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  1. Molot Releases the Multi-Caliber Vepr Rifle (VPO-302)

    Military Weapons Forum
    Molot Releases the Multi-Caliber Vepr Rifle (VPO-302) This seems pretty interesting....
  2. C39V2 AK, Good or Junk?

    Military Weapons Forum
    Thought I would share this for those that are the fence about buying this AK variant. Does anyone on this forums own one, how is it so far?
  3. Trying to decide my best SHTF rifle.

    Firearms General Discussion
    As things stand right now I have a basic setup of non perishable foods and basic medical supplies for my wife and I should we need to survive in SHTF, I'm planning on bulking them up and maybe aiming for some better quality eventualy. But for right now I feel my next decision I need to make is...
  4. Buying a second rifle

    Military Weapons Forum
    Hey all. I am looking to expand my gun collection further and could use friendly advise. I already own a 7.62x39 ak style rifle. Currently i am looking at getting another Rifle either for a backup or for my wife to use in case of SHTF. would it be smarter in your opinion to double down and get...
  5. AK63D Anybody got one???

    Firearms General Discussion
    So I've been looking to get an AK for a little while now and I decided to go with an underfolder. I have seen the 63D at several sites in two trims having either a stamped or milled receiver. I won't be changing the stock anytime soon so furniture is not really an issue. The milled receiver is...
  6. **Ladies Section** Just for Laughs

    Ladies Section
    Poster by Lora Zombie, artist from Russia)
  7. Popular AK47 and AK74 Rifles under $600

    Vendor Deals
    Popular AK47 and AK74 Rifles under $600
  8. Decided between a Mini 30 and AK

    Rifle Forum
    Just so happens I've been in the market for a semi-auto rifle, AR/AK/Mini. Been doing a lot of research. The Mini14 thread currently going on, as usual, has given me even a little more insight into making my decision. Good to see men in the know about firearms and their passion towards firearms...
  9. New IWI galil ace

    Military Weapons Forum
    more shot show goodness
  10. bit the bullet got an ak74 intensive range report coming

    Military Weapons Forum
    So I did it I ordered my ak74 from classic firearms. I ordered the rifle two spam cans and 7 mags. I am a big fan of having a standard combat load. So I have decided to do a myriad of range tests to include shooting a pig carcass with a wound dissection. My tests will be general accuracy...
  11. I am sick of these idiot's on

    Military Weapons Forum
    Okay I am sorry l try not to rant on here but wtf. why are people still trying to get ridiculous scare prices on there. When I can go to almost any online retailer and get the gun tgey are offering for hundreds less. I understand that they were stupid and paid 2k for a wasr10 or a saiga but stop...
  12. Your favorite Milsurp?

    Rifle Forum
    So recently I bought a sporter arisaka, because i needed i thought i needed to for class (gunsmithing college) and I took it shooting, I was surpirsed at its accuract and how much fun it was to shoot. Unfortunately the 7.7 Jap round is rare and expensive especially if you don't reload. So i went...
  13. AK 47 Blows Up On Range

    Military Weapons Forum
    For those that think AK's don't fail.... all guns can fail. Looks like the factory head space was not set properly....
  14. Good ak chest rig?

    Military Weapons Forum
    Looking for recommendations on a simple reliable ak chest rig that holds 8 mags. I would love to get my hands on one of these, but sadly they no longer make it in od green. Anyone know of...
  15. Stripped Screw Removal Saiga Rear Trunnion

    Military Weapons Forum
    So I was attempting to replace the stock on my Arsenal SGL 21 with an East German wire folder and I found the rear trunnion's screw was so tight that I ended up stripping it, unable to remove the original stock. I've tried a rubber band, steel wool, drilling a new slot, super glue with another...
  16. China Sports ammo questions

    Rifle Forum
    Hi, someone is offering me 1,000 rounds of China Sport ammo for $460. He claims it's copper washed, brass cased, steel core. He tried to pull a bullet and cut it open to see but he crushed it and now can't tell if it's steel core or not. The online info for China Sport seems all over the...
  17. Maadi kit, Romy G kit, or Saiga AK Conversion for SHTF gun?

    Military Weapons Forum
    So I'm looking to finally get an AK-47. It's down to three options: A Saiga AK conversion for $800. It comes with eleven mags but they had their tabs shaved down a little to fit the mag well. The front trunnion was drilled and tapped and a bullet catch was installed to feed AK mags, so I...
  18. Need some advice on how to remove trigger pins

    Military Weapons Forum
    I'm disassembling a bullpup-modified AK47, but I'm having trouble with the two (yes two -- it's modified) trigger pins. So, I'm looking for some help figuring out how to remove them. First, the forward trigger pin -- the one that holds the actual trigger in. This one has a strange kind of pin...
  19. Best AK on a low budget?

    Rifle Forum
    As of right now, my MBR for when the SHTF is my SKS. Im pretty comfortable with it, but most people have suggested that I get a mag fed semi auto and use the SKS for backup. Now I see that would be a wise choice. If I get one ive decided to go with the AK platform in 7.62x39 for...
  20. Norinco MAK-90 Milled vs. Stamped Advice

    Military Weapons Forum
    Hey folks, Getting into my first semi-auto rifle, and I find myself in need of advice. I have the opportunity to by a '93 milled Norinco MAK-90 which has been lauded as one of the best AKs made for a very nice price compared to the online deals I've found. However, the difference in weight and...