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  1. Food and water
    Hello, I figured I would write an article on what I know as to add to this amazing community. NOTE: (Sorry if I wrote this in the wrong section, if it needs to be moved let me know) I'm going to outline how to make homemade wine, with and without yeast on hand and without using up your food...
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    Let's say it's a few months in, and you are still alive and well. However, you have a child, or really just anyone, and this person is injured, i.e. broken bone, puncture wound, some kind of injury where you and the injured child/person would really appreciate some kind of inhibitor. You are...
  3. Wilderness Survival, Hiking and Camping Forum
    I'm very impressed with the overall quality of this chinese-made camp cook set by Stanley. In addition, the bottom of this is tapered and makes for a most excellent seal on improvised alcohol jet stoves. two position locking handle stainless steel construction vented lid includes two 10oz...
  4. Health, Fitness and First Aid
    i'm starting this thread for all of us addicts here on the board. be it drugs, alcohol, nicotine(all forms). you name it and you can find support here. i'm always willing to lend a hand, or an ear. let me start out by telling you alittle about myself. for those of you who havent heard my...
  5. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Please don't comment on its use for drinking here. I would prefer that someone who knows can tell me which type of alcohol would be best to store for barter and/or medicinal purposes. (and yes, medicinal things are already stored; this is supplemental). I've thought of vodka, but would that...
  6. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Just wanted to know everybody's thoughts on adding booze to your preps. I know it sounds weird but, I added two cases of 100 proof Vodka to mine. I really don't drink hard alcohol myself but, sure would be good to have around. Thought it would be a good barter tool. What are your...
  7. Farming, Gardening & Homesteading
    Now, I come from a very.... Specific is a good term, Dutch family. We used to have a large dairy farm in New Jersey before losing it to economic hard times. My father recalls when my hometown was nothing but farmland. All I can remember is suburbian sprawl from my childhood. Same town...
  8. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Farmer john mentioned a great American "Popcorn Sutton" Popcorn was an expert at "Make Do", and had valuable skills his life was worth knowing about,and how the Federal government killed him should be known as well. and There is a CD on his life called "The Last One" a segment on his death
  9. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    I am looking for some How-To's or further reading on how to make alcohol once we get to TEOTWAWKI. I am mostly interested in spirits or wines because I think beer generally has more ingredients (but I would like to see any good ideas on brewing beer after TSHTF). I think that alcohol will be a...
  10. Reviews & Questions For Vendors
    Here are instructions for making your own alcohol space heater for emergencies. It does create CO2 but not CO, so be careful. Scroll down and the instructions are posted as an image.
  11. Polls and Surveys
    1. Yes 2. No 3. Only for military personal
  12. Health, Fitness and First Aid
    Can alcohol with a meal lower the risk of food poisoning? There is evidence that drinking alcoholic beverages while eating food that has salmonella can prevent or reduce poisoning. Studies also show that not only does moderate drinking promote better health and longer life but also many other...
  13. Reviews & Questions For Vendors
    OK, the title I gave this thread invites criticism, and I will most likely catch some flak here. Bring it on, punk. Just joking with the punk thing. But before you are critical, please try it. It will cost you $3 for the can, that's it. WHY MY DESIGN OF HOMEMADE STOVE IS BETTER THAN ALL THE...
  14. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    These videos are provided by GrinchMT -
  15. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
1-15 of 18 Results