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Default My thoughts on INCH kits

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An INCH Kit (I’m Not Coming Home Kit), to me, is a kit that supplements your Bug-out Bag, Camping Kit, and EWLS Kit. Bug-out bags have been covered extensively, and most people have their own preferences for camping. The Extended Wilderness Living System kit is basically a much enhanced field survival kit to extend the time one can live in the wilderness in more comfort and with the means to obtain and process wild foods. There are several posts on the EWLS on the boards, too.

INCH Kits have been oft mentioned, but many, if not most, of them are more EWLS kits than true INCH kits in my mind. To me the INCH kit is a starting over kit for when you must leave your current situation and start up new somewhere else, with no real hope of going back to the original location.

To accomplish this, many more things must be taken, with different uses in mind, than just getting away and surviving for a relatively short set time of a month or even two. This is a permanent move.

A working vehicle, with large fuel reserves is the best way to carry an INCH kit. But as has been stated in many other posts, this might not be possible. Animal transport is an option for some, where a person can use the animals to carry the goods. If enough of the appropriate kinds of animals are available, you can ride, as well. But having the starting over materials is more important than comfortable travel.

If you do not have transport animals, then smaller wheeled vehicles other than cars and trucks are an option. Motorcycles and motorized bicycles can be used with a trailer. So can bicycles. And then there are a variety of hand pulled/pushed wagons and hand carts. These options will carry enough for some types of situations, depending on circumstances.

Lastly, there is simply the pack on your back. Which calls for a rather higher dependency on direct financial support due to the lack of materials with which to earn an income. More below on the subject.

Now, when starting over, if your current occupation is suitable for the PAW, then staying with that occupation is the way to go. If you have a job that has little application to survival in the PAW, then you will need to decide on one or more alternative means to provide for your immediate needs, as well as earning enough to obtain those things that you cannot produce yourself, and to provide for future needs.

Included at the end of this article are a list of trades and skills that might have a place in the PAW, plus tools for those skills and others that you might consider. Often any given one will not be enough to make it. You might need to have two or more things going to be able to produce enough income to get you by. Especially if you are not in a position to grow most of your own food, which is a distinct possibility in some situations, though it should be a part of your basic INCH plans.

As stated above, the more you can take with you, the more options you can have, and better ones. In any case, and more or less all cases, you should have documentation with you. Some of it you might have to ditch in some situations to avoid problems, but by having several copies, in various fixed locations, as well as those on you, you can still hopefully have what you need when you need it.

Important documents:

Important records should be kept in such a way as to be safe in case of fire, flood, earthquake and other disasters and to have available for quick access when needed such as a fire resistant documents case.

Keep originals in appropriate places w/copies and/or condensed versions in the various emergency kits including BOBs, BIBs, GHBs, GOOD bags, evacuation kits, hurricane kits, etc.

It is also good to keep a set of copies off-site so they can be retrieved even if you have to leave without anything. If you have in mind one or more INCH relocation points, try to store a set at each one of them. But do carry a set or two with you.

Automotive paperwork: registration, title, insurance card, tire warranties, repair warranties, etc.

Business records: Company ID, business license, bylaws, emergency plan, employee contact list, contracts, supplier info, customer info, incorporation records, partnership records, accounts receivable, accounts payable

Computer records: online accounts, passwords, web/blog host info, etc.

Employment records: Company ID, employee handbook w/emergency plan, pay stub

Family contacts: name, address, telephone numbers, e-mail, code word for proof of identity

Financial records: checking account info, savings account info, bankruptcy decree, credit card info, loan info, utilities info, location of safety deposit boxes, stocks/bonds/brokerage account information

Future death information: will, funeral arrangements, cemetery plots

Household records: Deed, mortgage, appraisals & inventory of home & contents, warranties, home layout drawing

ID: Driver’s license, passport, state ID card, naturalization certificate, permanent resident card, birth certificates, adoption records, current photos, physical descriptions (including identifying features)

Insurance records: Auto, home, health, life, disability, insurance cards, Medicare/Medicaid card, any other insurance cards

Legal records: marriage certificate, prenups, executor of estate, divorce decree, powers of attorney, death certificates, criminal history, final disposition of any civil/criminal court cases, trust documents, military discharge (DD214),

Medical records: Medical Power of Attorney, Doctors’ info, Dentists’ info, living will, allergies, prescriptions, current illnesses/problems, past major medical history

Professional advisor’s info: Insurance agents, accountant, lawyers, doctor(s), dentist

Professional & Miscellaneous licenses and records: Doctor licenses, other profession licenses, concealed weapons license, Amateur Radio Operator license, Press credentials, Investigator credentials, etc.

Religious records: Christening, baptismal, confirmation,

Retirement account information (401k, 403b, social security statement, IRA, pension plans, etc.)

School records: high school diploma, college diploma, college degrees, trade school diplomas

Tax records: Social Security Card, personal tax records for 5 years, business tax records for 5 years, property tax info

If you cannot do a full self-sufficient INCH kit, things change, but are not hopeless. Though many will consider you a refugee, you will not be a true refugee, since you have a destination in mind, and the means to take care of yourself.

A full INCH kit might be impractical due to location, the authorities are confiscating everything, there are lots of people and your gear is likely to be taken, you have to travel set routes where a heavy cart is not practical, you will have the opportunity (or requirement) to travel on transports that will not be able to take large amounts of gear. In this case, you will need to travel light, and be as 'gray' as possible to blend in with everyone else. In order to start over, it will take monetary value, since you will not have the means to do things with your own gear, equipment and other resources. So 'money', and other lightweight, concealable valuables that can be easily converted into acceptable forms of payment will need to be carried. So will the same paperwork as stated.

To make this as easy and secure as possible, some specially made or modified clothing can be used to carry these valuables clandestinely. Hidden pockets to carry items, or having some of the items completely sewn in or constructed as part of the clothing and a small pack or bag. Anything of any size might not be allowed to be kept with you, or at all. So keep the carrier small. In some cases wearing all, or most of your clothing, in layers, is better than carrying them in a suitcase or such. If nothing else, have plenty of cordage so you can tie slings on clothing and parcels and carry them slung over a shoulder, or tied to a belt.

As part of the clothing, PMs can be incorporated in the design and construction. As a refugee, you are probably heading for 'civilization' where such things can be converted into spendable resources, unlike in a true PAW situation where converting raw materials could be a real problem. At the refugee destinations there will most likely be people eager to take valuables off your hands. Some will give real value, others will try to lowball you, but that is the case now, anyway. You just need to learn some trade and barter skills now, so you can get the value of the items that is reasonable. Just remember that what you paid in current FRNs now for that item has no bearing on what that item will be worth in disaster refugee situations.

Things like (14 carat minimum gold/sterling silver minimum) real gold or silver buttons, collar stays, belt buckles, purse hardware, and such, plus ring/bracelets/necklaces with or without real gold coins; watches, business card cases, pens, key chains, and all sorts of items that most will take to be costume jewelry or just gold toned. They will need to be carried concealed, for the most part, with one or two items such as an extra wedding ring or a gold chain necklace worn openly. I would do only some jewelry, with much of the value in simple gold and silver items that the value can be strictly the bullion value, with little value in the design of the piece where there will be a major difference of opinion of what that value is. Much better to have 500 dollars in gold bullion value in a five hundred fifty dollar item than 200 dollars of gold value in a 500 dollar necklace. You will only get the 200 dollars for the gold, if that.

Gold and silver coins, and any investment grade gems you might acquire, should be kept carefully hidden for use in extreme circumstances. The other items are to be converted to whatever is the local currency, whereas the coins can be used as actual currency, most likely. Everything of valuable should be spread out over the body, in the clothing, among any bags, and across the group if you are part of a group.

In terms of non-financial items, the second, and possibly third set of clothing already mentioned should be carried. At the very least several pairs of socks and two or three sets of underwear should be kept on your person. Some personal sanitation items, including small containers of cleansers for yourself, your clothes, and your eating instruments should be on you. And do take your own eating tools, at least a tablespoon size spoon. Fork should be okay. A table knife might or not make it. A sharp knife if at all possible. A multi-tool and/or large Swiss Army knife could take the place of table knife and fill several other functions, too. Carry a folding handle stainless steel cup at least 12 ounces, up to 24 ounces, with 16-18 ounces probably the best. Can be used for drinking or eating.

Have two or three bandanas, for use as handkerchiefs, dust masks, first-aid uses, water filtration, hair band, and all the other hundred or so uses bandanas have. A wide brimmed hat and inexpensive but UVA/UVB sunglasses can be important in some situations. So can gloves. Socks have already been mentioned. If you do not have gloves, having lots of warm socks means you can use a pair or two as mittens, if needed. You want good, but worn in, low hiking boots. Sneakers may sound good, but you might have to traverse some rough ground where sneakers will not hold up. And you sure do not want expensive looking, not even fake, ‘collector’ type footwear.

Make sure none of the items make you stand out. You do not want gold or silver flashing, you do not want bright orange beanie, colorful clothing, expensive looking clothing (even if it is expensive due to its construction or materials, you do not want it to look that way). The same goes for handbags, packs, and such. A really good leather jacket, that is not too adorned, would be the high limit of something that might look valuable or coveted.

Have a good water bottle. Normally I would recommend a large Stainless steel water bottle, but you might have trouble hanging on to it. Better as a refugee to have several small plastic water bottles that you can stash in your gear so you never look like you have a lot of water. Might have one uninsulated SS bottle to heat up water for warmth or to purify water. Or the folding handle stainless steel cup can be used for that.

The same goes for food. Small individually wrapped portions are better than large packages of food. Try to eat and drink privately, if at all possible. And never eat or drink very much at a time, unless your times are very limited by circumstances or the authorities.

When traveling, and usually when making stops, try to stay with a group of people. But stay near the edge of the group so you can break away if needed. But you do not want to be a lone target under most circumstances. If you are travelling with family or a cohesive group, have at least one person travel separately, but close enough to help from the outside if needed. There should be no contact between anyone in the group and the person, except for the same type of casual, minimal contact one would have between all refugees.

Once you get to a place where you can safely separate from the refugee group and set up your own operation, convert a portion of your assets to usable currency and start getting some type of homestead started, if possible. If not, arrange for a place to live; start a viable business or get a job to get an income stream started. Then you can decide what you want to do permanently.

That pretty much covers the very minimum of an INCH kit/Starting Over kit. Now the more advanced kit elements.

