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academy sports + outdoors
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  1. Firearms General Discussion
    My wife and I went to Academy sports + outdoors in Beaumont, Texas in the hopes of picking up some ammunition. Just about everything that cost less then $25 a box was sold out. There was some 30-30 on the shelf, in which I got 2 boxes of Remington 150 grain. The only 22 long rifle was $29 a...
  2. Firearms General Discussion
    This past week Academy sports + outdoors all of a sudden got cases of Monarch 7.62X39 in stock. This has not happened in over 2 years. For the past 2 years Monarch ammo has been hard to come by. When the supplies started to dry up, Monarch was 2.29 a box for 20 rounds. From there, the...
  3. Rifle Forum
    Has anyone seen Monarch ammunition anywhere besides academy sports + outdoors? From what I heard, Monarch is made by the same people that makes wolf, brown bear or golden bear. The rounds have a steel case and come in calibers from 223 - 30-30 or 30-06. I know it comes in 30-30 because I...
  4. Firearms General Discussion
    Last month at this same time, my wife and I went to academy sports and outdoors in Beaumont, Texas. To my surprise the store had Monarch 7.62X39 in stock - around 10 boxes of it. So I bought all ten boxes (20 rounds per box). Today, my wife and her daughter are at Academy sports + outdoors in...
1-4 of 4 Results