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    Hello all. Just found this board today. Looks like a good community with lots of info. Ive just gotten interested in survival in the past couple of years. With the whole economy fail and our current president and congress a bug out bag seems like a good idea. So here I am.:D:
  2. New Member Introduction
    Hey everybody. First of all I have to say thanks to all the contributors to this board. There is a great deal of good reading and sensible guidance here. I've been reading thru the posts/links here and there over the last year and especially the last few months. I'm just getting started...
  3. New Member Introduction
    Just wanted to say hello. I recently found this site. I am somewhat new to prepping and the survivalist mentality. I have the outdoor skills and firearms skills, but never really thought about it long term. Curent events and my wife (who is completely on board with the it) got me thinking...
  4. New Member Introduction
    I'm new to the site, posting from central Alabama. I'm in my mid-twenties, somewhat recently married and I work a full-time blue collar job while moonlighting as a dj at a local entertainment venue playing music for kids parents while rambling on topics of personal interest not limited to: the...
  5. New Member Introduction
    Hi, I am new to the forum. Hope to gain lots of insight.....
  6. New Member Introduction
    hey I'm from alabama I jst found the site today. I've been intrested in survival for a long time and always wanted to know how to survive with out much technology
  7. New Member Introduction
    Hey, I am from Alabama, and all about outdoors. Like the forum.
  8. New Member Introduction
    Greetings from Alabama.... Nice to meet you all.:sleep:
  9. New Member Introduction
    Just wanted to drop in and say Hi to all the members here and introduce myself. I am a disabled grandmother of many, but raising one who is almost ten along with my hubby of 10years and 3 dogs who think they are also our children...LOL I have always wanted to garden and learn how to survive if...
  10. New Member Introduction
    New member saying "Hi!" from 'Bama! Looking to learn a lot and hopefully contribute a little too. (eventually :))
  11. New Member Introduction
    Just wanted to say hello, since this is my first post. I am a Firefighter/EMT-B and I love to turkey hunt. Great looking site.
  12. New Member Introduction
    Hey Now, 54 yr. old prepper/survivalist/generally paranoid/unemployed truck driver here. Landed on this site by accident while looking for reviews of a couple of things I'm considering buying. Been here looking around for awhile now and figured it looked like a place that I'd like. Thanks to...
  13. New Member Introduction
    Hi All I followed Raider Bill here from another forum to look at pictures of his TN retreat and decided to stay. I never considered myself a survivalist as much as a survivor. I've been involved in pandemic research and planning for some time and that along with recent activities around the...
  14. New Member Introduction
    Glad I was told abaout this site.As a concerned American and father I feel it is ma responsability to learn as much as I can about how to handle a shtf scenario.Is it coming?Maybe ,maybe not but it is best to be prepared.I look forward to learning alot and maybe contributing some in the process.
  15. New Member Introduction
    Just thought I would register and say I appriciate the videos and alot of the posts on the forum. Really a good place to sit back and enjoy some good ole learnin and get the survival juices flowin. So from Alabama HI, and THANKS :thumb:
  16. New Member Introduction
    Greetings from the Huntsville area! I've enjoyed learning from the posts, and decided to register.
  17. New Member Introduction
    I'm new to the Forum, been reading threads on here for some time and liked what I saw. So I decided it was my turn to join.
  18. New Member Introduction
    New to the site. Just wanted to introduce myself. Looks like some great information here! Current state of affairs in the world, has caused me to think differently.
  19. New Member Introduction
    Hello everyone, new here from Bama, hope to learn a lot.
  20. New Member Introduction
    Hello, I am new here. I am married. I am a Mother of two, and a Grandmother of 5. I love gardening, learning all that I can about being as frugal and self sufficient as I possible can. I want to learn all I can on how to survive for the days ahead. Glad to be here!