The first is a good BOB. I will not go into this in this article, since there are literally hundreds of posts on the subject. You are going to need this to provide some additional equipment and supplies above the very basics you would carry as a not quite refugee. There is a good chance you can take this with you under many circumstances, if you can carry it on your back. If you need a cart or better to carry enough for 3 days to 2 weeks, you still need a 5 pound to 10 pound pack with at least a few more items than what you carry in your clothes and pockets and on your belt/in your purse.

Next part of the INCH kit is a basic camping kit suitable for the areas where you will likely be. Better to prepare for worse than expected conditions than usual in normal camping. The elements of this, are incorporated in the EWLS (extended wilderness living system) for the purposes of the overall INCH kit.

(Note: All of the lists below are for one person. If you are equipping a group, be aware that not everything listed will need to be duplicated for each person. Some of the items will serve for several people, or a multi-person version of the item can be chosen instead of the one person one I have listed. And these lists are reminder lists so people do not overlook something. Not every person or group will need everything listed. Pick and choose only those items you will likely need. Keep everything as light as possible without compromising effectiveness and safety.)

EWLS kit of an INCH kit


Propper khaki public service Tactical Pants – best quality/price/feature I’ve found
Propper khaki public service Tactical shirt – as above
Bullhide brand brown leather money belt (with 1/10 ounce gold Eagles and 90% silver US circulated dimes and quarters, and $500 cash) (emergency stash)
Rustedfables The Grizzly Leather Suspenders (brown) – hold the pants up better than elastic ones
Wintersilks Boxer briefs (white) – very light, dries quickly
Wintersilks v-neck T-shirt (white) – very light, dries quickly
Wintersilk silk liner socks – good wicking, very light, dries quickly
Merino wool socks – very warm even when wet
Danner Ft. Lewis boots – just all around good boots w/goretex lining
Akruba Territory Hat with chin strap wide brim hat (brown) – for sun protection
Peltor Comtact II dual radio talk through hearing protection communications headset – best available I’ve found
Petzl TacTikka + RGB LED headlamp on hat – has the features I want
2 tan bandannas – Gotta have two. One for the nose, one for the neck or whatever
Hatch Operator lightweight gloves – good for mild weather tasks that are hard on the hands.
Hatch XTAK tan elbow pads – I fall down a lot
Hatch XTAK tan knee pads – Ditto above
Seiko SNZG15K1 Automatic Self-winding watch – No worries about batteries or winding, good price compared to others
Wiley X JP-2-510 photochromic sunglasses – the only ones of quality I could find
Zippo lighter with 2 single fill fuel canisters – And a Bic disposable or two
Pantac Wallet C wallet w/cash & ID (tan) – just a nice simple nylon wallet. Cash… well, can’t have too much
Maglight Solitare LED flashlight w/spare Duracell Quantum AAA battery in a cache tube – extremely bright for 1 AAA
Cold Steel Voyager medium plain edge pocket knife – good size/function/quality/price combination
Spyderco CO8 Harpy pocket clip knife – hawkbill serrated blade for getting out of lines, nets, and is a wicked last ditch weapon
Tec-tite Tekna Ocean Edge Arm knife – an option for the boot knife. Already has harness for arm use
Cold Steel Counter Tac II boot knife – good quality and price if you need a boot knife
Nikon compact binoculars on chest harness (alternate: 7x50 Steiner Commander XP C
Write in the rain notebook in left shirt pocket – for note taking. Works well for a nice price
2 Fisher Tactical Space pens in left shirt pocket – can’t lose the cap since there isn’t one. Write anywhere
1 Write In The Rain tactical mechanical pencil in left shirt pocket
Arrowtech W-742 Dosimeter in left shirt pocket – if planning for nuke situation. Good price for new production
Arrowtech W-138RM pen type rate meter in left shirt pocket – can use this instead of W-742 plus has rate meter function
Smart phone in right shirt pocket – w/prep and survival apps, many useable w/o cell or wifi service
Dakota Alert M538-HT MURS hand held radio in pants radio pocket – Best option I’ve found for short rang comms.
Garman Oregon 550T GPS in pants left cargo pouch (opt) – best of the bunch in my opinion, if you’re going to use one
Kestrel 4500NV weather instrument in pants right cargo pouch (opt) – again, the best of the ones I’ve found if you need one
Key ring w/Lansky pocket knife sharpener, whistle – Sharpener is very small and very effective, whistle is for signaling
Leather change purse w/silver coins (brown) – the coins are for emergencies. The change purse keeps them together, separate from other things in the pocket
Beretta Tomcat .32 ACP w/4 spare magazines in pocket holster in right rear pants pocket – great hideout gun, and the .32 ACP is useable in cartridge adapters in .308 and .30-’06 rifles for almost silent hunting of small game

A combat LBE rig of your choice with magazine pouches for 4 20-round magazines, 2 large utility pouches, 2 small utility pouches, medium field pack

8 20-round .308 magazine in 4 double pouches – about the maximum I can carry plus the rest of the items in the combat LBE
Cammenga 3H Tritium lensatic compass in 1st small utility pouch – Very good quality/size/price option
Motorola HT-750 low band business band handheld radio in 2nd small utility pouch – Low Band VHF (just above CB) gives the best medium range comms I think that are available besides Amateur radios Expensive
Survival kit* in first large utility pouch – See below
Hardware and tools kit** in second large utility pouch – See below
MSR 3-liter hydration bladder in attached field pack – MSR is as good or better than the competition. Had good luck with their products. I’m in the high desert. Need a lot of water.

On Tactical Assault Gear MOLLE Belt: - easy adjust, high quality

Glock 21SF in Tactical Taylor MOLLE holster (alternate: ParaOrdnance P-14) – Glock for price & capacity, holster can be configured in several ways
Surefire G2 LED flashlight in Specter Gear MOLLE pouch – Great basic light, not too expensive. The pouch is the only one I’ve found specifically for the G2
Cold Steel Oda in Spec-Ops MOLLE sheath – Based on the Randal #1, the Oda has a good sheath, but not MOLLE. The Spec-ops sheath solves the problem
IFA kit in Custom Tactical SAR MOLLE pouch*** - See below
Kleen Kanteen 40oz SS water bottle w/fold down loop lid, folding handle Olicamp cup & Maxpedition 4x10 MOLLE carrier – extra capacity/large opening/can be heated/big cup, & the pouch carries both plus room for other things, too.
Soldiers Optimized Butt pack w/GI Poncho & Wiggy’s liner attached, 3 days food (jerky, gorp, Millennium ration bars, tea/coffee/hot chocolate), Otis Tactical gun cleaning kit, CD V-750 Model 6 manual dosimeter charger – SOB is laid out fairly well. Best of the aftermarkets I’ve found. Otis Tactical will clean all the weapons I have or plan to get. The V-750M6 doesn’t need batteries to charge dosimeters
Kleen Kanteen 40oz SS water bottle w/fold down loop lid, folding handle Olicamp cup, & Maxpedition 4x10 MOLLE carrier – second one for same reason
OKC-3S bayonet in MOLLE sheath – like the Oda, the OKC-3S is much like the Randle R-1. Comes with the MOLLE sheath
HSGI MOLLE Dump pouch – I like the construction of this one better than the competition for holding empties
Leatherman Surge in one pocket of Spec-Ops brand dual MOLLE pouch – best balance of function vs weight. The dual sheath is easy to adjust and can different sized items
Victorinox Workchamp Swiss Army Knife in one pocket of Spec-Ops brand dual MOLLE pouch.
Spec-Ops brand double MOLLE pouch w/2 pistol magazines – have extra magazines in the other gear. Two is enough. Same thing on the double pouch as above

Kifaru Xing 2,700ci MOLLE back pack w/gun bearer option – Great quality. The gun bearer lets me carry my long gun and have both hands free

In Xing:

MSR 3-liter hydration bladder – second bladder. Just have to have plenty of water
Collins compact SAS Survival Handbook – Best of the field manuals in my opinion.
Food for 3 days (Jerky, gorp, Millennium ration bars, tea/coffee/hot chocolate) – light, compact, nourishing, and tastes good
Katadyn Hiker Pro water filter w/MP-1 tablets – best of the small filters in my opinion
Extra underwear – standard reasons
Extra socks – standard reasons
Double zip-locked packet of important papers (copies of licenses, deeds, insurance, etc.) – might not be able to recover the originals

On Xing:

PTR-91 MBR in gunbearer (alternate: Springfield M1A) – best value for the money in a .308. Prefer the .308 for its versatility
Left side 64 oz Kleen Kanteen water bottle in Maxpedition 12 x 5 pouch – just more water. Unlike the bladders, can be poured from canteen to pot
Right side 64 oz Kleen Kanteen water bottle in Maxpedition 12 x 5 pouch – ditto above
Cold Steel E-tool – multipurpose. Digging, cooking, making debris huts, CQC weapon, best of the bunch in my opinion
Cold Steel Rifleman’s tomahawk – prefer a hawk with a hammer head. I like Cold Steel’s quality vs price

Game cart w/350 – 750 pound capacity

1st Cabela’s Plano 58-quart O-ring sealed trunk w/additional clothing
2 sets Propper outerwear
1 set Orvis brown herringbone wool pants & Filson original wool button down shirt – cold weather
2 sets Wintersilks heavyweight silk long john bottom , v-neck top, & liner socks, merino wool socks – for medium cold weather
2 sets Eddie Bauer merino wool long john bottom, zip neck top, liner socks & Carhartt boot socks - for very cold weather
5 sets Wintersilks silk v-neck T-shirts & boxer briefs
5 sets each of: silk liner socks, wool liner socks, merino wool socks, Carhartt wool boot socks
2 sets each of: silk glove liners, wool glove liners
10 bandanas – can’t have too many
1 extra pair Hatch Operator lightweight gloves
1 Travelsmith leather safari coat medium coat (brown) – medium weather
1 pair of Tempest insulated/water proof gloves – cold weather gloves
1 Tasman lined drover’s coat (brown) – Cold weather coat
1 set Hat Flap ear warmers – to keep ears warm when wearing wide brim hat
1 Adventure Medical Kits Backpacker’s sewing kit – small, inexpensive and effective
1 pair Cabela’s Elk moccasins w/shearling lining – for those safe camps in the fall, winter, and spring
1 pair Keen Newport H2 sandals – For water work
1 pair Wiley X Nerve Goggle w/4 spare lenses – Best effective goggles I’ve found for the price
1 Pick-of-life ice escape picks – carried handy in the winter when around the water/ice

