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  1. Communications
    I passed my Technician and General Amateur Radio exams last weekend, so now I am shopping for my first gear. I want to start out with a simple man-portable walkabout/bicycle-friendly kit for urban or woodland recon, bugout/bugin, and get home. (Later, as I become more proficient, I will explore...
  2. Louisiana Looks like a nice event if you're interested in amateur/HAM radio or just communications in general. Hope to see ya there :) :thumb:
  3. Communications
    At 2:00 pm in the East and at 11:00 am on the West on 11/9/11, if you are watching or listening to any publicly broadcasted commercial station you will likely hear an Emergency Test like you have never before. It will be the first live test of a national type alert. This system, known as the EAM...
  4. Communications
    Before you make that ONLINE DEAL make sure the buyer & seller agree on the conditions The following has been derived from many different sites for the sale of communications devices and their conditions. I have been finding here lately that many sellers are too liberal when describing their...
  5. Communications
    I had an idea while posting a response in another thread so here it goes. Kev, move this if you think it should go into the comms section. What are everyones opinions about selecting a little used radio frequency in the Amateur Bands and then using that as the Survivalist Boards Emergency...
1-5 of 5 Results