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Default Five Dollar Preps

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After reading scores of threads of people asking how to get started prepping, having to "sneak" prepping from their spouse or "don't have the money" to prep, I thought I would put together a thread that would cover each.

The goal of this thread is to demonstrate that prepping can be done on the cheap for about $ 5.00 per week. I do not think that I know anyone who could not spare five bucks per week to invest in the ability to feed yourself and your family in the event of being affected by some form of disaster.

For just $ 5.00 +/- you can buy the following storable things:

  • Five packages of Idahoan instant potatoes (flavored)
  • A case of ramen noodles (20 pkgs)
  • five cans of sardines
  • five gallons of purified water
  • nearly two cases of bottled water
  • four cans of peaches, pears or fruit cockatail
  • 2 jars of mandarin oranges
  • five pounds of rice
  • three to four pounds of spaghetti
  • Two cans of spaghetti sauce
  • three bags of egg noodles
  • eight packages of gravy mix
  • four cans of whole or sliced new potatos
  • four cans of green beans or at least three cans of carrots, greens, peas or mixed veggies
  • Two cans of Yams
  • six cans of pork and beans
  • one 40 ounce can of Dinty Moore Beef Stew
  • Two 12 ounce cans of chicken, tuna or roast beef
  • One 1lb canned ham
  • three cans of refried beans
  • three 12 oz cans of raviolis or spaghetti O's.
  • Two 12.5 ounce cans of Salmon
  • Five pounds of Oatmeal
  • Four packages Dinty Moore heat and eat meals
  • five packages of corn bread mix
  • Four pounds of Sugar
  • Five pound of Flour
  • 1.5 quarts of cooking oil
  • three one pound bags of dry beans
  • two cans of apple juice
  • a jar of peanut butter
  • two boxes of yeast
  • two bags of generic breakfast cereal
  • 10 8 oz cans of tomato paste/tomato sauce
  • four cans of soup
  • four cans of Chunky soup
  • 8-10 pounds of Iodized salt
  • two bottles of garlic powder or other spices
  • Two boxes of kool aid
  • A can of coffee
  • 2 bottles of powdered coffee creamer

Non-Food Items
  • one manual can opener
  • two bottles of camp stove fuel
  • 100 rounds of .22lr ammo
  • 25 rounds of 12 ga birdshot or small game loads
  • 20 rounds of Monarch 7.62x39 ammo
  • a spool of 12lb test monofilament fishing line
  • 2 packages of hooks and some sinkers or corks.
  • artificial lure
  • two packages of soft plastic worms
  • three Bic Lighters or two big boxes of matches
  • A package of tea lights
  • 50 ft of para cord
  • a roll of duct tape
  • a box of nails or other fasteners
  • a flashlight
  • two D-batteries, four AA or AAA batteries or two 9v batteries
  • a toothbrush and tooth paste
  • a bag of disposable razors
  • eight bars of ivory soap (it floats)
  • a box or tampons or bag of pads for the ladies
  • two gallons of bleach
  • needles and thread
  • a ball of yarn

OTC Medications (at Dollar General)
  • 2 bottles 1000 count 500 mg generic Tylenol (acetometaphin)
  • 2 bottles 500 count 200 mg generic advil (ibuprofen)
  • 2 boxes 24 cound 25 mg generic Benadryl (diphenhydramine HCI)--also available at walgreens under "sleep aids."
  • 4 bottles 500 count 325 mg aspirin
  • 2 boxes of generic sudafed
  • 4 bottles of alcohol
  • a box of bandages (4x4)

Please feel to add to the list. Some of the items above will go for less than five bucks, some may go for slightly more. You get the drift...

