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  1. Aim Surplus has 12ga 00 Buckshot in

    Firearms General Discussion
    Sterling 00 12ga Buck $8.95 per box of 10...
  2. Reloading Data for SHTF Handloads - Post Your Loads!

    Firearms General Discussion
    I know I'm not the only guy who like to squirrel away some good handloads for the big day. Trouble is, typical commercial +p type load data is almost never listed by manufactures. This is most common with handgun calibers. What loads have you worked up for your firearms for your SHTF stash? I am...
  3. Gunbroker Sale to CA - Are People Always This Retarded?

    Firearms General Discussion
    After buying for years, I finally decided to list something on Gunbroker. I've had half a case of Wolf .223 collecting dust and figured it was a good time to get rid of it. Winning bidder is from LA. I explicitly listed the CA, NY, and the other communist states as unable to ship to. Does this...
  4. Has the ammo shortage affected your target practice?

    Firearms General Discussion
    Have you been cutting back on target practice due to the ammo scarcity? Or has it not affected you?
  5. Anyone ever used the LEE PRECISION Hand Press

    Firearms General Discussion
    I have looked at this before. Looks tedious, but would be portable and/or take up very little space. Anyone actually used one? I would like to be able to dip my toe into reloading, but have no space for a full setup. LEE PRECISION Hand Press
  6. The ammo shortage is spectacular

    Firearms General Discussion
    I was driving to Bethlehem, PA and stopped at the Cabela's in WV to see the gun and ammo shortage for myself. Basically no handgun ammo other than a little 22LR, a few 32ACP, one box of .40 auto ball and some big bore revolver stuff for bear hunting. They had some hunting ammo for rifles. If...
  7. Video of My Ammo Stash

    Firearms General Discussion
    I finally pulled almost all of my ammo cans to refresh the desiccant and organize. Shot a quick video of what I've put back. Enjoy!
  8. Look what it is like buying ammo in CA

    Firearms General Discussion
    DENIED AMMO PURCHASE TODAY!! I have not purchased ammo since 2010. I went to buy some shotgun shells and was denied. The clerk said I probably need to go onto CFARS to create an account and "register" a firearm since I have not...
  9. What's Your Favorite .22 Plinking Ammo?

    Firearms General Discussion
    I am always tempted by the advertisements for cheap .22 LR. I have found however that the quality control varies greatly between companies. Midway is running a sale on Rem Thunderbolt bricks for $14.99 and free shipping. Tempting, but I won't touch anything Remington rimfire related with a 10 ft...
  10. another proposed guns & ammo heavily..

    General Discussion H.R. 5103 , basically.... “(1) Articles taxable at 20 percent: “(A) Pistols. “(B) Revolvers. “(C) Firearms (other than pistols and revolvers). “(D) Any lower frame or receiver...
  11. Bulk Ammo - any order $9 shipping

    Vendor Deals
    We are offering $9 shipping for any size order of ammo. Buy it in bulk to save even more Buy Now: Bulk Ammo
  12. 2220-Rds .22LR Winchester 36Gr HP $123.73 shipped

    Vendor Deals
    Winchester Ammunition 22LR 36Gr HP 2220 Rounds Price $114.73 + $9 shipping - $123.73 Any Size order shipping is only $9 Winchester Ammunition 22LR 36Gr Rimfire Hollow Point 2220 Rounds
  13. Free Ammo W/Purch of Burris M-Tac Riflescope

    Vendor Deals
    Get 50 Rounds of Ammo Free with purchase of Burris M-Tac Riflescope Burris MTAC 1X-4X-24XMM Illum/Mat 200437 MTAC 1-4x24mm Riflescope, 30mm Tube - Robust and elegant industrial design - Separated power ring and eyepiece to accommodate flip-up lens covers - Heavy duty 10 intensity digital...
  14. 10.5" AR-15 Pistol Defensive Ammo Options

    Firearms General Discussion
    Alright, I have my 10.5" barrel AR-15 in 5.56x45mm, and it is a blast to shoot. I'm used to full-length rifles, but with such a short barrel, which ammo do you all use for "defensive" situations? I've been told ballistic tip 4-legged varmint loads work. What say you all?
  15. Cartridge collecting anyone?

    Firearms General Discussion
    I looked around and hadn't found too much on cartridge collecting as a hobby. I recently started and have around 50 different examples of different cartridges and I'm just now starting to look around at gun shows. I'm not currently doing headstamps as of now, I'm trying to gather as many...
  16. ATF Reclassifies Wetted Nitrocellulose as Explosive Materials Under Federal Laws

    Firearms General Discussion
    Another attack on firearms...ammo will likely become more expensive... "Publication of the change in classification in an industry newsletter without advance notice has left manufacturers scrambling to determine what standards ATF will allow for alternate storage and record keeping and to...
  17. Simple and Cheap Shotgun reloading setup

    Shotgun Forum
    I have an NEF single shot 20 gauge and I want to get a simple and cheap kit for reloading shells for it, any recommendations? Any help is much appreciated. I'm also fine with making my own kit but I don't know what to buy, so if you know please tell. Thanks.
  18. Camo corner surplus on 51 west of Stillwater

    First off I am in no way affiliated with the business. I simply want to spread the word about an excellent local business that has earned my respect and repeat business. Also trying to liven up the Oklahoma feed a bit. This is a great bunch of guys that are extremely helpful and knowledgeable...
  19. Cheap but reliable 5.56 ammo

    Firearms General Discussion
    New to the AR 15. So I'm Looking for ammo with the least issues but also reasonably priced. Any suggestions?
  20. What Ammo to invest in NOW

    Firearms General Discussion
    Aside from investing in silver, and the obvious preps, I invest in ammunition. It is part fun, part obsession, and part financial investment. I started this maybe 4-5 years ago. In that 5 years, ammo has done VERY well. During the panic buying, I sold off a portion of my 9MM and .22 ammunition...