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  1. Financial Forum
    It's taken about four years of careful planning but earlier this year I became 100% debt free. No mortgage, no car loans, no nothing! And while I was paying off my debts I was also able to continue contributing to my 401k (mostly because my company matches at 6% of my salary) and saved a nice...
  2. Financial Forum
    Have you ever had the feeling that all is not right with your stock or 401K investments? Over the years and now decades I have seen mine grow painfully slow, only for all of my gains to be washed away due to some giant fluctuation in the stock market. Then I wait and contribute, and hope and...
  3. Financial Forum
    I'd like to know your thoughts on this, and any suggestions would be great. Disclaimer: I realize that my financial investment decisions are my own responsibility and any advice I get here may or may not be from a "professional" etc... I have a 401k through work at Fidelity. I am now almost...
  4. Financial Forum
    More Here: Fact Check says no: But this is Fact check:rolleyes: Snopes has nothing I can find
  5. Financial Forum
    so ive already read that a roth IRA and 401k are both really good ways to start my nest egg at such a young age. any other advice from anyone besides tangaibles ie rice beans bullets?
  6. Financial Forum
    You gotta read all 25 pages of this horse sh!t.... what a country this is becoming. Check out the highlighted sections courtesy of Zero Hedge. ****. :eek:
1-6 of 6 Results