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Old 05-05-2009, 01:37 PM
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Default Fiction-Stronghold (Chapter Six)

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The next morning...

It was early. Kyle was back at his house as the day was dawning as he had promised Lobo he would be. He had few worries about Karen and the boys now that he had seen them and knew they were well. In fact, they were probably more worried about him. They had plenty of provisions, and now Karen had the hunting rifle she was used to using on deer harvesting excursions to keep them safe and to help out on the security berm. He knew she could pick off a target at three football fields away, and figured with Al around she'd have people to back her up if needed.
On the other hand, here he was traveling the lonely highways on a horse, with only the food and water he could carry. But he did have his trusty AR-15. 'Vera's' presence made him, and Karen, feel quite a bit better. It was an interesting psychological aspect of people to see how possessing the ability to protect oneself in times of crisis seemed to create a healthier mental framework for tackling other issues they might face. Kyle himself had trained at an Appleseed event just the previous year and had learned to shoot better than he had ever thought possible. Now he was a true rifleman. And that might yet prove decisive with events unfolding the way they were.
Lobo was glad to see Kyle, even if not thrilled at the early hour. However, the thought of finding his family woke him up quickly and a round of hot coffee seemed to embolden him. Daniel was up early too, having relieved Joey on guard duty in the living room about two hours before dawn. Now, Joey and Hannah slept soundly, their arms intertwined. It was heartwarming to see them back together, and Kyle hoped they would be able to have another happy ending for Lobo that day.
They stepped outside in the early morning light. Daniel hefted the SKS and slung it over his shoulder.
"How much ammo did you grab for that?" asked Kyle.
"I've got two hundred rounds on those stripper clip thingees. I'd rather use magazines, but Lobo showed us how to use these last night and I think I have the hang of it."
"Well, we're not looking to get into any arguments so we should be okay. Still, with no law and order, from the way you guys describe things in town, I think it's better if we carry something with us."
"Agreed," said Lobo. He was clutching his accessorized SKS with the duckbill magazine extending a half-foot below the body of the carbine. "And I grabbed several 'eat-as-you-go' type food options for us from Kyle's pantry. They're light, reasonably nutritious, and we can carry several with us." He took a final drag on his now lukewarm coffee. "Say, thanks guys for helping me out. I don't have a clue where to start, but it helps knowing you're here with me."
Kyle spoke next. "Our first step is deciding which way to get back into town. We should probably go the back way to Trevor and Sylvia's house to start with. Maybe there will be a message there." He walked down the steps of the deck to one of the horses he had brought with him. "But it's going to take a while to get there even on horseback, and I'm guessing we still want to keep a low profile."
"Probably a good idea," said Daniel. "Joey's boss didn't seem to trust the military guys much. And even I noticed they were a bit strained in town. Not to mention the fact that we sorta busted Hannah out of that prison, er, 'Evacuation' camp."
They climbed up into the saddles of the horses and began the long trek down the mountain and into Jacksonburg.

It was late morning when they left the old military highway and started down the road that Lobo's friends Trevor and Sylvia lived off of. Lobo was showing the same sense of anxiousness that Kyle had felt the day before. They picked up the pace a bit, which was easy for Kyle and Lobo but more difficult for the taller and less experienced Daniel. They hadn't talked much, trying to make good time more than work out potential problems they might face by discussing everything going on around them.
Minutes later, they made their way through the gate of the mobile home park where Trevor and Sylvia lived.

Out on the road to the cabin

The men in the car were clearly part of the County Sheriff's department. Or at least had been at one time. Karen could see from her position in the tree stand that they wore brown uniforms lacking in the usual police paraphernalia.
She couldn't hear all of their conversation with Dennis who was the only other person on security duty during this shift changeover, but she caught bits and pieces.
"This area is under martial law. We're not giving you a choice this time. Everyone on this road has to evacuate to one of the facilities in town. We will provide transportation tomorrow afternoon."
"Forget about it, Deputy Clark. We've already told you that we are not leaving our homes. We are okay up here and have everything we need. So just turn around and head back where you came."
"Are you threatening an officer of the law? During a time of national emergency?"
"What law? A law that lets you guys come out here and force people off their lands?"
"Listen, citizen. We are facing an unprecedented crisis right now. We need to keep everyone together where we can keep them safe. You're not safe out here."
"More like you want to get everyone together where you can keep an eye on them. And disarm them. We've heard about you going house to house and stealing peoples' guns like you did during Katrina."
"That wasn't us. That was seven years ago. I wasn't even a deputy then. We're here for your protection, but if you can't see that..." The deputy suddenly raised the shotgun he was holding... And fired it directly into Dennis's chest.
She couldn't believe they had killed Dennis. Right in front of her. Now, she was the only line of defense for everyone who lived on the road. Tears filled her eyes, but she brushed them aside. As the murderers moved closer to the berm, apparently to inspect their deadly handiwork, she sighted in the one furthest from her. The scope settled on the area above his chest but below his chin, where his body armor wouldn't cover. Not that it could stop a .308 round anyway. She squeezed the trigger.
The sound was much louder than she had remembered, which made sense considering she usually wore hearing protection when she shot at the range. But the man dropped like a ragdoll. In a fluid motion she had chambered a second round, found another target and fired again. This second shot was a not quite as accurate as it found its target, impacting the other deputy through the shoulder. But he dropped anyway.
She could only hope that others on the road were hearing the gunfire and would take proper precautions. She jacked another round into position. By now, the third man had moved to cover beside the berm.
"Or at least he thinks it's cover," Karen thought to herself. She could see just enough of his head, with the SWAT helmet covering most of it.
But not all of it.
The deputy began firing, spraying and praying rounds into the tree line. But nowhere near her location.
A single round from her rifle crossed the gulf between them in microseconds. His head sprayed a red mist and made a sound like a melon being dropped that she could hear from the stand.
As quickly, and surprisingly as it had begun the exchange was over. She had negated the threat for now. But Dennis would not be getting up.
She would wait for someone on the road, hopefully Al, to hear the gunfire and come to investigate rather than going down to check things out herself in case the attackers had friends. For the moment she remained the only line of defense for everyone on the road. She reloaded three rounds into the rifle and began to wait.
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waste of another good story
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Old 05-26-2014, 10:50 AM
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yep. so many on here too.
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Good stuff. I liked what you wrote so far
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Great start to the story. Please consider finishing it.
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Last post was 6 1/2 years ago. Doubt he'll be back.

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More than 10 years now.....
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