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  1. Delta Packs - Custom Survival Packs
    Delta Packs stands apart from the other survival pack companies because we give you the freedom to customize your pack, all for less than it would cost to put together a survival pack yourself. All of our packs come with a nested storage system that lets you find what you need when you need it...
  2. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    I really would like input here regarding a TDP. I plan to use a medium Alice pack with frame as my bag. I plan to keep this bag in my vehicle. So it will be exposed to summer heat and winter cold. Summer heat here is mid to upper 90's and winters get in the low 40's and sometimes freezing...
  3. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    I just recieved my LA police Gear 3 day pack and I must say that I am totally impressed with its size and sturdy construction. And I am not in any way shape or form affiliated with any companies shown. The best part of this bag was the price.. $29.99 + $9.21 shipping. I think this bag is just...
  4. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Hi SBs. Im looking for a new pack (72hr BOB & Hiking), I found this : What do you guys think?? Many Thanks
  5. Wilderness Survival, Hiking and Camping Forum
    I keep a prepped 3-day pack in the car trunk and in the home (both courtesy of the US Navy), and also a 3-dayer in behind the truck seat. However for camping trips I take my old dependable and durable commercial backpack. It's unique for a few of reasons. First, I got it for Christmas 1976, I...
  6. Reviews & Questions For Vendors
    Anyone have one and what are you thoughts on them? I am looking for a new summer pack as mine if falling apart.
1-6 of 6 Results