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  1. Vendor Deals
    Machined 2 Piece Aluminum M4 AR-15 AR15 Rifle Carbine Drop-In Accessory Mount 6.7" Length - $17.95 shipped
  2. DIY - Do It Yourself
    I bet my to do list is bigger than most. I'm constantly choosing between things that have to get done and things that I want to get done. The things that I want to get done often get pushed down on the list, so that things that have to get done can be taken care of. Getting doors on my storm...
  3. Wilderness Survival, Hiking and Camping Forum
    Hey all...I recently purchased an aluminum grease pot from Wally World that a lot of people on the forum use. I was planning on making it into a billy can/mess kit to use for heating food etc. When I opened it up I noticed it had gray dust inside. I just assumed it was from a manufacturing...
  4. DIY - Do It Yourself
    Before anyone asked i did try to search for this before i started a new thread. I have a few questions 1) can i make tools such as shovells, spades, hoes etc out of aluminium 2) what would be the best way to make moulds to cast the aluminium to make the tool heads (i have little money) 3) can i...
  5. Pistol and Revolver Forum
    So in the last Cabela's catalog I got they introduced some new (and shockingly cheap) ammo and Ive been doing some research on it to see if it will work ok in my gun of choice (XD-9mm) and not having much luck, I even called Springfield and talked to a couple of their gunsmiths and they hadn't...
  6. Urban Survival I saw a commercial for this thing today. What got my attention was the claim of RFID protection. They're advertising 2 wallets for $10 but I've read of people being charged for 4 wallets through the official site. Have any of you heard of this product? If so, what...
  7. Wilderness Survival, Hiking and Camping Forum
    i just bought a 5$ aluminum mess kit from walmart to use with my soda can stove and when i tried it out the water discolored the aluminum. is thyis normal. anyone else have this problem? thanks
1-7 of 8 Results