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ar-15 aftermarket parts
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    Building an AR and building my first one using something besides a milspec grip. I ordered the Palmetto State Armory MOE+ LPK When I installed the grip there was a HUGE gap at the rear part of the grip (that curved part behind the normal pistol grip). I took it back off and tried re-seating...
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    Several months ago I was out walking on the property with my AR-15 when I noticed an unusual rattle. Upon inspection the nuts had backed off my red dot optic and it were loose on the rail. One of the nuts had fallen off and had been lost. I made a trip to lowes in Jasper Texas, found a nut...
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    My wife and I just got back from the NRA in Houston Texas. Upon arriving home we did our usual thing - unload the SUV, check the mail, start unpacking,,,,. In the mail box was this package from Midway USA. The package contains two parts, one is for my rifle, one is for her rifle. What is not...
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    As the title says, I am looking for a cheap AR-15 stock. I did not expect standard collapsible stocks to be in the 80$ price range. Is there anywhere that has them cheaper that I have not found yet?
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    They just got in some complete Classic lower build kits less the lower receiver of course for AR 15. Price went up from $109 to $119 though. Get them while they have them. That is all.:D:
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    I have a question about the sling attachment point on the buttstock. Do you find the sling more natural when its attached at the rear of the stock, or attached at the castle nut? I want to buy a simple 2 point sling, but I will have to get some kind of adapter to attach the sling to the...
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    What do you think is the optimal lumens for a weapons light? This is supposed to be a survivalist forum, so lets talk post SHTF. You and your family have planted a nice plot of peas, cucumbers, squash, snap beans,,,, and whatever else you want. To stop people from looting the garden, and to...
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    Alright guys need a little help here. Just wanted to know what you thought about magpul accs, wanting to upgrade my rock river car 15 with new furnature. Is it that much better than factory or is it just tacticool stuff as i have no experiance with magpul any opinions would be app. Thanks
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    I am looking at getting a new forearm grip for my AR-15. Instead of getting the typical rail system, I saw the magpul moe handguard. How does the magpul moe handguard work? Do you have to take the handgaurd off, bolt the rail on, then reassemble the handgaurd? Does anyone have pics of their...
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    Hi everyone I have been thinking of doing a tactical charging handle on my AR. I have also been wanting to add a light to it. Im looking at this charging handle. Badger Ordnance tactical charging handle from PK firearms they are asking $33 for it. Does anyone know of a better one or a better...
1-10 of 10 Results