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Old 08-15-2020, 09:58 AM
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As I had always factored disease both contact and airborne into my expectations of calamity I am on a replace only program but that has got a little more expensive.
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Old 08-15-2020, 10:21 AM
beaner beaner is offline
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Where coronavirus really helped was with the extended family. We have a group from the extended family that we have talked and they know this is where they go. They all keep extra food and things on hand but aren't what I would consider to be preppers. For OPSEC we haven't told them how prepared we really are other than we are more prepared than others.

The "great toilet paper scavenger hunt of '20" opened their eyes. They now have better plans and more supplies on hand. They will now show up better prepared to pitch in rather than empty handed.
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Old 08-15-2020, 08:17 PM
LuniticFringeInc LuniticFringeInc is offline
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It gave me a bit of a wake up call.

I have been working really hard and being frugal trying to get debt free. Being out of work and laid off for 3 months really put a dent in the bank account, although I had more than enough emergency funds to see me through comfortably. But now I am scrambling at a fevered pitch to get the last 2 credit cards paid off so as to reduce my monthly living expenses. I got to get that 600 lbs gorilla off my back and Ive carried it around for way too long.

I have gotten way more serious about expanding the garden and dehydrating the fruits of my labor. I have put back a lot more in the pantry than normally I have. A lot less procrastinating these days and a lot more action! I have shifted more to dehydrated stuff than commercially canned food stores. Less weight, less space needed to store it! I have decided that I need a lot bigger dehydrator than the little cheesy 4 tray one I have now. Much larger and more user friendly unit in the near future is going to be coming my way soon!

After the Sandy Hook ammo shortage...I had more than enough to see me through but not enough to be comfortable about it. I am setting way better this time around, actually I am pretty fat dumb and happy except for a couple of things since I stumbled into a couple of deals and made unplanned purchases of two new fire arms. When ammo comes back on line I will most definitely be buying a lot more reloading components than what I had on hand when this crap started. The gun shortage wasnt a big thing, I have just about everything I need from a practical stand point although I am a little miffed at having to hold off for a Glock 17/34. But I by no means need that one.

While I have a Threat Level III vest, I am thinking its time to get a better, Level IV. In fact thats probably my next addition! With all the civil unrest these days and violence, I am starting to think its more of a legitimate need and less of a luxury addition.

I never really put that much thought into medical gloves, mask and such. Thats definitely gonna change! I will be stocking a lot more of that type stuff going forward. I had some just not nearly what I should have had on hand. It was a relief that getting prescriptions refilled wasnt all that big of a deal and due to social distancing, I was able to get most refilled without a doctors visit that normally is required. I have some medical supplies I periodically use and was a bit concerned that getting more would be challenging. I am gonna be working on solving that little issue so that I have several months supply on hand going forward.

I guess my biggest concern was being able to renew my license and my TDLR license! We have about a 3 month waiting list at the DMV here unless you wanna drive a few hours out to west Texas. Being a Drivers Ed Instructor...those two licenses expiring almost the same week had me sweating bullets!!! Luckily I have never renewed my license on line and was able to do that no problem. Finding a way to get the 4 hour seminar I needed to renew my TDLR license was a bit of a challenge but I found a work around since they cancelled them state wide. They typically hold about 4 of those and do the one for the DFW area in March and we were locked down!

Im really glad I had an emergency fund set up. It came in really handy being unemployed for 3 months. I am gonna be adding a lot more to it though. If we got this far off the reservation over Covid 19 how over the top are we gonna get when flu season gets here or we get hit with swine flu or avian flu again. Unless the Democrats get back to power again I have a feeling that lock downs like this will be the "new norm" in America until they do.

