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  1. Rifle Forum
    I've found an amazing deal on a scoped combo. Only problem is one is a .30-06 and the other is a .308. Which would ya'll recommend. I know availability of the .308 would far exceed the 06, but damn I love that 30-06
  2. Rifle Forum
    I see a lot of info on firearms but looking to go hunting for the first time this year for deer, in Maine :D:, been shooting for years just never hunting. Wondering what people would recommend for ammo since I want to start sighting/practicing shooting. I have a Savage 10FXP in .308. My friend...
  3. Rifle Forum
    Best Rifle in .308 Caliber? Money is no Problem. Im in the market to buy a new rifle. I perfer 20inch or 22 inch. Bolt action but with a clip. Just curious to see what you guys are using or like. Thanks !
1-3 of 3 Results