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  1. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Preparing for nuclear radiation exposure. Aquaponics Chemical weapon protection 53 acre defensible farm, livestock, Osage orange fence, synergistic herbs, fruit trees, beehives, berries. Homemade pepper spray from the hot home grown peppers Eating bugs Crickets...
  2. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    I know this was a stretch, but I was reading up on air purification and looped systems and was wondering the possibility / probability of using a recirculating system like this to generate your own oxygen. I honestly do not know how efficient it would end up being as any chemical spikes in your...
  3. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Anyone else going to the Prepper's Expo at the Mohave County Fairgrounds today? I went yesterday and there's scads of excellent info and several terrific businesses there. Seminars on raising rabbits by Hostile Hare, straw bale gardening by Happy Gardener and aquaponics by Endless Food among...
  4. Farming, Gardening & Homesteading
    Ok so below you will see a basic layout of my property, with some basic measurements. I have a couple acres there of tillable ground, I have a small pond about 60ft x 60ft by 7 ft deep in the middle, it has bluegill and perch in it right now. Some facts / features: I am off the grid using...
  5. Farming, Gardening & Homesteading
    I have recently purchased a "Place in the Country". I am slowly getting it setup to enjoy. I'm very interested in Aquaponics's ability to provide Fruits, Vegetables and Proteins. I'm starting from the ground up and haven't purchased anything yet. I do have some ideas though on a system that...
  6. Farming, Gardening & Homesteading
    We started this back in 2011, had it all cut and ready to go, then backburnered it until this fall. Because you know, nothing like starting a garden in October... I get IBC totes free from a neighbor who is an ag sprayer. Yes they had Roundup in them. We blasted them clean then set up the main...
  7. Farming, Gardening & Homesteading
    I'm wondering if anyone here has had success with aquaponics in the northern US or Canada? What is the best fish to stock, and do you need some way to keep your greenhouse heated (other than natural sunlight)?
  8. Farming, Gardening & Homesteading
    Hi All Does anyone have a successful Aquaponics setup going in South Central PA? Me and a few other are interested in learning. I have been doing some research online, and it seems your specific environment has a fair impact one what works, and what doesn't work. So thus I think I would like...
  9. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    I'm going to contact him and see if he can design some stuff for us. Would anyone be intrested in tossing him some cash to develop a system designed for us? I'm down for 25 bucks anyone else? I'm serious this may be the answer to some of our gardening problems, he's doing all his stuff off...
  10. Farming, Gardening & Homesteading
    I've been building my aquaponics system for about 5 weeks now. Here's what it looked like in the first week: My tomato is fast AND fuel efficient! Water draining from the grow bed back into the fish tank:
  11. Farming, Gardening & Homesteading
    Downloads: A new file has been added by grog: floating hydroponic garden PDF for a floating hydroponic garden
  12. Farming, Gardening & Homesteading
    Great AP wire story (byline Martha Irvine) on the increase of aquaponic farming in unique inner city settings ....
  13. Farming, Gardening & Homesteading
    figured i'd share my project with y'all its 550 gallons and will start off with 2 25 sq ft beds fill and drain will share more as it goes along
  14. Farming, Gardening & Homesteading
    I've been doing various sorts of hydro now for many years. I enjoy gardening, but keeping pests out of the garden (kids, squirrels, mice, rabbits, deer, bugs etc.) in urban areas is often a pain. And my luck with cold frames has been, well, poor. So regular extended-season gardening hasn't gone...
  15. Farming, Gardening & Homesteading
    I'm toying with the idea of trying it small scale, maybe a small ag container,....500 gallons,....... thinking Talapia and catfish for here in louisiana ......uncertain about the vegetation,... any experience in here?
  16. Farming, Gardening & Homesteading
    aquaponics/hydroponics i downloaded a pdf file today on aquaponics called barrelponics. it was on how to set up a fish tank and vegetable plant system that will self sustain. read the entire file. it did a great job of explaining the system and how it works. however it missed a few details...
  17. DIY - Do It Yourself
    Over on the Open Source Resilient Living group a link was provided that demonstrates a even lower cost aquaponics and hydroponics garden system than the classic IBC barrelponics system. It is called Windowfarming Using discarded soda bottles as the grow bed and hanging them vertically, it...
1-17 of 41 Results