All the civil unrest, riots and looting nation wide has made me look at personal security a little harder especially with the push to defund law enforcement agencies. It seems like we are a little closer every year to being a 3rd world crap hole the military frequently sent me to for 21 years off and on. I often wonder how much longer we can go before the bubble burst and it becomes a free for all. It seems like a lot of folks these days are quite comfortable with mob rules instead of law and order.
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Old 08-31-2020, 06:17 PM
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i know for sure there is change in my preps and garden and stuff. i am glad I have crafts being that crafts in craft section is slim pickings. i keep my basic preps but lysol as been o for me I donated my can that I had... i know I hoarded a few things that are a plus. i know I learn from this pandemic i will continue to learn and struggle. i also keep in mind that a simple act of kindness being kind to child that sits alone while there father does therapy or giving a ole lady who can baelry walk the cart I have. Small talk has been my best prep and kindness, I gave the child a joke book and a drawing pad and crayons i cleaned the items double bagged it. kindness does not cost anything. even with the crazy be kind. its on my bucket list.
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Old 09-08-2020, 09:48 AM
Monique Monique is offline
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I learned to listen more to my instincts. Several things I "knew" to buy in January and February (toilet paper!) and several I knew and didn't follow through on to my regret (a small freezer!) Also I am getting a lot less push back from certain household members than a year ago.
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Old 09-08-2020, 09:53 AM
fistfulladirt fistfulladirt is offline
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It accelerated my retirement plan and now, finally, every day is Saturday.
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Old 09-08-2020, 11:59 AM
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Since my last post on this topic back in May, things have actually improved somewhat. My full salary was reinstated and my wife is back to work after a three-month furlough. We only had to dip into our preps minimally, mostly things that were due to be rotated through anyway. I was very glad to already have the most in-demand items - toilet paper and ammo - already set aside for shortages, even if I didn't expect it to be due to the two-headed monster of a pandemic and civil unrest.

However, I'm certainly not taking anything for granted. With or without the politicization of the aforementioned issues, I fully expect things to get worse immediately before the election, and from then into the foreseeable future. Regardless of how Election Day turns out, from the top down, a lot of people will be angry at the results and feel justified to make their displeasure known in whatever way comes to mind. I remain concerned about my long-term employment prospects (and my wife's) and am well aware of how bad things could get if our just-in-time methods of retail resupply are disrupted.

This week, I need to top off our fuel supply, as I would have no trouble imagining a spike in prices and potential shortages before winter.
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Old 09-15-2020, 06:20 PM
cooper30 cooper30 is offline
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As crappy as this sounds, we've benefited from the pandemic.

I'm working my ass off....all the overtime I can handle. The extra money has allowed us to accelerate getting our remote, off grid camp ready for our early retirement.
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Old 09-15-2020, 11:20 PM
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Another way it has helped...husband did NOT object when I brought home three pigs - one to raise for meat, and two for breeding, for future "bacon seeds."
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Old 09-16-2020, 12:19 AM
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Saved me a ton of money on daycare! Also no driving for work means no gas money is going out for that. No going out to eat means no money going out there either.
The mental tole on my kids and me have been tough. Not being able to go swimming, parks, see friends all play a big role in mental health.
It has been good becuase I can see my preps are good. Stored fruit was the main failing in my food preps...I’m allergic to most fruits so it wasn’t much of a consideration ever. But kids eat a lot more then I had realized/calculated/bought/stored.
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Old 09-16-2020, 02:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Oei View Post
SBut kids eat a lot more then I had realized/calculated/bought/stored.
Ain't that the truth. Instead of going travelling before joining the Royal Marines, No. 1 son is staying at home, working full time AND working out twice a day. That works out at 4000 calories a day, on my dime. Bless him. Never mind, in six months time the Marines will have to feed him. I guess they've done that sort of thing before.
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Old 09-19-2020, 08:50 PM
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Help. Big time. I hate to say it, but I had become a bit laxed. I felt prepared and hadn't done much for 1-2 years. This really helped me to reorganize, clean out some junk stuff, and fill any holes I found. I upgraded my pressure canner and really expanded my medical supplies. Even though it probably cot me an extra $400 between them, I have put together 4 extra AR's. This really made me come to terms with how few of my trusted people were properly armed. It's crazy. 80% of Americans plan to take on the world with a Glock 19 or pump 12 ga.
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Old 09-19-2020, 11:08 PM
Late2Prep Late2Prep is offline
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Can't say about anyone else but I have not lost any weight.
The wife being a gourmet cook does not help.

The rest of the prepping, it definitely slowed as I was getting back into it after a hiatus.

I will admit, the older I get the slower my preps come along.
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Old 09-21-2020, 10:01 PM
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I was retired and ended up being sucked right back in. I only recently dropped back to below serious overtime. Never thought I had it in me, but I did. Hope to stop again by year's end.

My actual prepping was probably topped off years ago. Maintaining hasn't really changed. My Achilles is probably my Rx supply, and not much I can do about that.
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Old 09-22-2020, 07:53 AM
Offrink Offrink is offline
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Haven’t had to touch preps. Got a little better organized and learned I had over 375 servings of home canned tomato products, 125 servings of meat, and hundreds of servings of canned veggies.
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Old 09-22-2020, 08:04 AM
Rural Buckeye Guy Rural Buckeye Guy is offline
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At home work has left me with increased mad money fund and decreased daly spending. My kids live here too but pay thier own bills and tuition, including food.

