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View Poll Results: What is the real goal of the Democratic Party?
To drive the Republican Party out of existence 1 0.75%
To replace capitalism with socialism, communism or something else 40 29.85%
To milk the last drop of power and profit out before the party implodes 6 4.48%
To fundamentally transform America into California 4 2.99%
No end game at all…identity politics free for all/chaos 3 2.24%
Democratic Party has been taken over by academia, the media, and elites 3 2.24%
All of the above 67 50.00%
Something else _____ 10 7.46%
Voters: 134. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 12-18-2018, 07:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Fillzee View Post
I have watched the Democratic Party reinvent itself over the past few decades to the point that I don’t recognize it. What do they really stand for? What do they really want?

The simplistic answer is they want votes and they want to stay in power. However, they have no cohesive message, no formal platform, and they now seem to be in chaos and reactive mode. The election of President Trump and the resulting TDS has managed to turn the party on its head. Democrats were once:

FOR secure borders, deporting illegals, and enforcing immigration laws. Now, they are against the wall, Kate’s law, for sanctuary cities, against – E-Verify, for chain migration and the visa lottery, for sanctuary cities, for benefits like driver’s license, benefits and tuition for illegals. They refuse to enforce immigration laws.

FOR better jobs, wages and benefits for working people. Now, they favor income redistribution, penalties on job producers via higher taxes and more regulations, etc.

FOR Israel --- 100% support for Israel. Most Jews are liberal Democrats. Now, they against moving the capital, against backing out of the **** poor failed Obama/Iran deal, and they think that the Palestinians are right to attack the wall and try to infiltrate, after they were repeatedly warned NOT to. They were against Hamas and now they are supporting them.

AGAINST government overreach and surveillance of private citizens. Now, it appears that Obama and his minions actually used the CIA, NSA, IRS, FBI and DOJ to spy on and sabotage political opponents. Obama emboldened them to use government to abuse powers to spy on and undermine opponents with zero fear of retribution, assuming Clinton would win and simply cover-up and double down on the collusion.

FOR free speech. Now, the only speech that they support is that which forwards their liberal agenda. Anything else is now hate speech.

FOR peaceful demonstration. Now, anything goes and violence and intimidation are the standard tools to achieve their goals.

FOR racial harmony, fairness and equality. Now, they are 100% invested in identity politics, fomenting racial hatred and the notion of victim hood and they play the race card at every opportunity. They work hard to divide and pit one group against another.

Think about what you have seen happening to the Democratic Party. Look at the “leaders” that have emerged --- racists, radicals and frankly idiots like Waters and the Black Circus. If you were building a new political party, would you embrace the lunacy and radical nature of today’s Democrats or would you fall back and get behind the things that the old Democratic Party used to stand for?

How did these evil people, slip into a once respected and viable party? And worse yet, why do the voters today not see them for what they are? Have liberals succeeded in their quest for idiocracy? What is the Democratic Party’s end game?
Their goal is the same as Pinky and The Brain.... To try to take over the world!
But seriously.... one world dictatorship....
Oh wait! That's the same thing!
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Old 12-18-2018, 08:08 PM
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the real goal is for the elites to line their pockets with easy money. The ends justify the means. Has the elites of any political party ever lived like the their minions? Look at lenin and stalin. Upper crust communist leaders, bringing fairness to the masses but golly did they profit from it. Same with all the rest. Look at all the upper echelon of any political party foreign and domestic, they are living in the lap of luxury. Some of them may start out intending to do the right thing but after the money starts to flow that changes.

So in a nutshell the democrat party will do what ever it takes to "make money". their positions will change like the wind if it means more money.
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Old 08-04-2019, 01:29 AM
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Imagine a country where the Clintons are royalty. Imagine Nancy Pelosi as the Prime Minister with Chuck Schumer as the First Cabinet Minister. Imagine all political offices are appointed positions and there are no elections at all. This is what the Democrats want for us. There would be no - as in zero Republicans, Independents and so on other parties - at all.

Party members would be treated like elite people and never pay taxes at all. They would be above all laws. At any time, the party could call for your execution, arrest or imprisonment for any reason. Think of the era that the Russians lived in under Stalin and that is what the Democrats want for you, me and all other Americans.
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Old 08-04-2019, 10:41 AM
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They want your money. Period, end of story.
There IS no 'Money'. Only debt. They want the servitude/labor of the citizens.

Social justice, women's rights, gay rights, racism etc are all simply talking points/posturing to bolster their ranks.
Along with promises of 'reparations' and 'free stuff', to entice the deliberately created ignorant and impoverished masses.

Their bottom line is to confiscate wealth. To do that, they must have power/control.
Wealth, confiscated, is no longer Wealth. It is just the labor of the disarmed citizenry, that no longer has power to resist.

They have not reinvented themselves! Only augmented their methodology effectively.

And, they have succeeded in changing our demographics to be more accepting of a Marxist type regime-in the interest of promised 'free stuff'.

Under leftist rule, people have a right to:

Housing, adequate, clean and secure
420 s.f. in high occupancy dwelling units.
Food, adequate and healthy
Per NK: 300 grams/day.
Housing: 250 s.f. Food: 200 grams/day.
Sanitary waste management
a bucket
Potable (clean) and hot running water
again, a bucket. Set it in the sun if you want it hot.
Heating and cooling
a blanket
Medical care (universal, covers everything)
Up to $300/yr per person. Unless a ranking member of the 'Party'.
Transportation (to and from work/stores)
Stairways, sidewalks, as living space is now integrated with work/shopping.
Education (12th grade is no longer enough, now college and even postgraduate programs)
Only allowable subjects are State Dogma, and limited technical subjects necessary to running the State.

1) distribute wealth equally among the people,
With majority of assets going to ranking 'Party' Leaders. (replaces our current super-wealthy)
2) government control of society and
3) public ownership of most land.[/
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Old 03-24-2020, 08:22 PM
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Default Something else _____

New World Order / One World Government.

Last edited by WizardOfID; 03-24-2020 at 08:23 PM.. Reason: Changed Title
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Old 03-25-2020, 10:27 AM
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POWER, not money. Money is a means of enforcing power and control, just like firearms. A Global system of Nobles and Serfs is their goal......pure and simple

Bloomberg just showed us how money is a tool in search of power.
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Old 03-25-2020, 02:21 PM
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socialism nothing else. democrats calling themselves progressives is codeword for socialism....liars, obstructionists, exhaustive bull...i dont know why anyone would ever vote democratic again
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