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  1. Riots after a Trump win

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    I am concerned about riots after a Trump win. The delusional left brainwashed by leftist main stream media will see themselves as fighting fascism, which we know is a lie. Fascist, socialist and communist use violence to bring about political change. The brainwashed youth are too dumb to...
  2. Costco Just Lost Me As A Member.

    Political News and Discussion
    Costco has decided to stop carrying Palmetto Cheese spread (A Spicy Pimento Cheese spread) because the owner of the company that makes the spread called (Rightfully so) blm and antifa terrorist organizations. I was just debating on whether or not we renew the Costco membership this year, as we...
  3. links directly to!!

    Political News and Discussion
    If you go to, it immediately redirects you to!! That should be more than enough to convince anyone that he is unfit to be President.
  4. Dems take control of DC...masks mandatory...Antifa enforces

    Political News and Discussion
    I could see it happening. Antifa and BLM like to hunt in packs. Hard to fight pack animals unless you have hi-cap mags. Even go to jail...and don't get out. (If hi-cap utilized.)
  5. NPR looks in Antifa's 'black bloc'

    General Discussion
    Short 4 min audio on black bloc photos...
  6. Antifa targets certain businesses in Seattle

    General Discussion Long and detailed story. Could not read it all, have to head out. Looks like Antifa is asking for shakedown money for protection and possibly targeting Jewish business/s in Seattle.
  7. Pandemic and riots - reflections on changing your preps

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    This is something that was only talked about, but here it is in real life. News reports something like 48% of states are battling an out of control pandemic. The United States set a new record of 77,000 new cases in 24 hours. Fascist Antifa (they are the thing they claim to fight against)...
  8. Police Protect Citizens Painting Over BLM Mural

    General Discussion
    The good Folks of Florisant, MO got out and painted over a BLM mural with a Blue Line. The Florisant Officers stood as sentinels protecting the Folks covering up the grafitti. Anytown, USA is starting to get ****ed. The backlash is building. Stay focused don't fall for the demoralization...
  9. Coronavirus and Antifa Panic Buying Reality Check

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    I had a coronavirus panic buying reality check. My wife and I made a trip to Beaumont, Texas to take care of a few things. While we were in Beaumont we went by Academy Sports and Outdoors. I grabbed a buggy then headed over to the ammo section, and it was cleaned out. Guys and gals I have...
  10. Antifa Riot Enablers

    Manmade and Natural Disasters
    The mainstream media glosses over Antifa's role in the recent George Floyd riots and they completely ignore the role played by people or groups who stand on the sidelines and cheer for Antifa. I've been following the Left for some time and I'd like to share a list of groups that have furthered...
  11. Seattle-Capital Hill Autonomous Zone **MERGED HERE**

    General Discussion Remember when our side was making memes poking fun at the AntiFa furries and laughing at how weak and girly they all were? Just a bunch of gender studies...
  12. Just About Everything We Prepped For Is Happening

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    The news has gotten so bad I had to start limiting myself. As if the Covid-19 pandemic was not bad enough, now we have widespread riots and civil unrest. Plus, I look for tensions between the United States and China to get worse. Good news though, the local Dollar Store has plenty of canned...
  13. Protests, Riots, Looting - All threads Merged Here

    Manmade and Natural Disasters Minneapolis PD flat out murdered a handcuffed man in broad daylight as spectators looked on and filmed the incident. If these police officers are bold...
  14. Coronavirus may be linked to China's biowarfare program

    Let's throw some gasoline on the bonfire of speculation. Reads like something straight out of a science fiction movie. All we need now is running zombies. I am still on the fence about the...
  15. Armed ANTIFA at Stone Mountain, GA

    Political News and Discussion
    A heavily armed coalition of anti-racist and anti-fascist groups assembled Saturday to oppose a planned neo-confederate rally at Stone Mountain Park, Georgia. Neo-Confederates decide to stay away...
  16. Pipe Bomb found at Virginia Battle Reenactment

    General Discussion This is a new development in the "monument" saga. Unlike the threats made against Gettysburg, someone actually planted a bomb this time. I would like to point a few details out...
  17. November 4th, ANTIFA planning big move

    Manmade and Natural Disasters
    Rumor has it ANTIFA is planning a major protest on November 4th, 2017. This is supposed to coincide with the communist revolution 100 years ago. They will be demanding Trump and Pence resign. The Trump administration is being accused of being illegitimate. There are numerous articles...
  18. State Police Claim VA Governor LIED About Charlottesville

    General Discussion
    State Police Claim VA Governor LIED About Charlottesville And the party of deception keeps on giving. LOL