2nd Cabela’s Plano 58-quart O-ring sealed trunk w/tools, spares, and extras
1 Grand Shelters Icebox Igloo building tool – for deep snow areas, not needed most places
1 Grand Shelters Igloo door ditto above
1 Duraworx mini-planting tool – substitute for the GI pick mattock
1 Channellock Model 88 rescue tool – wire cutter, pry bar, wrench
1 8” mill file – to sharpen axe/machete/e-tool
1 small block & tackle
1 EZE-Lap diamond paddle sharpening set – for extreme sharpening
1 Wyoming knife w/3 spare blades – the classic for skinning big game
300’ coyote brown 550 cord – used for all kinds of things. Can’t have too much
Icom R6-16 wide band all mode handheld receiver w/Miracle Ducker TL antenna (if you can find one) – smallest, most capable of the all band/all mode handheld receivers. The antenna keeps things compact, but better than the original
1 Used Yaesu FT-897D w/Miracle Ducker TL tunable whip (if you can find one), Yo-Yo 6-reel dipole antenna – 100w HF/VHF/UHF all mode amateur radio/all band/all mode receiver
1 Dakota Alert M538-HT MURS handheld radio – extra short-range radio
2 Dakota Alert MAPS vehicle detectors w/MURS transmitter – perimeter security works with M538 radios
4 Dakota Alert MAT motion sensors w/MURS transmitters – ditto above
1 Night Watch 2 circuit tripwire alarm w/tripwire – hard to find, but effective and not too expensive
1Lightstorm CL-1 LED flashlight – capacitor instead of batteries
1 Brunton SolarPort 4.4 & BattJack AA/AAA solar battery charger – keeps AA/AAA nicad rechargeables up to snuff
1 Brunton Servo 120 & 2 Solaris 26 PV panels solar power supply – high priced, but effective portable power
2 Limeade 13,000mAh power pack w/mini-B USB charger port
1 Solio smartphone mini-B USB port solar charger
1 Gill net – best fishing option I’ve found
1 Mobley’s Frog/fish gig head w/extra tines & telescoping pole – compact, inexpensive, effective on small game as well as fish and frogs
1 set Bow string, nocks, fletching, binding, various arrowheads, B&A tool – to make expedient bow in the field with best chance of success
1 reel Heavy fish line, for fishing arrows & gig head – don’t want to lose the arrows or gig
1 Dozen Snare One 7x7 5/64” 42” cable snares w/swivel end – some of the best snares in my opinion. Used in lieu of hunting when camped in one place for a while
1 Exploration Products Fresh Water Fishing kit w/kite string winder – nice inexpensive kit. String winder to save the hands from getting cut up on the line
2 CR-1 spares carriers w/G-2 bulb & 6 CR-123A spare batteries each – keep the bulb and batteries together & protected
Extra CR-123A batteries in 4-cell carriers -
Extra AA rechargeable batteries in 12-cell carriers
Extra AAA rechargeable batteries in 6-cell carriers
Extra pair Danner boots – if possible
Extra boot laces
Extra Zippo fuel, spare wicks & flints
Extra butane fuel for lighter
Extra butane torch fuel
Extra first aid supplies
Extra hardware
Extra ammunition in bandoleers
Extra Otis gun cleaning patches and Breakfree CLP

3rd Cabela’s Plano 58-quart O-ring sealed trunk w/cooking, water, & sanitations items
1 Berkey Go-Berkey stainless steel single element water purifier w/primer – best of the purifiers in my opinion
1 10”x4” Maxpedition water bottle carrier
4 10-liter MSR water bladders – can carry plenty of extra water in a conformable bladder
1 MSR Campers washcloth & towel, AGS Labs Camp soap, compact hair brush, toothbrush & tooth powder, other hygiene items normally used – gotta stay clean
8 Charmin To-Go Toilet paper packets/wipe rags(boiled and sun dried to sanitize) – gotta go
1 Gold Bond Foot powder – essential in very hot or humid conditions
1 Chapstik SPF-15 lip balm – prevents lip burn
1 4oz bottle Herbal 22 Insect repellent – keeps the insects away in a good container
1 pocket pack Q-tips – I have waxy ears
1 pocket pack round toothpicks
1 MSR Dragonfly multi-fuel stove – Very effective, good price, reliable
4 MSR fuel bottles – at least one spare. Four are better
1 German GI nesting knife/fork/spoon/can opener set – heavy, but also heavy duty, includes good can opener
1 MSR SS cook set w/tea kettle & kitchen tools – a bit heavy, but tough as all get out
8 SS cooking skewers – for cooking small game, roasting tubers, etc over open fire
1 Coleman SS steel double wall cup – keeps the hot chocolate and hot tea hot for a while in the cold mornings and evenings
1 REI Backpackers fire grill – for when you have an open fire but building a pit/fire ring is difficult or impossible
1 GSI pressure cooker w/liner pot – an option that allows quicker cooking of many dishes. Can leave behind
1 Lodge Cast iron skillet w/lid – for set camps using fresh foods. Can leave behind
1 Lodge Dutch oven w/lid – as above
1 Fire tongs – when planning open fires
1 Grilling basket – as above
1 pair 19” fireplace fireproof gloves – as above

4th Cabela’s Plano 58-quart O-ring sealed trunk w/food - basic cooking supplies and foods
beef bouillon
baking powder
coconut oil
corn meal
powdered milk
dried beans
tea bags
hot chocolate packets
Emergen-C packets
lemon juice
hard candy
waxed chocolate
Tootsie Rolls
Chickletts 2-piece chewing gum
Millennium ration bars
Snickers Marathon Protein Bars
dried fruit
fruit cake
gorp (~equal amounts of premium mixed nuts, chopped dates, and M&Ms)
Mountain House meals
Instant oats packets
Instant grits packets
Instant potatoes packets
18 ounce SS flask Hennessy Paradis Extra Cognac

5th Cabela’s Plano 58-quart O-ring sealed trunk w/more food

Lashed on top of totes:

1 combat LBE set up for Remington 11-87 shotgun – same as other LBE only for 12 gauge
1 NetPack 5354 wheeled 40” duffel bag w/2 pair silk liner gloves, 2 pair wool liner gloves, pair
Cabela’s Pinnicle Gortex cold weather insulated gloves, Cabela’s Pinnicle Gortex cold weather insulated mittens, Carhartt Arctic Bibs, Carhartt Arctic Parka w/hood, NEOS over boots, Mustang Survival auto inflate flotation vest, Millennium respirator, OptimAir 6A PAPR, CBRN suit, gloves, boots, acc – cold weather and CBRNE gear kept together in one place. Easier to stow in a soft bag than totes
1 set MSR Denali EVO Snow shoes & MSR Denali III poles – if in snow country. Leave behind if not
1 12’ sling rope w/2 snap rings – general purpose short rope. Pulling/lifting/rescue/securing/etc
2 Edelwies 200’ static climbing rope w/set of carabiners & pulleys – Only if you know what you are doing and are likely to need to climb or belay
1 Mountain Hardwear Trango 3.1 3 person/4 season tent w/fly – best compromise of price/size/weight/capability (alternative: Cabela’s Outback Lodge 8’x8’ or 10’x10’ modified pyramid tent)
1 Slumberjack sleep system w/Thermarest self inflating mattress – System is good from warm weather down to -30°F. I need lots of comfortable sleep when I can get it.
2 silnylon tarps w/poles, stakes, and para cord – Additional protection when camping on one place for a while
1 Hardigg iM3300 gun case with Remington 11-87 custom shotgun, Remington 700 .30-’06 scoped rifle w/.30 Carbine & .32 ACP adapters, Glock 30SF spare pistol – Hardigg cases are the best I’ve found for a critical item. The 11-87 is dual purpose. The .30-’06 is sniping/hunting. The G30 is a spare
(optional: 2nd case w/Vigilance VR-1 .408 Cheytac or Remington 700 .375 H&H Mag)
1 Alpacka Fjord Explore cargo raft w/oars, oar frame, seat, attachable skeg – for areas where crossing streams too deep to wade. Small/light/capable
1 D-handle small round point shovel – easier to use than the e-tool in many situations
1 Cold Steel 24” Latin machete – for general machete work. I like the 24” for its capabilities and heft
1 Stanley 30” Entry tool – multipurpose tool for getting into and out of several situations
1 Iltis Oxhead double bit axe – for times when camping in wooded area in the cold call from some serious firewood
1 Sven 21” folding saw – for general use around camp for firewood, poles/etc.
1 ATAS-25 multiband portable antenna w/tripod – a longer range antenna for the FT-897D
1 Fire tripod – when anticipating open fires
1 Fire spit & supports – ditto above
1 Kifaru pulk w/steering & brake package – for deep snow areas. One of the best. Expensive

*Survival Kit (in FMCO vest utility pouch) – I think most of these item are pretty self-explanatory

1 SAS Essential Survival Guide (compact version)
1 Buck 110 folding belt knife
1 Fisher black bullet pen
1 Write In The Rain note pad
1 BCB explorer button compass
1 Maglite Solitaire LED single AAA flashlight w/lithium AAA battery
3 AAA Lithium batteries in individual geo-cache tubes
1 Lightning Strike ferro rod fire starter
1 container UCO matches
1 packet fatwood tinder
1 Bic lighter
1 length #42 bank line to make fire bow
1 shot glass (outside wrapped in duct tape to make fire bow
4 Daytrex 4.2 oz water packets
1 Storm whistle
2 neck lanyard (whistle & knife)
1 mini can Orange spray paint
1 1”x200’ orange survey tape
1 mini-Air horn
1 Starflash 3”x5” signal mirror
1 TrueFlare penflare kit (launcher, 12 flares, case)
1 emergency hooded space blanket
1 lightweight space blanket bag
1 tube tent
1 300’ 550 cord
1 P-51 can opener
1 old style beer can and bottle opener
1 long handle SS/titanium spoon/spork
4 beef bouillon cubes
12 Millennium energy bars
1 fresh water fishing kit
1 gill net
1 30-count package Katadyn Micro-pur MP-1 water purification tablets
1 1-liter water bag
1 coffee filter support sheath w/20 filters
4 sheets aluminum foil
1 Esbit stove/Tommy cooker
4 12-count Esbit stove fuel tablets
1 small roll Gorilla duct tape flattened
1 24 gauge x 55’ brass wire
1 pocket chainsaw
4 heavy duty contractor bags
2 Israeli 6” trauma bandages
12 Medique Medi-Lyte heat relief tablets 2-pack
4 alcohol prep pads
4 Pepto Bismo 2-pack
4 Excedrin 2-pak
1 Charmin To Go 55 sheet pack toilet paper
1 pair emergency sunglasses

**Hardware & tools kit list (in FMCO double .223 bandoleer pouch on belt) – extra small tools, plus some items for general use, to make repairs, and to fabricate items in the field. Some are for urban situations.