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Bump for a good post. Thanks.
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Highlander Thanks for the post, Good examples of prepps. Food and supplies for the new person.
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Originally Posted by Humungus View Post
yeah, and the ENTIRE list of food you have can be had for just over 200 bucks. There really is no excuse not to be prepared.
If people are low on funds spending $20.00 a week or every two weeks would get them prepared with the list Highlander has posted. It's better to have some preps then none.
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Great of you to try to encourage people. Funny though how some things are dirt cheap in the US but some so expensive...
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Great post. I'll be using this for future shopping lists.
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If you watch the sales, you can often get even more; local stores regularly have 10 for $10 sales, or have stuff even cheaper, and if you buy the store brands rather than the national brands, you are usually getting the same quality anyway - I buy Safeway's pickle relish and have purchased a name brand; the name brand has pimento, which I don't like, Safeway's doesn't, is cheaper, and they come in the exact same jar. Drug stores are another good one; I regularly get things there cheaper than even on sale at the grocery store.
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Right now, Kroger is having a 10 for $10 sale on canned fruits and gravy.

Also, canned vegtables are 2 for$1.
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Originally Posted by BrowserCat View Post
If you watch the sales, you can often get even more; local stores regularly have 10 for $10 sales, or have stuff even cheaper, and if you buy the store brands rather than the national brands, you are usually getting the same quality anyway - I buy Safeway's pickle relish and have purchased a name brand; the name brand has pimento, which I don't like, Safeway's doesn't, is cheaper, and they come in the exact same jar. Drug stores are another good one; I regularly get things there cheaper than even on sale at the grocery store.
If you are buying at the sales, check the expiration date. They usually have a year or less before they go out of date. For storage items, I pass on anything that is less then two years from the purchase date.
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I am SOOO blessed !!
About a mile from home, there are 3 cool stores with great sales, each on their own corner of the same intersection ! hehe.
Gotta LOVE the spirit of competition between 'em !
Walgreen's (drug store.. great sales on meds, waters, canned meats, and LP tank refills), Dollar General (totally discounted goodies), and a Braum's store that started out selling ice cream and fast food. They now have their own little 'grocery', and really good prices on dairy (and their 'day old bakery' rack.. hehe.) I just vac-sealed a couple of dozen yummy cookes ($1/doz!) .. will see how that works, and for how long. First attempt..we'll see.
Once in awhile I'll get something home before checking the dates.
Sooo.. anything I discover that's sort of short on time, become dinners fairly soon, then I'll can leftovers for longer shelf-life, I hope.. hehe.
Hubby came with me to TomThumb this weekend, where Folger's coffee is $5.99 for 33oz plastic cans, both reg and decaf (with store card). He knew we were totally out, so I grabbed one of reg and one of decaf (we drink it 50/50), when he said: aren't you getting a couple for the prep pantry ??
Um, yeah, sure I am !! We saved around $10 on those 4 cans.. yay !

Great list !! Super-encouraging !!
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Originally Posted by Kalifornia Guy View Post
If people are low on funds spending $20.00 a week or every two weeks would get them prepared with the list Highlander has posted. It's better to have some preps then none.
oh yeah, im not saying everyone can go spend 200 dollars at once. The point of the thread is to show all the things you can get even if you only have an extra five dollars to spend.

I just mentioned that even the entire list of cheap preps would only be 200 bucks, just to illustrate that preparing isn't that daunting of a task. And as you said, anything is better than nothing.
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very decent list to get people motivated....... hopefully.
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i'm in between graduating college and a job so this list definitely helps with getting some small prep items while keeping the budget low, thanks!
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Originally Posted by pepple84 View Post
i'm in between graduating college and a job so this list definitely helps with getting some small prep items while keeping the budget low, thanks!
You are very welcome! That is the intention of the thread.
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That's what I do, look for 10 for $10 canned or dry goods. Really helps getting a foothold on prepping.
Great post Highlander!
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borenbr borenbr is offline
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Nice list.

I always have to look at people in wonder when they say I'm strange because I'm prepared. I just look at them and think to myself 5 days...maybe 10 if they are lucky.

If you have to hide being prepared from your spouse ask her how to get potable water without opening a bottle or turning a tap. That should get a nice little discussion going as to why you have a box labeled "Just in case" in the garage.
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very good collection of information.

subscribed to look back at.
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Great post man! People may find it daunting to prep at first but then you will come to realize just THINKING of preping puts you leaps and bounds ahead of the herds.
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Very good point! I always try and bring a little something extra home from the grocery store, even if I am just running out to get an extra onion for the soup or some other forgotten item. Every little bit counts, and you would be suprised at how quickly it all adds up.
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