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  1. DIY - Do It Yourself
    I have a line on a used Briggs and Stratton 35 hp vanguard engine, its air cooled with horizontal crankshaft. I would like any ideas of how to use it? Thanks
  2. Rifle Forum
    Do you think a high powered air rifle has a place in a shtf scenario as a quiet way to take small game or would it just be a waste of space?
  3. Urban Survival
  4. DIY - Do It Yourself
    Just post anything, something you built, an idea you have, something you want to build. Projects, designs, speculation on why cows cant fly, maybe an idea as to how best to correct this obviously erroneous state of affairs.
  5. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    We are in the process of getting a bunker compound for our huge huge huge family 30+ One thing we are worried about is air and the qualty of air... how is ventilation, and what product do we need, the best filter to get how many ... so may factors If you have a suggestion or even have a bunker...
  6. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Military service not only gives you the benefit of serving your country, but also teaches you valuable lessons, not only in weapons, survival and self preservation, but on life and values too. EDIT. Or Sprig's idea: What I would like to see is an incentive program. Perhaps a tax reduction, or...
  7. Off Topic Lounge
    I was not aware of the pressure by LEO and private enterprise in the USA to allow aerial drones and ROV's (remotely operated vehicles) access to American skies. Law enforcement wants them to spy on us from above, catching speeders and criminals of various kinds. Homeland Security wants them to...
  8. air

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    what do you do about air? do you have forced air from the outside the room, but from the basement, through a HEPA filter? what about electricity? do you just run a wire from outside to the shelter from the solar panel and/or wind turbine?
  9. Non-Lethal Weapons & Self Defense
    I would personally find a BB gun to be extremely useful. Small-game hunting is a common first thought, but I'm also talking about self defense and such. I understand it probably doesn't have much "stopping" power, but after seeing a medium-power BB gun shot deep into the rubber of a car tire and...
1-9 of 9 Results