1 Leatherman Crunch
1 Leatherman Supertool 300
1 Victorinox Swiss Army Work Champ Swiss Army Knife
1 Stanley Multi-tip screwdriver
1 Glass cutter
1 Commercial building outside hydrant key
1 300’ 550 cord
1 Small roll Gorilla duct tape flattened
1 12 gauge x 15’ insulated electrical wire
1 16 gauge x 50’ mechanic’s wire
1 24 gauge x 55’ brass wire
1 Roll 3M ¾” x 66’ electrical tape
6 popsicle sticks
1 Industrial JB weld
1 Tube of Goop
1 Tube of clear Shoe Goo
1 Small spray can WD-40
1 Small can 3-in-1 oil
12 11” releasable tie-wraps
12 small screw eyes
12 medium screw eyes
12 small screw in J-hooks
12 medium screw in J-hooks
12 4” 20d nails
4 7” spike nails
4 Mini sharpies
1 Mini spray can orange paint
1 1” x 200’ orange survey tape
1 Blazer PB 207 2500 degree micro torch
1 red lumber crayon (for marking trails, coding items, etc)
1 yellow lumber crayon (for marking trails, coding items, etc)
1 box bright pushpins (marking trails, etc.)
1 box clear pushpins (stealthy marking trails, etc.)
12 marbles (to tie off tarp)
12 medium firecrackers (signaling, bear scare, diversion)

***First-aid kit (in one of the FMCO vest utility pouches)(additional supplies on cart) – All the items are my personal preferred items

1 CPR safety shield
4 pair exam gloves
2 1-oz bottle Purell hand sanitizer
10 single use thermometer
1 Fisher space pen
1 Storm-Saf note pad
4 individual wrapped tongue depressors
4 individual wrapped cotton tip applicators
1 small roll Gorilla duct tape flattened
4 bite sticks
4 ammonia ampoules
1 small flask Everclear 190 proof PGA
4 honey packets (for hot toddies)
4 lemon juice packets (for hot toddies)
10 Medi-Lyte re-hydration tablets 2-pack
12 Excedrin 2-pack
12 Alka Seltzer 2-pack
1 25ct bottle Dulcolax laxative
12 Pepto Bismol 2-pack diarrhea medication
12 NyQuill daytime cold medicine 2-pack
12 NyQuill nighttime cold medicine 2-pack
12 Benadryl antihistamine/allergy med 2-pack
2 Chloraseptic throat lozenges 6-pack
1 Acidophilus pills 30-count package
2 Miconazole 3-day treatment packs
6 Water-Jel Burn relief 3.5g packets
6 Water-Jel 1/32 oz triple antibiotic ointment packet
6 hydrocortizone 1/32 oz packet
3 15g jell glucose
4 Sting-kill wipes
4 IvyX cleanser wipes
4 alcohol prep pad
4 PAWS antimicrobial wipes
4 Providone/Iodine prep pad
2 Hyfin chest seal
1 20cc irrigation syringe
1 250ml bottle sodium chloride irrigation solution
1 4 oz bottle eye wash
1 eye wash cup
1 combat application tourniquet
1 self applied restricting band
1 1”x10yd adhesive tape roll
1 Dr. Scholls moleskin deluxe
4 1”x3” bandaids
4 fingertip bandaids
4 knuckle bandaids
12 ½” x 2 7/8” butterfly wound closures
4 2”x3” medium patch bandage
2 2”x4” elbow/knee bandage
2 Emergency Israeli 6” trauma bandage
2 sterile oval gauze eye pad
4 2”x2” gauze pads 2-pack
8 4”x4” gauze pads
1 2” gauze roll
1 4” ace bandage
4 4”x4” Water-Jel burn dressing
2 31”x31”x51” triangular bandage
1 SAM finger splint
1 7 ¼” utility scissors
1 3 ½” tweezers
4 single use Krazy glue
2 Chux/underpads (to lay out instruments and supplies)
1 surgical stapler kit w/35 staples
1 Sawyer bite & sting kit
1 brown recluse spider F/A kit
1 deluxe emergency dental kit
1 birthing kit
1 field kit of döTerra Essential Oils w/travel case (On Guard, Lemon, DigestZen, Melaleuca, Helichrysum, Peppermint, Frankincense, Lavender, Oregano, Deep Blue, TerraShield, Breathe)(additional options: AromaTouch, Purify, Clove, Lemongrass & Fractionated Coconut carrier oil)

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That is pretty much the EWLS gear, and the transport gear. You may have to reduce the load to carry some of the following gardening items. This is a fairly comprehensive list. You probably will not need everything, but you do want to have enough to allow you to prepare ground, plant, care for, and harvest some staple foods. Potatoes, turnips, carrots, onions for sure, so you can make hearty soups with any meat you might be able to hunt/trap to acquire. At the very least, take a large quantity of seeds. You can have all the equipment in the world to garden with, but without seeds, you will not grow much of anything. For some of the following list, you can take off the long handles and carry them separately for space arrangement reasons. Or, if you are a good hand carver, and you know the materials will be at your location, you can leave the handles at home and just carry the working elements.

Garden seed, equipment & supplies:
non-hybrid seeds
soil turning spade
utility shovels
soil rake
planting hoe
cultivating hoe
planting dibble
short handled digging trowel
short handled cultivating rake
row marking stakes & string
tuber harvesting fork
corn husking pin
pitch fork
scythe & wooden fork (to cut & handle hay)
harvesting knives
harvesting striking stick
harvesting sickle (grains - wheat & rye)
seft & wooden mat hook (grains - wheat & rye - hold straw with mat hook)
grain cradle (scythes with light wooden racks to catch the cut straw)
(for small grains)
thrashing flails
gathering baskets, buckets, boxes & bags w/shoulder slings or belts
wheel barrow – if appropriate transport is available
garden wagon – if appropriate transport is available
garden cart – if appropriate transport is available – can always use the game cart
hand pump pressure sprayer
hand pump spray cans
irrigation ditch control gates
pest control devices
(scarecrows, spinners, traps, decoys)
scythe hammer & anvil to straighten nicks, whetstone to sharpen blades

Below are some tools lists that might prompt some ideas of what you might do as a business in the PAW, either long term or to get you through for a while as you build up your primary business. The list is from a comprehensive tool list, so includes many items you will not be able to take with you on an INCH kit. But hopefully you can pick and choose the key items that you can carry that will get you started.

Pocket Reference Book by Thomas J. Glover
Mechanics Vest Pocket Reference Book by John Wolfe
Engineer’s Handbook

Digging tools:
1 conventional posthole digger 1 spud bar/scoop posthole digger
1 auger posthole digger 1 tamper 1 medium steel post driver
1 pick
1 mattock
2 entrenching tools
2 long handle, curved round point shovels, small blade
2 long handle, curved round point shovels
2 short handle, curved round point shovels
2 long handle, straight round point shovels
2 long handle, curved square point shovels
2 short handle, straight square point shovels
2 short handle, straight sharpshooter shovels
2 short handle, curved snow scoop shovels
2 short handle, curved grain scoop shovels

Climbing tools:
2 Xtend & Climb 15.5’ telescoping ladder
2 Werner M1 275 pound capacity 16’ articulating aluminum ladder
2 Little Giant 19’ Type 1AA 375 pound capacity adjustable aluminum ladder
2 Little Giant 21’ Skyscraper 300 pound capacity aluminum multipurpose ladder
2 Bauer Corp 300 pound capacity 32’ aluminum extension ladder
8 Bauer Corp 12’ 500 pound capacity aluminum scaffold planks
2 Werner 375 pound capacity 6’ fiberglass step ladder
2 Werner 375 pound capacity 12’ fiberglass step ladder

Measuring tools:
plumb bob
tape measures
guideline string
chalk stick
wax stick
lumber measure

Assembly tools:

Maintenance tools:
oil cans
grease pots

Sharpening tools:
Set of metal files
honing stone
saw sharpening tools
grinding wheel (foot powered)

Field work tools:
felling saw
sledge hammer
rock drills
block & tackle
chain hoist

Carpentry tools:
heavy mallet
crosscut saw
rip saw
broadax (to square logs for cabin building) (12" log gave 8" timber)
hewind dog (to hold logs in position while squaring
light mallet
wood chisels
brace drill & wood boring bits
finishing saw
draw knife
carving knife
sanding stone
pipe auger & reamer to make wooden pipe
(one end shaved down to fit taper at other end)

Firewood gathering & storage equipment:
Covered storage area w/
firewood stacking racks
fire suppression system
Outside covered & uncovered work areas
Storage cabinet & racks w/
Chain saws w/spare bars, chains, filters, etc & 2 cycle oil
felling saw
felling wedges
wedge hammer
crosscut saw
buck saw
cant hook
felling axes
limbing axes
splitting maul
splitting wedges
sledge hammer
log skidding tongs
log skidding sled
log skidding chains & boomers
log skidding cable
log stacking racks
log stacking rack brackets
cover tarps/sheeting
firewood processor