So far, I have paid off debts, bought a new CC pistol and deepened my second pantry. Now I am buying equipment and junk silver for a few paychecks. Yeah, I know, follish to buy in this market but I have a rapidly closing junk silver hole. Equipment is the priority. I am also much more active now that commuting time has been converted to sleep time. Getting in much better shape is a prep.

Most of this is for others, not me. I just have greater funds than them. They are younger. Interesting to watch thier idealistic notions confronted by day to day. Thats thier prep.

CV has been very positive for me.
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Old 09-22-2020, 08:49 AM
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when the tax return came in, I bought a free standing punching bag and got lucky on another 180# of weights. so far lost 20 pounds, strength is way up.

Paying off debt, got all the overtime I can handle, got my personal protection officer certification, as well as my P.I. license.

Helped a good friend start off prepping, she is learning all she can and doesn't argue.

filling holes in my limited storage space, and finally got the body armor issue settled.
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Old 09-22-2020, 09:05 AM is online now
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COVID-19 has really worked out for me. I have really re-thought my acquisitions planning and purchasing scheme.

Read somewhere that "IF you are one step ahead of the Crowd, you are a genius. IF you are two steps ahead of the crowd, you are a crackpot. IF you are three steps ahead of the crowd, you are a lunatic".

Lot of family members thought I had gone over the edge. Now, I'm kind of turned into the 'Supply/Logistics Officer' for the family. So, sort of a good thing.

But learned two really big lessons along the way:

First, having items really isn't near as useful as knowing where they are (organized) when you need them. Doing a major garage/shed renovation (insulation, better lighting, both roll-in/roll-out & built-in shelves, drywall, portable heating to make usable in cold.

Second, I have to listen more to my instincts. Should have purchased more junk silver. Bought a lot, but should have purchased more. Purchased masks like crazy back in December & January, but over 50% were P95's, P100's, and both half & full face respirators. Great gear, but I was getting into overkill, because I was thinking more Ebola/Marburg and COVID-19. Had enough N95's, but I'm getting close to the bottom and true N95's are hard to get right now (still).
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Old 09-22-2020, 10:49 AM
Toyboy Toyboy is offline
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In balance, I think it has hurt my plans. Things seem to be much more difficult for me and my 2 boys, broken down as follows:

PPE: I had a 1,000 surgical masks and 2 dozen n95s. We went through the surgical masks much quicker than I anticipated. I had 4 gallons of santizer, it is holding. I had 200 pairs of gloves, that seem sufficient. The rest of the PPE is unused.

Canned Goods: we tore through them when the shortages hit, but they have been replenished and expanded. they served their purpose

Meat: was a struggle. the shortage here hit close to my early summer stock up period, (i fill my freezer 3 times a year). I was able to refill it last month, but we did get down to 10lbs of beef, which is really low

Financial: My private contract with the State has been a godsend. The Court's here are still closed and my small boutique business HR law practice ground to an immediate halt in March. it has just now started to pick back up. Although it is 10% of my time, it accounts for 30% of my income and the loss was felt. Electricity expenses has increased substantially with all of us being home. gas decreased as I have been working out of my home. the increase cost of groceries was felt. there wasn't any extra money.

my 4 cases of toilette paper, much derided by my children, value was finally realized.

we experienced a localized jump in cases once the university reopened, and it looks like our Courts will be closed for in person hearings until the first of the year. I expect my private practice to earn about 10% this year compared to last year.

family vacations and less travel have been difficult, but we have spent more time together this year shooting and hanging out in the pool. it has been good for conversation.

it has been a learning experience prepping wise, but so far we have survived without injury, illness or serious financial I guess the prepping served its purpose
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Old 09-22-2020, 11:14 AM
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I think it has helped me. My family believes more now in preparation and seriousness of disasters and how our community can be impacted.

Food wise. We usually buy a cow for the year and last years hunt provided us us with plenty of meat during food shortages at the local grocery stores. I had some canning done from previous year as well so we didn't depend on much fresh produce.
We try to stay out of the markets as much as possible...too many people creates unpredictable situations.

Ammunition and Medical supplies. We have kept a healthy supply before so when these became non existing we are ok. I will not purchase these in a shortage the prices became too high. Cleaning supplies we realized we were lacking in our storage but we got what we could.

There are some areas we could improve on as far as other preps....water and fuel. We realized we didn't have as much stored as we liked.

One major area that did hurt was my family's hunting area became crowded with a lot of people moving into the wilderness to escape their normal community. This put a strain on the wildlife out there and affected this year's harvest.

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