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Old 08-18-2019, 07:08 PM
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Default Tell me about Maine

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I'm originally from Massachusetts, and we use to go to Saco Maine to visit my great grandparents when I was a kid. Going to the coast there to go swimming is really all I remember of Maine. Though the memories are kind of vague, I remember Maine having a beautiful coast. We moved to Texas when I was seven and I havent been back to New England since.

I lived in Montana for three and a half years but moved back to Texas recently because my wife inherited some property. We were going to start a homestead here, but it has only taken a few months for me to want to leave again. There are simply too many people here, and Texas is turning into northern Mexico. I'm used to the heat, but it sucks, and I miss the cooler weather and the snow.

I was going to just move back to Montana, but thoughts of Maine keep nagging at me. That beautiful coast and the fact the state is like 90 percent forest is alluring to me. Maine also has good gun laws which is nice. The crime rate appears to pretty low from what Ive been reading, and housing is more affordable than Montana.

So, with that said I have a couple of questions about Maine.

Is Maine conservative or liberal? Portland is obviously liberal, do the politics in Portland control the state? You cant get away from liberals no matter where you go, but I dont want to live in a soon to be highly regulated hell hole like California.

What are the people like?

What are the homeschool laws like?

How's the economy? I'm a mechanic and mechanics are needed everywhere, but what are the prospects for a mechaic there? I'd rather not have to work in Portland and have to live in the suburbs. Where would be good place to live that would be close enough to to a town or city with decent paying jobs?

My wife and I just want a quiet little homestead out in the country, and we want to live somewhere that respects our freedom to live our lives how we want. I would like to hear from the folks here at SB whether Maine is worth it, or if its close proximity to commie New England states makes such a move a bad idea.
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Old 08-22-2019, 06:36 PM
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Anywhere NORTH of Augusta is where you want to go. It meets all Of the things you want.
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Old 08-22-2019, 08:06 PM
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If you like the cold (don't know why) and long winters then Maine would be a good fit. But here is some pros and cons.
The people here are generally not unfriendly. Compared to Mass they are really nice. But compared to say Virginia we Mainers suck as people in general. Generally speaking people in Maine fall on two sides of the spectrum. Either hard working or hardly working. The ones working hard do fine but there are a LOT of lazy worthless unproductive people here. Not hard to compete and get work and even decent pay with a great work ethic but the low life people do suck living near.
As far as location if you are looking for something strategic pull up a map and look for open fields where there are obviously FARMS. Unity, Farmington and further north to Houlton would all be decent SHTF relocation places. Houlton would be best but super cold and less work.
Maine is a strong mix of liberal/conservative. Anything coastal is liberal.
Homeschool laws are pretty good but we did just get awarded a super liberal governor who may or may not try to change that.
Economy is never great in Maine LOL. Depending on what someone does. I do great in my trade. Auto work should be fine.
I would love Texas if it wasn't getting overrun by an army of illegals. So can't blame you for wanting to head north. Yes housing is way cheaper than Montana. If you are moving from south to north and not already here I would have a hard time picking Maine over Montana. But when it comes to the "redoubt" community they generally forget about the elephant in the living room....Forest fires are going to be a huge problem for Idaho and Montana and other western states that have fires now and commercially suppress them. I dreamed of moving to Idaho for years and didn't finally decide against it until I realized this.
Hunting in Maine is not as easy as one would think. I'm sure there are some places that are really good. Maybe the farm locations I mentioned above. But I haven't got a deer in years along the coast here. When I was in Virginia this last winter we saw 200 deer in a 4 day span from 2pm-4pm. Nothing like that here just BTW. I hardly ever see deer and drive all over the state.
There are many things about Maine as a relocation area that are great though! Mostly if you are already here things to justify staying LOL. If you are relocating away from Mexas I personally wouldn't choose Maine, but I hate the winters with a passion. Hoping to move south end of 2020. If you do come to Maine and want a shooting buddy LMK.
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Old 08-23-2019, 08:14 AM
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I'm not from Maine nor have I ever been there but I just wanted to address the climate (cold vs hot). I recently left the Denver area partly because of the long, snowy winters. It's funny that when you're in a cold climate for a long time ... you seek a warmer one. But when you're in a hot climate for a long time ... you seek a colder one. I've been looking for that happy medium. As beautiful as Maine is ... I know I'd get tired of the long, cold winters in a big hurry.
Thanks to Covid ... deaths caused by the flu, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and car crashes have declined DRAMATICALLY!
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Old 08-23-2019, 08:55 AM
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I have vacationed in Maine for many years, as well as having friends live there and in Vermont. I just don't understand how they carve out a living in the rural area's, unless you work for the state or the Feds.

I know a lot of guys that work the Lobster boats, and that job is tough! Think Deadliest Catch without cameras!

I'd love to live up north, but Vermont just passed some really bad gun laws (10rd limit on rifle mags, 15 rd limit on pistol mags?!?!WTF!!), and Maine is turning into North Massachusetts. NH is still in play, but again finding work is the problem! I vacationed there and it looks like ghost towns through the White Mountains.

Good luck with your search! Keep us posted!
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Old 08-23-2019, 04:05 PM
Daniel8 Daniel8 is offline
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Yeah... Maine is turning into a norther M******* land...
The area I moved to 12 years ago is busier than ever. I make really good money but I operate a company that I carved out of stone and travel 3 states doing commercial work.
Cold climates in SHTF are not good. I'm prepped for it as much as possible with 2 identical chain saws, 40 chains, 3-4 year supply of trufuel and oil and current 2 year supply of wood. But still, it sucks. I get winter blues hard. Just bid on a house in warmer weather. But not too warm.
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Old 08-24-2019, 06:02 PM
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That's why I moved from New Hampsha to here in SC
53 years of winter was enough
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