Salvage & recovery tools:
Cold Steel Oda sheath knife
Leatherman Surge multi-tool w/bits
Channel Lock 88 rescue tool w/pliers & wire cutter
Multi-tip screw driver
Glass cutter
Set of hand tools
8” Bastard cut File
Stanley 12” Wonder bar
Stanley Entry tool 18”
Stanley Entry tool 30”
42” bolt cutters w/extra cutting heads
Concertina cutter
Cold Steel Special Forces e-tool
Duraworx mini-planting too (a mini pick ax)
Blazer PB 207 2500 degree micro torch
Chain link fence climbing steps
Tyrepliers to pull tires off rims so you don’t have to carry the entire thing
LKGoodwin PE2 6 ton chain fall w/20' lift
LKGoodwin PE2 1 1/2 ton chain fall w/20' lift
LKGoodwin GT-2000-65 cable come along w/65' pull
7/16” x 100 braided nylon rope
5/16” x 50 braided nylon rope
12’ sling rope w/carabiners each end
Wespur light block and tackle
WesPur heavy block and tackle
Keeper 02933 3" x 30' recovery strap
stake down type winch anchor
100' 3/8" extension cable
set clevis', shackles, winch anchors, snatch blocks, tie-offs, etc
Hi-Lift First Responder Jack w/Jack-Mate
30" D-handle round point shovel
48" straight handle round point shovel
8# sledge fiberglass handle sledge
16# double jack
5# pick/mattock
Iltis Oxhead double bit felling axe
Bauer 12" x 8' aluminum 28# scaffold plank
Bauer 24" x 8' aluminum 41# scaffold plank
12-16-168-05 14'x16"x6.25" 12K cap 115# weight bridging ramp
Little Giant 21626 13'-23' multi purpose ladder w/levelers 71#
Husky 395XPW 36" chainsaw
Case, protective gear, spare parts
multi-tool for chainsaws
Concrete/steel cutting engine powered saw
oxy/acetylene torch kit
oxy/acetylene 100' automatic hose reel
oxy/acetylene portable tank & carrier 20cf oxy/10cf acetylene tanks
Complete thermal Lance set w/back pack
Rapid Fire thermal rod starting cartridges
3/8” x 18” 25# box thermal rods
3/8” x 46” 25# box thermal rods
Porta-power hydraulic system
Portable air compressor (or onboard air in the vehicle)
Set of air powered tools
Portable hydraulic pump & tank (or onboard hydraulics in the vehicle)
Set of hydraulic powered tools

Miscellaneous tools & equipment:
Log & Timber tools & equipment:
Tape measures
Peeling spuds
Peeling draw knives
Log dogs
Broad axes
Mortise & tenon slicks
Mortise chisels
Heavy mallets
Light mallets
Cant hook
Carry/lifting tongs
Draw knives
Shaving horse (for shingle making)
Hand drills
Breast drills
Auger bits & extension
Forstner & saw tooth bits
Barn beam borer
Tenon cutters

Gunsmithing/reloading/bowsmithing/arrowsmithing tools & equipment:
complete gunsmith tool & equipment fit including barrel riflers & straightners
complete gunsmith supply & parts stocks
complete bowsmithing tools, equipment, & supplies
complete arrowsmithing tools, equipment & supplies
reloading equipment and supplies for .17 to .50BMG brass cartridges
reloading equipment & supplies for .410 bore to 10 gauge shotgun cartridges
progressive reloader setups for primary cartridges
single stage press for secondary cartridges
bullet casting equipment
in use powder magazine
quantity powder storage magazines
1,000 meter shooting range w/multiple target set ups, chronograph, and clay bird thrower

Orchard equipment:
grafting knife
pruning sheers
pruning knife
pruning saw
step ladder
extension ladder
pick knives & tools
pick baskets & buckets
storage baskets & boxes

Beekeeping equipment & supplies:
mesh veil
beekeeper's suit
beekeeper's gloves
bee medications/treatments
Nosema disease remedy
Moth larvae insecticide (non-toxic)
Foulbrood treatment
hives materials
inner covers
escape boards
supers (for brooding, chunk honey, extractable honey, box comb honey)
internal board feeder
foundation frames (for brooding, chunk honey, extractable honey)
section box holders, separators, boxes & spreader (for box comb honey)
foundations (brooding, chunk honey, extractable honey, box comb honey)
pollen trap
queen/drone trap
bottom board
hive tools
spur wire embedder
steel frame wire
uncapping knife
bee brush
capping scratcher
frame grip
clean hand sprayer
1:1 sugar syrup
external feeders
honey extractors
honey storage barrels, casks, boxes, & jars

Attached wild animal harvesting/pest control supplies shed/covered area:
pest decoys, lures, traps, repellers & accessories
small game & fur bearer decoys, lures, traps, repellers & accessories
bird & water fowl decoys, lures, traps, repellers & accessories
rough fish harvesting trotlines, lures, traps & nets & accessories
fowl plucking rack w/swivel hanging hooks
mechanical fowl plucker
fish scaling/skinning board w/holding clamp
mechanical fish scaler
small game skinning rack/frame
pelt stretchers

Butchering shed w/butchering & cleaning tools & equipment:
rubber boots
rubber gloves
rubber apron
breathing masks
hoisting A-frame
animal hoist w/leg spreader bar & tendon hooks
stunning/concussing hammer
throat knife
scaling knife
skinning knives
skinning pliers
skinning pincers
gutting knives
boning knives
filleting knives
splitting axe
splitting chisel & hammer
bone saw
sharpening files, stones, & steels
compressed air connection & alternate foot pump
cutting block/board & stand
rinsing tubs, buckets & pans
blooding/gutting collection tubs
meat, fat, & organ collection tubs, pails & pans
hide collection tubs
waste collection tubs

Outside butchering/game preparation/non-food preparation patio:
Stainless steel cabinets
Stainless steel counter
Hanging racks
Stainless steel pans, buckets, and tubs
Caldron burner/stand
Rendering caldron
Soap making caldron
soap making equipment
meat grinder/sausage stuffer
dry grain stone mill
oily grain/bean steel burr mill
coffee/pepper/spice mill
fat/lard rendering tubs
Record/data books w/pen
ID tags/labels

Tanning, leather & furrier tools & equipment:
skinning knife
hide stretching/working racks
hide scrapers
hide soaking/tanning tanks
leather trimming knife
leather thong making board & knife
sinew/tendon soaking trough
sinew/tendon pounding board & mallet
sinew/tendon drying rack
sewing awl
sewing needles

Other animal product tools & equipment:
quill making tools & equipment
beeswax melting pots
beeswax foundations molds
intestine/bladder washing tanks
oil rendering pots
oil storage barrels, casks & cans
glue rendering pots
glue storage pots

Outside rough/bulk food processing area w/:
Open & covered work & storage areas
Cleaning, hulling, shelling, & winnowing tools, equipment & supplies
Temporary holding bins & containers
Waste holding bins, containers & drains
Transfer baskets, buckets & tubs

Food processing shed w/
Honey processing tools & equipment
Milk processing tools & equipment
Meat processing tools & equipment
Fruit, berry & vegetable processing tools & equipment
Herb, spice & medicine processing tools & equipment
Cheese making tools & equipment
Grain processing tools & equipment
Canning & freezing tools & equipment
Pickling, salting, fermenting, & brining tools & equipment
Beer/wine/alcohol making equipment

Curing/smoking/drying shed w/
Meat curing/smoking rooms w/hooks, racks & shelves
Work area w/meat curing/smoking equipment & supplies
Work area w/meat, fruit & vegetable drying equipment & supplies
Solar heated air drying boxes w/racks
Solar heated air dehydrators w/racks
External area w/sun drying racks

Food Tools & equipment (partial listing):
set of cooking pots & kettles (stainless steel, copper & glass)
mixing bowls (stainless steel, copper & glass)
measuring spoons & cups (stainless steel, copper & glass)
mixing spoons & spatulas (stainless steel, copper, wood, & plastic)
transferring spoons, dippers & spatulas (SS, copper, wood, & plastic)
cutting board
holding bowls (stainless steel, copper, wood & glass)
plastic gloves
dust masks
mesh screen/sifter
non-metallic sifting collection plate
non-ferrous needle (large darning needle)
non-ferrous tweezers
small dusting brush
mortar & pestal
plastic transfer scoops & spoons
ID tags/labels & pen
glass canning jars w/lids
glass storage bottles/jars (clear & opaque brown)
glass jar lids (clear & opaque brown) w/rubber gaskets
plastic jar lids
wax lid liners (for long term storage)(may substitute plastic wrap)
glass, cork & rubber bottle stoppers
Zip-lock bags
string w/threading needle
ceramic bowls w/lids
ceramic storage crocks w/lids
wooden bowls/boxes w/lids
wooden & stainless steel kegs, casks & barrels
wooden & stainless steel keg, cask & barrel taps
mesh/net storage bags
fabric drawstring storage bags
storage chests, baskets & buckets
Bread dough blender
Bread maker
Bread slicer
Slow cooker
Vitamix Pro 200 blender
Vitamix Pro 750 blender
Food processor
Kenwood KMM023 Titanium Major mixer/multi appliance
Kenwood KMC30 Titanium Chef mixer/multi appliance
Pasta maker
Yogurt maker
Fondue pot
Counter ice cream maker
Commercial can opener
Attached partially enclosed shed w/
Drinking alcohol still
Sugar & syrup production cooking troughs/pots
Attached partially enclosed drying shed w/
Sugar drying pans
Seawater/salt water drying pans (salt production)
honey separator
milk/cream separator
milk pasteurizer
butter churn
fermenting tanks, crocks & bottles
mesh/net drying bags
pickling crocks & barrels
salting crocks & barrels
brining crocks & barrels
oil/juice press
butter press
cheese press
All American Pressure Canner Model 941 41.5 qt
Set of canning tools
Canning accessories
Ball regular lids In cases of 60 boxes of 12 each
Ball wide mouth lids In cases of 36 boxes of 12 each
Ball regular rings w/lids In cases of 24 boxes of 12 each
Ball wide mouth rings w/lids In cases of 12 boxes of 12 each
Tattler regular reusable lids w/rubber rings In boxes of 36
Tattler regular reusable rubber rings In boxes of 12
Tattler wide mouth reusable lids w/rubber rings In boxes of 36
Tattler wide mouth reusable rubber rings In boxes of 12
4 Ever Recap regular reusable lids w/silicone rings in boxes of 500
4 Ever Recap wide mouth reusable lids with silicone rings in boxes of 500
Ball one half pint regular jars In cases of 12
Kerr one half pint widemouth jars In cases of 12
Ball one pint regular jars In cases of 12
Ball one pint widemouth jars In cases of 12
Ball one quart regular jars In cases of 12
Ball one quart widemouth jars In cases of 12
Ball one half gallon widemouth jars In cases of 12
Ball 4 ounce quilted jelly jars In cases of 12
Ball 8 ounce quilted jelly jars In cases of 12
Ball 12 ounce quilted jelly jars In cases of 12
24" impulse mylar bag sealer
6" Optimum Hot Jaw 6" x 0.5" heat sealer
6" x 9/16" hot jaw foot operated heat sealer
6-gallon 5 mil mylar bags 20x30
6-gallon 5 mil mylar bags 26x36
6-gallon bucket w/lid
6-gallon bucket w/o lid
Gamma seal bucket lid
500cc oxy absorber
100cc oxy absorber
300cc oxy absorber
2000cc oxy absorber
Set of pots and pans
Meat slicer
Meat grinder
Meat mixer attachment for grinder
Jerky meat slicer attachment for grinder
Ground meat pattie maker attachment for grinder
Meat smoker
350 pound wood/charcol smoker
Pro Smoker 200# electric smoker
smoker accessories
Sausage stuffer w/motor
Ground meat jerky gun
Cabela's CG-15 15" bag sealer
ARY vacuum chamber sealer VP321C 2x17" seal bars
ARY vacuum chamber sealer VP215C 1x10" seal bar
4-mill small vacuum chamber bags (in 1,000 ct)
4-mill medium vacuum chamber bags (in 1,000ct_
4-mill large vacuum chamber bags (in 1,000 ct)
20'x8" bulk bag material
20'x11.5" bulk bag material
20'x15" bulk bag material
Cabela's 56 square foot commercial dehydrator
Excaliber 50 square foot commercial dehydrator
Excaliber 148 square foot commercial dehydrator
dehydrator accessories
All American Senior Elec #9000 can sealer for #10, #12, & #3 cans
All American #9000 conversion parts for #2 1/2 cans
All American #9000 replacement parts
#7502 All Ameircan Canner Senior flywheel can sealer for #10, #12, & #3
All American Canner Conversion parts for 2 1/2 cans for 7502 can sealer
All American Canner 7502 replacement parts
Empty #10 cans w/lids (case of 48)
Empty #10 cans w/lids In cases of 476 #P045 #10 can 603x700
Empty #10 cans w/lids In cases of 45 #3106 #10 can 603x700
#10 can plastic lid In cases of 600
#2 1/2 can plastic lid In cases of 1776
#2 can plastic lid In cases of 1500
#2 1/2 safe rim pull top lid In cases of 300
Empty #12 cans In cases of
Empty #3 cans In cases of 120 #3133 #3 can 404x414
Empty # 2 1/2 cans In cases of 144 #3129 #2 1/2 can 401x411
Empty #2 cans In cases of 196 #3118 #2 can 307x409
Commercial can opener
milk processing equipment butter churn, cream separator, butter press, pasturizer, yogurt maker, cheese vat, cheese press
pickling, fermenting, salting, brining tools & equipment
mushroom growing greenhouse
Wine making equipment
Beer making equipment
Mead making equipment
Liquor making equipment
Soda making equipment
Vinegar making equipment
whiskey still & equipment
essential oils still & equipment
distilled water making still & equipment
honey & wax processing equipment

