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  1. Pistol and Revolver Forum
    I've possessed a PA LTCF since turning 21 in the '80's. I carried occasionally in the 90's - mostly a 357 revolver- but have carried with near religious fervor since 2005. I've tried both autos and revolvers- HK P7 (too expensive), PPK, S&W 380 bodyguard (meh... too small and 380), 1911 (too...
  2. Firearms General Discussion
    You are in a house and are in need of clearing it. Let's say you are not bogged down by much gear. You have a choice, a pistol caliber carbine or a short barreled AR-15 in .223 (with or without a butt stock). I know a pistol is the most tight-area maneuverable gun you could use, but I'd rather...
  3. Firearms General Discussion
    Well folks, I'm going to find out. Out of sheer curiosity I recently picked up a ATI 1911 (item code ATIGFX45MIL). Just a plain-Jane 1911 replica. I've been wanting to play with a 1911 platform for awhile and for the price I figured, "what the h#*l." I also figured that I would bring ya'll along...
  4. Firearms General Discussion
    Lets say that some kind of SHTF situation happens tonight, how ready is your ammunition stockpile? Whether its nuclear war, plague, disease outbreak, collapse of the dollar,,,, something happens to disrupt society. What kind of ammunition do you have stockpiled to hunt and protect your...
  5. Firearms General Discussion
    In the 1980s there were three events that helped influence my opinion on handguns and handgun calibers. #1 – My dad and I were having a discussion on a revolver vs a pistol. Even though a revolver holds fewer rounds then a pistol, my dad liked the revolver over pistol the due to the...
  6. Military Weapons Forum
    I really been digging sub guns for SHTF purposes lately....this is just awesome: And for the heck of it check this dude out with the FA AK action: Ah yes....nuthin like the smell of discharged rounds in the morning...... If any guys here have experience with these platforms, PLEASE SHARE...
  7. Pistol and Revolver Forum
    Went to the fun show today and picked up a G30. I took it to the range and I'm a happy camper. I only shot about 150 rnds but I had no failures :) and accuracy was great. Anybody else own one? What holster are you using? Night sights? Here's my observations so far. PROS- Its Light, very...
  8. Pistol and Revolver Forum
    Im looking to ad a 1911 to my stash of goodies. I want something in the "commander" size range, 4-4.5 inch barrel. and under 1000 dollars. and night sights would be a major plus. im leaning to the S&W PD 1911 compact. any 1911 guys who can give some some better or other options?
  9. Military Weapons Forum
    does anyone have any experiance with the gi-45, im probably picking one up in like two months
  10. Pistol and Revolver Forum
    My goal is to have a minimum of two firearms that take the same ammunition. At this point, I have only one .45ACP, (a full size M&P) so my next purchase will be a another pistol of the same caliber. I have no brand loyalty so my choices are many (quality weapons... no Hi-Point etc.), it could...
  11. Firearms General Discussion I thought this was cool.
  12. Pistol and Revolver Forum
    I'm looking for a pistol in 9mm, 45 ACP, or 40mm which caliber should I get in which name brand gun, Glock, Springfield XD, or a 1911?
  13. Firearms General Discussion
    I was hanging around the range on an uncharacteristically slow day. I’d just put 250 rounds through a rental Glock 34 because I was thinking about purchasing one. My rationale was that 9mm ammo is cheaper to shoot than my 1911’s .45ACP. As I looked at the pistols the staff were carrying I...
  14. Polls and Surveys
    Vote for your favorite pistol calibers
1-14 of 15 Results