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Old 09-19-2019, 10:03 PM
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I love this forum
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Just thought of something for the folks just getting into self defense.

The keg kick.

Extremely useful and pretty safe compared to high kicks to the head or torso which can leave you open and vulnerable if your opponent reads it and catches you off balance.

Leg kicks can be thrown easily without leaving you vulnerable. Targeting the knee at the right angle can actually end a fight. But for those that don't know...targeting the opponents legs with accurate kicks can open all kinds of attacks for ending a fight.

First, if you land enough of them even without taking out a knee you can put your attacker off balance which can help you with a take down or simply force them to keep their distance and NOT take you down if you prefer to stand.

I include sweeps in leg attacks. Traditional karate or tae kwon do I honestly don't have much use for except the sweep. Just by itself without a follow up attack it drains and demoralizes an opponent to be continuously sent to the ground. Then there's take down value. It's an easy way for a smaller person to bring a larger opponent down without having to grapple. If your fast you can capitalize with a mount and ground and pound on a stronger opponent you might otherwise not be able to get down on the ground.

It should be noted that strength and size are advantages you must take into consideration in a fight. If your outweighed and your opponent is stronger your ground game and technique has to be much better or you will be over powered .

That goes along the lines of the pick. Skills and know how will almost always at least equal the difference in size and strength between opponents but as a smaller person the key is to outsmart and outfight the opponent.

For example: arm bars are awesome but if your opponent is a lot bigger and stronger you have to realize that you may not be able to break that arm or you might just get picked up and slammed even though you have the lock.

Happens to me all the time when sparring at the gym. I'm a pretty small guy, I go 155 with my boots on. But I'm Irish so I take on all with relish and bigger guys...some stuff like the arm bar just doesn't work.

One of my buddies I spar with is easily in the 250 range and i just don't have the sauce to submit him with that hold. Trust me I've tried and I've locked em in tight and it's a no go. He simply stands up which lifts my entire body off the mat if I refuse to give up the hold and slams be until I let go.

I did get him with a triangle choke once but I paid for it before he tapped. I got slammed but hung on and since I had it tight he was going out eventually. But had this been a street fight I seriously doubt I could have held that choke after being slammed on concrete instead of a mat.

So. For self defense I strongly suggest actual training if your female or just a small guy. To effectively defend against a larger, stronger attacker you have got to know how to fight them and how to overcome that Gap.

Remember: if everything else is equal like ability and the know how to fight, the larger stronger person is going to beat you. To win or just defend against this as a smaller person you must know how to fight and you have to be better than you opponent/attacker.
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Old 10-24-2019, 04:47 PM
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Lots of good advice here.
BJJ is great! If you're against multiple opponents though...don't go to the ground.
The OP may not be around any more, seems he never came back, but for anyone, check out some of Sammy Franco books - Defeat Multiple Attackers, and Widow Maker Program and How to Fight Bigger Opponents, Savage Street Fighting, etc.

The one LEO I think, turned asset recovery agent, who'd done something for 20 years , said it well - It's not the dog in the fight; it's the fight in the dog. You gotta be willing. And many thugs are willing to hurt or maim you...without remorse.

Sammy Franco's books will teach you stuff they usually aren't covered in the great MA's such as boxing, BJJ, KM, Muay Thai, Jeet Kune Do, San Soo. (well MAYBE you'll get some street fighting secrets in JKD and San Soo, but only after a lot of beginner stuff that might take months or a year or two.) Ayaayaas said it well too. The simple front kick is one of the very first things you learn in Jeet Kune Do. Soooo effective. So easy to practice and learn. I saw some youtube crazy guy came running headlong at you, swinging wild, and thought a front snap kick would end that right away, with right timing.

Steer away from Aikido, Tae Kwan Do and almost any McDojos that does katas or forms. They're a waste of time mostly. The 2 months it takes you learn some kata, you could be quite deadly by learning a little boxing, a front kick, and some street fight methods, ala Sammy Franco.

I'm in no way affiliated with Sammy Franco, but reading a few of his books will teach you some life saving, quickly learned techniques, THAT you usually don't want to and may never need to use. Better to turn and run away, fast as hell. Most of his stuff are to be ONLY used in life threatening circumstances.

A BJJ blackbelt could often easily defeat a single opponent, but if that opponent has a buddy near easy for his thug friend to just come up and kick you in the head, whilst you're applying the rear naked choke...even a female buddy.
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