Ice house w/
Concrete block/insulation/earth/block quad wall construction
Concrete slab /insulation/earth/slab quad ceiling construction
Wood slat/drained concrete slab/earth/insulation quad floor construction
Dual door air lock entry w/
each door w/hanging strip air barriers
racks w/cold suits, gloves & over boots
Interior storage area w/ice block racks & shelves
Interior ice handling/work area w/
ice tongs
ice picks
ice buckets & pans
ice block moving hand-trucks/dollies for internal use
ice block moving insulated dolly for external use
Exterior concrete slab w/
freeze proof water source faucet
ice block freezing molds
ice block mold holding racks
un-molding bench
storage locker w/
ice tongs
insulated rubber gloves
ice picks
rubber un-molding mallets
ice block moving hand-trucks/dolly

Food freezing/food storage/ice making shed w/same construction as ice house:
ceiling & wall brine system chiller tubing
ceiling & wall conventional freezing coils
hanging meat hook racks
storage shelves & racks
ice block making area w/
freeze proof water source faucet
ice block freezing molds
ice block mold holding racks
un-molding bench
storage locker w/
ice tongs
insulated rubber gloves
ice picks
rubber un-molding mallets
ice block moving hand-trucks/dolly
exterior shed w/
brine system pump & storage tank
brine system cooling tower
conventional refrigeration pump & condenser

Wild wood/meadow/marsh/stream/field plant, rock & mineral foraging/gathering tools & equipment:
Useful-plant/rock/mineral handbooks & references
Map marked w/known sources of useful plants, rocks & minerals
plant ID guide books
tree ID guide books
rock & mineral ID guide books
rock & mineral comparison samples
pen, pad, & location maps
harvest apron (bottom folds up and ties off at several heights)
collection bag ID tags/labels
Zip-lock collection bags
cotton drawstring collection bags
string w/threading needle
safety glasses
plastic gloves
rubber gloves
leather gloves
dust filter mask
rubber boots/hip waders/chest waders
field knife
folding saw
folding shovel
pry bar/scraper
short handled digging trowel
short handled rake
harvesting knives
harvesting sickle
harvesting striking stick
saw shovel tuber fork nut harvester pole fruit harvester pole garden rake leaf rake scythe & wooden fork (to cut & handle hay) harvesting sickle (grains - wheat & rye) wheel barrow/garden cart scythe hammer & anvil to straighten nicks, whetstone to sharpen blades
mortar & pestal
non-metallic transfer spoons
rock hammer
rock pick
rock chisels
2x - 10x magnifying glass
mineral test kit
2 glass eyedroppers
vial of nitric acid
vial of hydrochloric acid
set of porcelain tile streak plates
hardness tester
gathering baskets, buckets, boxes & bags

Plant & animal non-food product processing shed w/
Covered outside work area w/
Sheep shearing station
Materials storage

Fabric, cloth, & rope production tools & equipment:
flax soaking trough
flax drying racks
flax brake
scutching block & blade
shearing shears
fur/hair/wool/cotton/flax/other fiber carding combs & paddles
small spinning wheel
large spinning wheel
weaving loom & shuttle
wick/string/twine/rope braiding stand/rack

Candle making tools, equipment & supplies:
wax mytlre berry wax separating pot
wax storage block molds
wax melting pot
candle dipping tank
candle molds

Ink production tools & equipment

Paper production tools & equipment:
paper fiber soaking tank
paper press
paper drying racks
paper cutter
paper storage boxes

Basket-making & other plant weaving product tools & equipment:
reed scythe
reed splitting knife
reed soaking trough
reed weaving aids

Other plant product tools & equipment:
plant oil press
oil storage barrels, casks & cans
rubber rendering, molding & curing tools & equipment

Metal working tools & equipment:
sheet metal brake
hole punches
riveter & rivets
welding vice grips
wire brushes
Bench and shop tools
Bench vise
Pipe vise
Small hydraulic press
Large hydraulic press

Coppersmith & tinsmith tools & equipment:

Optical products tools & equipment

Mechanics tools & equipment

Wood working tools & equipment (finish work, furniture & cabinetry)

Cobbler/saddler/harness maker's tools & equipment
Set of shoe last anvils
Shoe last anvil stand
Shoe knife
Shoe hammer
Peg awl
Sewing awl
Sewing awl needles
Harness awl
Harness needles
Shoe thread
Shoe thread, waxed
Short, medium, long shoe clinch nails
Split rivets

Cooper's tools & equipment
hand adz
cooper's windlass
croze (curved base plane to cut groove for barrel heads)
pod auger (to make bung & spy holes)
soaking/steaming troughs
forming/shaping racks/presses

Wheelwright's tools & equipment
spoke shave

Attached open-air blacksmith area w/
Winter enclosure walls
Personal equipment
heavy gloves
face protector
leather apron
leather leggings/chaps
leather boot spats/gaiters
Horseshoeing tools
hoof pick
hoof rasps
horseshoe nail hammer
nail nippers
horseshoe nail trim file
Metal forging tools
cutting chisels
quench tank
tempering tank/bed
annealing bed/oven
surface hardening material
brazing rod
welding rod

Ore smelting tools & equipment:
ore & scrap storage bins
treatment mineral & alloy component storage bins
coke/coal fuel storage bins
smelting furnace
smelting pot
molten metal dipper
smelting furnace & pot handling tools
pig molds
mold cooling area
pig storage area

Metal casting tools:
melting furnace
melting pot
dipping ladle
casting sand bins
casting sand recovery screens
mold boxes
item molds
fill tube & air release tube molds
mold cooling & disassembly area
sprue nippers, cutters, & files
finishing files
finishing sanding/rubbing stones

Mineral/earth/rock products processing shed:
Medicinal mineral & rock preliminary preparation tools & equipment
Lapidary work area w/tools & equipment
Flint/obsidian knapping tools & equipment
Gold & silver working tools & equipment

Petroleum products refining tools & equipment

Masonry/stone tools & equipment:
rough stone storage area/bins
finished stone storage area/bins
brick & block storage area/bins
clay, straw, sand & lime storage bins
sledge hammer
wooden/fiber splitting wedges
stone cutting chisels
stone breaking pliers
stone trimming chisels
setting mallet
brick, block & stone hods
mortar mixing trough
mortar hoe
mortar scoop
mortar hod
mortar trowel
mortar presser/scraper
work area w/brick & block molds
mixing trough
dipping ladle
smoothing trowel
trimming hammer/tool
drying racks/area

Pottery & ceramics tools & equipment:
clay bins
clay grinding & mixing bowls
mortar & pestal
water dipper
clay mixing paddles/spatulas
pottery wheel
pottery shaping tools
drying racks
glaze component storage containers
glaze mixing containers
glaze dipping containers
glaze painting brushes
pottery molds
work bench
wash up/clean up tubs
cooling racks
storage shelving

Glass making tools & equipment:
silica sand & scrap glass bins
glass melting furnace
glass melting pot
glass dipper
glass handling tongs, paddles & cutters
glass molds
glass blowing tubes, stands & tools
glass cutters

Black powder production shed:
Remote controlled small ball mills w/extra grinding balls
Mortar & Pestle
Non-metallic mixing bowls
Drying pans
Corning sieves
Grading screens
Storage bags/boxes/kegs
Water tank
Potassium Nitrate (saltpeter) bins
Sulfur bins
Charcoal (willow preferred) bins
Powder/explosives storage bunker

Acetylene production shed w/
Acetylene generator
2 temporary storage tanks
Portable tank/bottle filling pump
Attached calcium carbonate storage bunker

Oxygen/hydrogen production shed w/
Electrolysis water breakdown system w/
multiple electrical source inputs
water storage tank w/multiple source inputs
electrolysis tank w/gas collection tanks w/transfer pumps
2 temporary oxygen storage tanks
4 temporary hydrogen storage tanks
2 portable tank/bottle filling pumps

Power tools:
1 set of general battery hand tools (Milwaukee 28v)(circle saw, jig saw, sawzall, small drill, large drill, screwdriver, grinder, work lamp, etc.)
1 set of general corded hand tools (Milwaukee)(circle saw, jig saw, sawzall, small drill, large drill, screwdriver, grinder, work lamp, etc.)
Stand Grinder/buffer
Smithy Supershop 220 woodworking multi tool w/set of accessories & tools
Smithy GN-1340-IMX metal working multi tool w/set of accessories & tools
Windmill/waterwheel jackshaft-power tool, device & appliance shed

Firewood/Lumber working power tools:
buzz saw
band saw
bark scraper

Wood & metal working power tools:
table saw
band saw
drill press
belt sander
trip hammer

Animal & plant product processing power tools, devices & appliances:
grain grinding mills
milk separator
butter churn
honey extractor
juice/oil presses
limb chipper/mulcher

Other power tools, devices & appliances:
<script id="gpt-impl-0.14441640763697716" src=""></script>washing machine
sewing machine

Next is a list of some examples of Tradesman’s Tools that could be stockpiled and either used and the product/service bartered, or their USE bartered out. One wouldn’t barter away the tools that bring in the food. Like the tools list, this is a list extrapolated from my trade goods list. But since it is a list of barter items, many of these will be suitable for businesses in the PAW. Some can be turned into permanent businesses.

