locally at $40/piece! Hopefully ammo will follow shortly...
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    Over the past couple of weeks Palmetto state armory has been getting uppers, lowers, magazines and even 22 long rifle in stock. Bravo company has gotten a couple of uppers here and there. Why is PSA is getting so much stuff in stock, but sites like midway usa is not hardly getting anything in...
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    If you have any specials, sales, or even in stock items, please post them. Keep this thread strictly to military style weapons. Palmetto State Armory has DS Arms FN/FAL magazines in stock -
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    We are now a month past the christmas and new year holidays, so I am going to guess employees are back at their job. I expected production to do down around chirstmas and new years as people took vacation time to spend with their families Where are the PMAGS going? Surely MAGPUL is making...
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    ....for $130 :wow edit: and they're used too
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    Well, like a week or two ago I ordered this with an order from Centerfire Systems to see if it is any good. My initial impression is that it seems ok for the $24 bucks. It's a HK Copycat, with a steel Follower. The Follower does'nt feel as smooth as the real HK Mags, nut this one may just...
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    60-rd .223 mags appear to be available through Surefire's website. I ordered one and received order confirmation number. Hoping to see shipping notification tomorrow --- not "backordered" message! They also...
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    Today I got an email from a backorder I placed a few weeks ago. I backordered a Magpul MOE rear sight, Del-ton complete upper receiver and two black pmags. The rear sight already came in but I was waiting for the other items to save on shipping and I don't need it without the upper anyways...
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    I was wondering what to do in the current arms market environment? To give you some background my little brother clued me in to this site about 6 months ago. While I have been a gun owner for a long time they have been the standard home defense variety. I have owned several different handguns...
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    I've found some locally for $25 but wanted to know what places are selling them for in other areas. I'm not talking about online since I haven't seen any that weren't backordered for weeks.
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    thermold 30/45 round Ar15 mags in stock at sportsmansguide only mags i could find in stock for ar15s that can ship immediately
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    All things (post panic) taken into consideration, is $1000.00 a good, average, or horrendous price for a Romanian AK47 in what appears to be like-new or gently used condition? Phoenix metro area, if that helps. Thanks in advance.