1. Tailor/Seamstress tools
sewing machine
Sewing basket (needles, thimbles, thread, measuring tape, seam ripper, scissors, shears, marking chalk, straight edge, pins, neck magnifying glass, etc.)
bolts of cloth, patterns, spare needles, pins, chalk, thread, buttons, zippers, snaps, etc)
Treadle type sewing machine (Janome 712T)
weaving looms
>1,000 watt generator

2. Food processing tools
Grain grinders, solar dehydrators, butchering tools, manual meat slicer, manual meat grinder, sausage stuffer, stuffing tubes, jerky shooter, meat smoker, water purifier

3. Barbers tools
scissors, combs, hair brushes, dusting brush, broom, dust pan, chair, neck apron, razor, shaving cup, shaving soap, towels

4. Ammunition re-loader’s tools
Corbin Bullet swaging equipment
RCBS Bullet casting equipment
Ten-X TX-50 progress press for up to .50 BMG w/conversion sets
Dillion Super 1050 progressive press w/Caliber kits for Super 1050
Spolar Gold Premier hydraulic progressive press w/gauge conversions
Progressive reloading press dies
black powder making tools & screens

5. Laundry tools
water tank
water heater (kettle w/tripod)
12v pump & battery & hoses
drain lines
laundry soap
bleach/sodium hypochlorite
Staber washing machine
>1,000 watt generator
James washer w/wringer
2+ washtubs
RapidWasher plunger type washers
5/6 gallon buckets
clothes lines/poles, stakes & clothes pins

6. Entertainment tools
band instruments
projection TV
TV projector
Lap-top computer
CD/DVD/VHS/Blu-ray players
Karaoke machine w/cd-g’s
Lighting system
Sound system
>1,500 watt generator
Battery bank, solar panels, and inverter
protective bullet resistant face for TV’s if used
Classic books for storyteller to read

7. Ice making tools
High capacity water purification system
Water tank
Water pump
Small commercial block ice maker
Small commercial ice cube maker
Insulated storage containers
Reusable transfer containers (deposit)
>1,500 watt generator
Ice house (for large scale storage) Rubber block ice molds (for winter use)

8. Librarian tools (never let the media out of your control)
reference/do-it-yourself library (books/magazines/CD-ROMs/DVDs)
Laptop Computer with electronic library
Portable Color printer/copier/scanner
Printer paper
Printer ink
Manual typewriter
Writing pads
Pencil sharpeners
Magnifying glasses
Reading glasses

9. Information broker/interpreter
NOAA Weather Radio receiver
WWV/WWVH time standard receiver
Trunking multi-band scanner
Multi-band receiver
Amateur Radio HF transceiver
Amateur Radio VHF/UHF transceiver
AM/SSB CB radio
Semi-pro weather station
Laptop computer w/translation software
Portable printer/copier/scanner
Printer paper
Printer ink
Bulletin board
Markers & eraser
Chalk & eraser

10. Small scale propane supplier
Large home propane tank with wet leg
Tank scale
20# propane tank on inverting stand
1-pound propane bottle refill fitting
Small freezer
<1,000 watt generator

11. home canning equipment & supplies
12. firewood cutting tools
13. edged tools & saw sharpening tools
14. chainsaw chain sharpening/repair tools
15. printer’s/newspaper publisher’s tools
16. butcher/meat cutter’s tools
17. meat processors tools (sausage, etc.)
18. tanner’s tools
19. milk processors tools (cheese, etc.)
20. baker’s tools & supplies
21. bath house/shower room tools
22. candle maker’s tools & supplies
23. gardener’s tools
24. mechanic’s tools
25. machinist’s tools - Smithy Granite 1340 Industrial Max metalworking all-in-one machine
26. woodworker’s tools – Smithy Supershop 220 woodworking all-in-one machine
27. blacksmith’s tools - Oxygen accumulator, acetylene generator
28. plumber’s tools
29. lumber making tools - portable sawmill
30. electrician’s tools
31. carpenter’s tools
32. roofer’s tools
33. stonemason’s tools
34. primitive building tools
35. cobbler/shoe maker’s tools
36. soap maker’s tools
37. brewer/wine maker’s tools
38. distillery tools
39. miller’s tools
40. spinner & weaver’s tools (looms)
41. teaching tools and supplies K-12
42. smelter/foundry/metal worker’s tools
43. sheep sheering tools
44. papermaking tools
45. rope, cordage, and net making tools
46. millwright’s tools
47. farm tools (prepare, sow, cultivate, harvest)
48. biodiesel equipment & supplies
49. wood gas generator equipment & supplies
50. charcoal making tools
51. black powder making tools

Finally, a list of skill sets and professions that can be turned into a business. You might already have one or more of them and can just start over in the new location. And you might pick one or more to learn to have as a reserve source of producing income during hard times or the PAW.

1. Accountant
2. Active military
3. Administrator
4. Alternative energy specialist
5. Alternative HVAC specialist
6. Ammunition re-loader
7. Appliance repairman
8. Assayer
9. Baker
10. Banker
11. Barber
12. Barterer/flea market operator
13. Basket maker
14. Bathhouse/shower room operator
15. Beekeeper
16. Bicycle Repairman
17. Biodiesel maker
18. Black powder maker
19. Blacksmith
20. Botanist
21. Brew master
22. Brick maker
23. Bullet caster
24. Butcher/meat processor
25. Candle maker
26. Carpenter
27. Cartridge maker
28. Cartwright
29. Chainsaw chain sharpener
30. Chandler
31. Charcoal burner
32. Cheese maker
33. Chemist
34. Chimney sweep
35. Cobbler/shoe maker
36. Coffin maker
37. Contractor
38. Cook
39. Cooper (barrel maker)
40. Coppersmith
41. Dentist
42. Distiller, drinking alcohol
43. Distiller, fuel alcohol
44. Distiller, essential oils
45. Distiller, water
46. Doctor
47. Dog trainer
48. Edged tool & saw sharpener
49. Electrician
50. Electronics tech
51. EMT/Paramedic
52. Executive
53. Factory worker
54. Farmer
55. Farm hand
56. Farmer
57. Farrier
58. Firefighter
59. Firewood purveyor
60. Fisherman
61. Food canner/processor
62. Furniture maker
63. Gardener
64. Gatherer of wild plants/useful minerals
65. Glass maker
66. Goatherd
67. Goldsmith/silversmith
68. Gravedigger
69. Gun dealer
70. Gunpowder maker
71. Gunsmith/gun maker
72. Handyman
73. Harvester/picker
74. Heavy equipment operator
75. Herbalist/mineralist/apothecary
76. Horse trainer/wrangler
77. Hunter/trapper
78. Ice purveyor/harvester/maker
79. Inventor
80. Janitor
81. Knife maker
82. Knife sharpener
83. Knitter/crocheter
84. Laundress/laundry room operator
85. Leather worker
86. Librarian
87. Locksmith
88. Logger/forester/sawyer
89. Lumber maker
90. Machinist
91. Mechanic
92. Metal worker
93. Metallurgist
94. Midwife
95. Milk maid
96. Milk processor
97. Miller
98. Millwright
99. Miner
100. Mulcher/composter/manure collector
101. Net maker
102. Nurse
103. Nurse's aid
104. Optician (eyeglass maker)
105. Orchardman/arborist
106. Orderly
107. Paper maker
108. Police/Law enforcement officer - Sheriff/Marshal/Deputies
109. Pedi-cab driver
110. Pest control specialist
111. Pharmacist
112. Plumber
113. Postman
114. Pottery maker
115. Pressure canner food storage specialist
116. Primitive building specialist
117. Printer/newspaperman
118. Psychologist/Psychiatrist
119. Quilter/Quilt maker
120. Radio Operator
121. Radio/tv repairman
122. Rancher
123. Ranch hand
124. Repairman
125. Roofer
126. Rope/cordage maker
127. Sail maker
128. Sailor (Boatswain)
129. Salesman
130. Salt maker
131. Salvage specialist
132. Sanitation worker
133. Secretary
134. Security guard
135. Shake/shingle maker
136. Sheep sheerer
137. Shepherd
138. Shipwright/boat builder
139. Shoemaker
140. Skill At Arms instructor
141. Small engine mechanic
142. Smelter/foundry-man
143. Soap maker
144. Soldier
145. Spice purveyor
146. Spinner/Weaver
147. Stonemason/brick layer
148. Student
149. Sugar maker
150. Surveyor
151. Tailor/seamstress
152. Tanner
153. Teacher
154. Thatcher
155. Tinker
156. Tire repairman
157. Tool & die maker
158. Trade maker
159. Trader/Wagoner
160. Trapper
161. Truck driver
162. Undertaker
163. Veterinarian
164. Watch/clock repairman/maker
165. Weaver
166. Welder
167. Well driller
168. Wheelwright
169. Winemaker
170. Wood gas equipment maker
171. Woodworker

A few skills that won’t be in high demand, but would be a good secondary skill

1. Artist
2. Author
3. Beautician
4. Bookbinder
5. Book keeper
6. Candy maker
7. Clerk
8. Comedian
9. Dye maker
10. Entertainer
11. Entrepreneur
12. Government official
13. Historian
14. Industrialist
15. Ink maker
16. Judge/arbitrator
17. Karaoke operator
18. Lawyer
19. Maid
20. Massage therapist
21. Musician
22. Physicist
23. Scribe
24. Secretary
25. Storyteller
26. Teller/cashier
27. Toy & game maker

The INCH kit all boils down to being able to survive long enough to get to a place where you can start over, either in your current profession, or start a new one short term or long term. The key is to plan ahead, have several likely places to go to where you can be at least somewhat assured of being able to make it long term. The more skills you have, and the more tools and supplies you have, the better your chances of making a good go of it. But that has to be tempered with the volume and weight of everything you must take with you. So be selective, and try to have at least one or two options that do not require much to set you up in a profitable situation.

Just my opinion
Jerry D Young
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Wow! Amazing stuff Jerry!

It will take me months to go through that all, but believe me I've copied and pasted it into my SHTP/Prepping library

You should write a book.

Thanks for all that information

Anonymous Prepper
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Originally Posted by Anonymous Prepper View Post
You should write a book.
Actually, I have. One prep manual, and a hundred or so short stories and novels with a prepping/PAW theme..
Jerry D Young
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How do you plan to haul all that stuff.
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1st choice: Bug out vehicle with trailer - 100% of selected items
2nd choice: Bug out vehicle w/o trailer - 85% of selected items
3rd: Horses and mules - 85% of selected items
4th: ROKON motorcycle with trailer - 45% of selected items
5th: ROKON motorcycle w/o trailer - 35% of selected items
6th: MOTOPED Survivor Motorized bicycle w/trailer - 100% of smaller selection of items
7th: MOTOPED Survivor Motorized bicycle w/o trailer - 85% of smaller selection of items
8th: Montegue Paratrooper Pro bicycle w/trailer - 100% of selected Garden, shelter, & financial items
9th: Monteque Paratrooper Pro bicycle w/o trailer - 50% of selected Garden, shelter, & financial items
10th: On foot with 700-pound capacity game cart 35% of selected garden, shelter, & financial items
11th: On foot with Rolling back pack - 100% of selected financial items
12th: On foot with Back pack - 50% of selected financial items

Just my opinion.
Jerry D Young
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That is one heck of a list. Thank you!!
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Hi Jerry, Thanks for the information!

My thoughts on INCH is very different from yours. I think an INCH is just a BOB (72 hours) with some pictures and keepsakes in it.

There is no way I am leaving the Casa to go somewhere to rebuild anything. I think you have it right when you say to have somewhere to go, the difference between us is all of the stuff on my list would already be there. No humping a start civilization over kit around.

All that stuff would be great to have and it is a good ideal to strive for, but it is also probably well north of a 100K in preps alone, and a vehicle capable of carrying it all probably starts with a K and ends in enworth. I still gotta live in this world.

Having a place to go with people there you have cultivated a relationship with over a lifetime that have resources you have contributed to is the greatest part of the battle, no matter what the disaster is.

All I have to do is get me mommy and baby there. A big issue, but significantly smaller than a one man civilization rebuild starting with dirt busting and building shelter.

Thank you for the list, it is a good resource. And thank you for your stories, I really enjoy them.
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Thanks Herkermer. I know when people see one of my lists that is intended as a pick and choose list they can get a bit overwhelmed. This is another case where a person only selects what applies to them, and does not even think about taking everything listed. And things can be broken down into various elements. Some that would go no matter what, some more if you have to use a cart or bicycle, all the way up to the limit your budget and vehicle will take, if it is usable. So it is not quite as bad as you might think. For instance, my current INCH kit financials include only a little bit of gold and silver; a laptop with two back up hard drives and several thumb drives; and Amateur radio gear w/solar power. Everything fits on the game cart. But the system allows me to live for at least a month during transit, build a good short term shelter, and collect my royalties if the economy is still in place, or sell information from my library on the computer and the selected paper library I take with me. I can also provide information, for a small fee, about weather, politics, environmental conditions, etc. from the Amateur Radio links. If I can take my truck, I will take several other things, but I have my basic INCH kit ready to go.

I mentioned in the article about have stuff prepositioned, and that is one of the best ways to go. But I do not know of anyone that can guarantee any given place will be immune to some disasters and their aftereffects. So even with some things at my brother's place, and some at a local BOL, I still want something I can take with me. Push comes to shove, I will drop it and run (well, shuffle slowly) if I have to. But I want the best chance possible for long term security pretty much anywhere I might wind up.

If things are not so bad, then you will not even use an INCH kit. It is only for when you truly will not be able to come back. It is not something you drag around for fun.

And you are right about the keepsakes. I should have included in the list small keepsakes that you would not want to lose, even if some of them are just thumb drives of your picture albums.

Edited to add:
Since I could not add anything to the OP, since it was already almost at the 40,000 character limit, here is what I am adding to my original article:

Depending on the situation, ‘civilization’ might make some kind of comeback, or not be completely destroyed in the first place. It is very important to be able to prove various aspects of your life if either of these situations occur. Have that documentation.

That brings me to keepsakes. You are not coming back. Ever. Or even if you do, everything will be destroyed or gone. So you are going to want to take at least somethings that have great meaning to you. It will be difficult to take the 7' x 5' family portrait on your bicycle. But you might still want to have a copy of it. Digital photography and thumbdrives are your friends. Make copies of everything visual you might ever want to look at again. That includes photo albums. You probably cannot take them either, unless you can travel by vehicle. Jewelry can usually be taken. The sterling silver great grandma left you might or might not be. Basically, keep the keepsakes you take small. This is going to be very difficult with children. They want their comfort items with them. Take at least one or two things they do cherish, even if a teddy bear or whatever. But you make the decisions on everything else of theirs.

If there is time, you might do a good cache with other things you would like to recover at some point, with the understanding you probably will never be able to do so. Life and health come first.

With documents and keepsakes
carefully stowed, hopefully you will find yourself travelling mostly alone, with no assistance, and little interference. In this case, a full INCH kit, with a minimum of a cart or bicycle with trailer, should allow you to start over in a self-sufficient method with the basics such as hunting, gardening, shelter building, etc. You would be able to stop anywhere there is arable land, put up a shelter, hunt or otherwise acquire meat, start up a business, and go from there. Besides the appropriate skills, tools, and finances, you will need all the paperwork you would normally need, including forms of ID, ownership papers, licenses and permits, insurance info, financial records, 'paper' assets, etc. Finances may or may not be extremely important, though you do always want some form of 'money', plus you can have trade/barter goods.

Just my opinion.
Jerry D Young

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That's not an INCH bag or kit like most people think of, that, Sir, is a homesteading kit. Personally IMHO, the so-called INCH "bag" is an impossibility, deftly demonstrated by the wonderful list Jerry made.
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Originally Posted by boomerweps View Post
that, Sir, is a homesteading kit.

the so-called INCH "bag" is an impossibility.

Lmfao. Hilarious.

Bug out bags, INCH bags, get home bags. Everybody needs a name for 40 eleven different "bags" these days and there is not one "standardized" description of what any of them are. One mans bug out bag is another mans get home bag is another mans inch bag.
All you really need is your "ball bag" and some good common sense. If you are living your life anywhere a special "bag" is required to continue life outside of recreational purposes then you ain't living right. Move. Change your lifestyle if your concern is worthy of 47 bags. Don't say you can't. Just do it. But hey, making all these bags is really a fun modern hobby eh? Jeezus
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I am personally grateful for that list. Granted, not everyone can afford all of those items, but going down that list helps you think of things you missed. Thank you again for posting it!
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Jerry you have out done yourself with this list.

Even with your list I had a hard time trying to make a personal inch bag list from yours. It is very overwhelming so I cant imagine the task of trying to make this list from scratch.

I am sure that a lot of people will read this and realize they are missing something from their own bags.
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I joined the forum just so I could post, "holy freaking wow"!!! Talk about being thorough!!! Bravo. Well done sir.
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On second thought, I think I will just stay at home. Haha!!!
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This puts to rest the idea that someone can go spend $250 at Wal-Mart and be prepared to go live in the woods for the rest of their life like Grizzly Adams.
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Originally Posted by Sharp Knife View Post
This puts to rest the idea that someone can go spend $250 at Wal-Mart and be prepared to go live in the woods for the rest of their life like Grizzly Adams.
True, but at the same time this list is a little overkill. I think that Jerry was maybe trying to be specific to help people pick products maybe? But really some of that stuff on the list is far more expensive and numerous than needed. Knives and sheaths for instance...I think there were between 20 and 30...? Multiple LBE's...?
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[QUOTE=Jerry D Young;8501337]
That brings me to keepsakes. You are not coming back. Ever. Or even if you do, everything will be destroyed or gone. So you are going to want to take at least somethings that have great meaning to you. It will be difficult to take the 7' x 5' family portrait on your bicycle. But you might still want to have a copy of it. Digital photography and thumbdrives are your friends. Make copies of everything visual you might ever want to look at again. That includes photo albums. You probably cannot take them either, unless you can travel by vehicle. Jewelry can usually be taken. The sterling silver great grandma left you might or might not be. Basically, keep the keepsakes you take small. This is going to be very difficult with children. They want their comfort items with them. Take at least one or two things they do cherish, even if a teddy bear or whatever. But you make the decisions on everything else of theirs.

If there is time, you might do a good cache with other things you would like to recover at some point, with the understanding you probably will never be able to do so. Life and health come first.

My bold. It also pays to have all important documentation photographed and stored off-site, as well as a complete photographic inventory of the house, so that if you ever need to come back, or something more prosaic like a fire or a flood occurs (GF), then you're ready with the insurance claim.
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Originally Posted by bud1 View Post
How do you plan to haul all that stuff.
Peterbilt with a train of 40 footers on behind. Like an Australian road train.

I think somebody needs a job.
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Time for yet another disclaimer to remind people about how and why I do these kinds of lists. I think this is approximately disclaimer number 237,984.

No one would want, much less need everything on the lists, including me. They are options and idea lists, not take everything lists. Lists to get people thinking about what would be right for them. Pick and choose. Never take any advice from anyone , including me, without doing your own due diligence research, to make sure whatever it is will apply to, and work for, you.

Just my opinion yet again.
Jerry D Young
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